Phoebe Hackman

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rhys jones 5 years, 2 months ago

I found it, Phoebe, after only 29 clicks. Here's what I said:

thal -- She more than came out in favor of the ban; she INVENTED it, with her lieutenant Lisa Watts, who has since seemed repentant in these forums, correct? Not so the present subject. Kelly continues to stew in her own bile.

If there is one individual reading this, who can say they really know how Kelly supports herself, we would all love to hear.

I could feel those crazy eyes, attempting to bore a hole through me, at the one County Commissioners meeting I attended, with their cult. Whatever big pharmaceutical planted her here to initiate that ban, needed a driven individual to fly their flag, and they got at least what they paid for. That psycho is going to hurt somebody.


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