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Melanie Turek 3 weeks ago on Kevin Copeland: Your "Dewey" didn't win

If you are a Republican, please explain to me: 1) Why are you OK with Trump's desire to increase the national debt, when for the past eight years you've done nothing but moan about how terrible it is? 2) Why are you OK with his Goldman Sachs appointments, and his desire to roll back regulations for bankers (his friends, as he explained in his press conference), after he spent the entire campaign complaining about HRC's ties to Wall Street? 3) Why are you OK with his using a private Twitter account, after he spent the entire campaign complaining about HRC's private email server? 4) Why are you OK with his saying that Russia and the US really aren't all that different? 5) Why are you OK with the taxpayers spending $1 million per day to protect his wife and son in their NYC apartment, after complaining endlessly about the money spent to protect Obama's family when they traveled for government business? 6) Why are you OK with his banning immigrants from seven countries that have not produced a single terrorist on US soil, when he left out the countries that actually have produced terrorists here, and which coincidentally happen to be places where he does business? 7) Why are you OK with his obvious incompetence, when he was supposedly elected because he is an amazing manager? As evidence, look at all the leaks coming out of the WH, the disasterous rollout of his immigration ban, the fact that the GOP cannot get a clear plan in place for dealing with the ACA, and his rollback on anti-gay legislation after it was leaked? 8) Why are you OK with his constant lying? Do you actually believe that there are "alternative facts"? Did you not see with your own eyes the photos of the inauguration? Did you not read that there was no Bowling Green Massacre?


Melanie Turek 2 months, 1 week ago on Our view: Seize the opportunity

Well, looked at from the other perspective, one could ask why the developers are so reluctant to spend what it actually costs to get this through the planning process. Even if it's a factor of five, i.e. $50,000, that is presumably a rounding error in the overall cost of the project. How committed are these people if they are going to nickle-and-dime the city (and us) over this stuff? Do they not have the capital they need to do their due diligence? My reaction to their position is that it is a huge red flag.


Melanie Turek 3 months, 1 week ago on Jim and Nancy Spillane: We will not close our eyes

And with Sessions, Pompeo and Flynn, the racism and hate continue. And with Ivanka sitting in on meetings with world leaders, and her husband and brothers getting security clearance, we also have a kleptocracy to look forward to.


Melanie Turek 8 months, 3 weeks ago on Final draft of Bear River Park master plan unveiled to the public

It would be great if, in the meantime, they could put a water fountain (or one of those giant water coolers) at the park. And maybe start by building a shaded resting spot, too.


Melanie Turek 11 months ago on Committee plans forums to gather input on school district

Colin, the feedback form on the committee web site doesn't work. Please let me know how to get you my input--I cannot make the meetings this week. Thanks


Melanie Turek 1 year, 4 months ago on Bob's Downtown Conoco gets new owners

We always take our cars to Bob's because they are fair and honest. They also truly represent that "local" spirit. Last year, our car suddenly wouldn't start and all the electric just went dead, so we had it towed to Bob's; turns out it just needed a new battery, which my husband was capable of buying and replacing. Bob let us keep the car at his garage overnight, let us do all the work on site, and then drive away. No charge. Great staff, great owner, great place. Good luck to the new team!