Makesmeralph 10 years, 4 months ago on Mike Lawrence: If you thought 2006 was fun:

C'mon. Obama not ready? Have you heard him speak? Four years in the Senate is plenty. More than enough.

And America not ready for Hillary? That's Limbaugh talkin'. Hillary leads in all head to head polls--yes, even against McCain.

Bill Richardson MIGHT have been a player, but losing Patsy Madrid's race took him out of contention.

Do more homework.


Makesmeralph 10 years, 4 months ago on Buck Buckland: Why I support Scott Tipton

Because it's a SALES tax and not an INCOME tax. And it's never a good idea. Corporations don't pay it because they produce and do not consume. In fact, this is like a 23% tax increase on the poor because their purchasing power is reduced by that amount, because they are paying higher sales taxes.

If the past six years have taught us anything, isn't it that when the wealthy control the Congress and the Presidency, they get all the tax benefits? Certainly, no one in poverty or even reasonable people in the middle class would argue that they have gotten a tax break over the past six years and if you factor in what future generations will have to pay there is really no argument.

The flat tax would either: flatten the poor and middle class or leave us flat broke.


Makesmeralph 10 years, 5 months ago on Our View: Yes on Ref. I; no on 43

Once again, we see that most of the vociforous opponents to gay rights, as with Rev. Ted Haggard, are closeted gays themselves.


Makesmeralph 10 years, 5 months ago on Buck Buckland: Why I support Scott Tipton

Yeah, eliminate the IRS...and pay 23% more for groceries, for your car, for real estate and for everything you buy. What a disaster for our economy! And our families! Tipton is an economic yahoo that has been listening to too many far right wing think tanks.

If you vote for Scott Tipton based on a promise to eliminate income taxes you are crazy. That only helps the wealthy corporations!


Makesmeralph 10 years, 5 months ago on Hard luck Sailors

Ummm...It doesn't say what sport this is until almost the last paragraph.


Makesmeralph 10 years, 6 months ago on A county divided

Beauprez a fiscal conservative? Don't make me laugh! He's part of the rubber stamp Republican Congress that has given us record deficits over the past six years! He's a pork-happy spendthrift that has his own "Bridge to Nowhere" in Boulder County--a pedestrian bridge that spans US 36 that no one will ever use that cost federal taxpayers millions. In fact, no one benefitted more from transportation pork than Beauprez--all at a time when we are At War With The Terroristic Adverb.


Makesmeralph 10 years, 7 months ago on Kathryn Thaller: Support President Bush

Give me a break. It was your beloved fuhrer that started the polarization, demagoguery, partisan politics and hate. He's the one who has been calling Democrats traitors for five years. He's the one who meshed a picture of a triple-amputee veteran with Osama Bin Laden to make a political point.

He's a proven liar: He lied to get us into the Iraq war, lied about maintaining a balanced budget, lied about maintaining CO2 levels and lied about Dick Cheney receiving stock options from Halliburton not being an issue. He lied to people in Nevada telling them that he would never go ahead with the Yucca mountain waste dump.

He's a murder, sending thousands of our kids off to get killed in a war that didn't need to happen, killing tens of thousands of Iraqis in the process. War without reason makes you a war criminal.

He's a cheat, having been shown to have stolen the 2000 election by the NY Times and the Miami Herald. He also stole the 2004 election by removing legitimate voters from the rolls and not putting enough voting machines at polling places in Ohio.

He's a thief, having allowed his pals like Ken Lay to get off the hook for years for stealing money from consumers and guys like Dick Cheney to steal BILLIONS of dollars in Iraq and from relief efforts for hurricane Katrina.

He's a moron, having been told many times by many people that a war in Iraq would destablize the place, as well as spread the destabilization to the rest of the region. But he's so stupid he can't hear anybody who doesn't tell him exactly what he wants to hear.

In fact, it was the British that caught the terrorists and would probably have caught more if Bush wasn't so shrill about trying to save his falling numbers. In fact, they may have to let go the terrorists because the FBI blew the investigation.

So, yeah, I hate George Bush. He's a thief, a liar, a murderer, a cheat and a moron. Why exactly do you LIKE him?