Mike Isaac

Mike Isaac 2 years, 9 months ago on Kevin Copeland: Nation is watching

Scott W, are you serious. You think Colorado should follow California policy. The people out their vote for taxes that kill their economy that cost them their jobs and force them to move. Most of these people move to Texas but many come here and bring their job killing voting habits. http://www.infowars.com/video-obama-supporters-dont-know-what-party-obama-is-affiliated-with/


Mike Isaac 2 years, 10 months ago on Tyler Goodman: Partisan differences

Why are none of the State run corporate media talking heads not asking why the Federal Government is spending about $1 Trillion more than they are taking in? If Obama Care is so important then let's get rid of the FBI, CIA, IRS, EPA, AFT, TSA, NPR, NEA, DHS, DEA, and the NSA and if the numbers add up and our Fascist President gets Obama Care like the rest of us, then open up the Government. If not then Cruz should just keep on talking:-) :-) :-)


Mike Isaac 2 years, 10 months ago on Petition asks governor to come to Moffat County prior to secession vote

California tried to split in 2 at one point but the people in the northern counties did not want SF and Sacramento to be part of the deal so the plan is now dead. North Colorado will go nowhere as well. However Pueblo and Colorado Springs had the right idea, did the right thing and made State history last night. It was also a victory against New York as well since their Mayor was funding the losers in that recall. It is good that Moffat county is taking action against the Authoritarians in Denver but there are better ways to go about it than to turn tail and run.


Mike Isaac 3 years, 2 months ago on At lively town hall in Steamboat Springs, state Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush defends gun control measures

Scott and Harvey this is a interesting subject, wind power with its claim that it is sustainable, green, responsible, moral, ethical and above all a clean free energy source that is the "Answer My Friend" . However I don't understand why the Government is trying to dictate how much of and what type of we should be using.

First of all why is Wind Energy getting Corporate Welfare? Why are people like DM BUSH telling a power company to invest in lets say " General Electric " a corporation that makes these wind turbines. This Global Corporation also paid less that 2% income tax last year and they make a lot of their stuff in China and pay their workers Cr@p.

From what Harvey says these things are high maintenance and only provide power when the wind is blowing. Why would you as a business person invest in a piece of expensive equipment if it only worked between 11 and 50% of the time when you could make no changes to your power plant or grid and just keep the lights on. Or if these turbines are the " Answer My Friend " let GE build that plant here in Steamboat and let customers choose between Yampa Valley Electric / 20 mile Coal or The Global Monolith General Electric. Seems like once you pull back the green mask all you see is a give away to a greedy Corporation that pays little or no taxes and even forces smaller companies to buy their products.

I thinks its time to look into who these political hacks are really working for. Solindra a solar company out in California bilked $500 Million in tax money, went broke and no one went to jail. As long as these companies are getting a free ride from the Government we will never drive that full size 4x4 truck from here to Seattle without stopping for fuel or not worry about what that month of -40 degree mornings will do to you wallet.


Mike Isaac 3 years, 2 months ago on Chuck McConnell: Costly to rural Colorado

Scott that is not a bad idea, we could call it Rabbit Ears Power. That location is good since it is a lot closer to Steamboat therefore there would not be as much power loss than if you put them in the middle of no where far from where the power would be used. Yea you might get some whining from the people that claim to be green and at 5 cents a kilowatt/ hr its a good deal. Im sure their is a rich green guy out there that would like to run their own Wind Power Plant. And Im sure the USFS would approve that since it is so called Green Power.

I don't have a problem with Coal at all it is far better than Nuke plus our coal is from Routt County so their is little shipping cost. So we should just let the Hayden, Craig, power plants worry about burning coal and let someone build that plant on the pass and let the people choose where they want to buy their juice from.

As for Global Warming/Climate Change or what ever they call it I just don't see how they could know for sure. The Earth is 4 Billions years old and we have been only keeping records for 150 years. Plus ever Summer they show pictures of the ice melting in the Arctic and in Winter they point to Antarctica. But they never show you that it just re freeze's in the Winter/Summer. Global warming is just another boggie man that we are suppose to fear. Whether it is the Communist, Nazi's, Muslims, Y2K, or Mass Shooters, Iran, Syria or Teen Age Boston Bombers, Our Government tells us lies so they can take away our freedoms and spend our Tax Money. It is Called Order out of Kaos and works every time on our mindless TV enslaved zombies.


Mike Isaac 3 years, 2 months ago on At lively town hall in Steamboat Springs, state Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush defends gun control measures

Infowars only deals in the truth unlike MSNBC, NPR, CNN, and a NeoCon favorite FOX NEWS. MSNBC and NPR get White House Funding from a outfit called Media Matters. FOX and CNN also take orders from DC both Amber Lyons and Judge Andrew Napolitano lost their jobs for telling the TRUTH. Alex Jones is hated because he is right and can always back up his story. Chris Mathews and that LEAN FORWARD lady Madoww can not see beyond LEFT and RIGHT that is another reason I trust Infowars since they are known for being Non Partisan. Alex knows you either have Freedom or Tyranny. BTW where do you get your news besides the pilot?


Mike Isaac 3 years, 3 months ago on How closely do you follow the ongoing U.S. combat operations in Afghanistan?

It makes me sick that our young people have been used like pawns by Obama and his pal GW Bush and for what so our CIA can control the Opium trade there fore they can make 500 Billion a year in Heroin sales plus toss in the Trillions that the Defense Industry makes. Our government staged 9-11 because most Americans are either stupid or racist so the lie was easy to sell to most. They got to erode our freedoms with Bush's Patriot Act and Obama's NDAA and now we are hated around the world. The number of people on food stamps went from 10 Million to 20 Million under GW Bush and from 20 Million to 46 Million under Obama and gas was around $1.00 a gallon before 9-11 now its almost $4.00. Before 9-11 we did not torture that often. Today we have over 100 "Black Sites" in IRAQ where that is all they do. With DHS buying over 2 Billion rounds the next war will be here, Our Fascist leaders will go after the American people next. but hey it will be great for the DEFENSE INDUSTRY


Mike Isaac 3 years, 3 months ago on At lively town hall in Steamboat Springs, state Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush defends gun control measures

How did Scott Franz know that all the people who disapprove of the Gun Grabber BUSH their were Republicans. Im sure that most of those there were Democrats. She must be in some hot water if she gets hammered at her town hall meeting. Maybe a pro Second Amendment DEM or a person who is pro freedom who could care less about the mindless 2 party system could run against her in the primary.

And does anyone know how much outside pressure was put on our people in Denver ??? Joe Biden was calling Front Range Reps to make sure they voted to grab the Guns. What I NEVER hear reported in the news or at least the STATE RUN MEDIA CNN MSNBC FOX CBS and NPR to name a few. IS WHY ARE THEY TELLING OUR REPS HOW TO VOTE. WHY IS SO MUCH EAST COAST MONEY BEING SPENT HERE IN COLORADO. AND WHY HAVE THEY SINGLED US OUT. It is also happening in Washington as well another state that in November seemed pro freedom by passing prop 502.

The more freedom we have the less power the Government has. I have heard there is some talk about getting rid of PROP 64. Well I will let the rest of you get on with your LEFT V RIGHT sandbox wars. And you just keep believing that the BOSTON BOMBING , SANDY HOOK 9-11 and the like happened like King Obama says they did. I need to get some real News from Alex Jones and Matt Drudge. have fun kids


Mike Isaac 3 years, 3 months ago on Craig resident proposes ordinance requiring heads of household to own rifles

Bad idea. This would just create another list with gun owners names and addresses so when the time comes Obama could send his DHS goon force into Craig.


Mike Isaac 3 years, 3 months ago on Dr. David Criste: Good job, Senate

You are right Bob Smith, it you know anyone who lives on the West Coast from Anchorage to San Diego they should get their Thyroid checked due to all the Radiation from Fukushima. 1 out of 3 West Coast newborns have some sort of issue due to radiation, toss in Aluminum Oxide and other metals from Geo Engineering programs and you have a Ecological Disaster. The funny thing is all these morons in towns like Boulder, Seattle, Santa Monica are more worried about plastic bags than a Nuke meltdown. That is 3rd grade green issues at there best.
http://www.stopsprayingcalifornia.com/Aluminum_Oxide_Particles.php http://www.secretsofthefed.com/13-of-west-coast-kids-have-thyroid-problems-fukushima/

What this has to do with Gun Control who knows but California is very dumbed down just look who those fools put in office http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/02/did-feinstein-boxer-claim-turn-in-your-weapons-gunman-will-turn-himself-in/