Madison Slater

Madison Slater 5 months ago on Jeremy Johnston: Support Prop. 105

Harvey, please provide credible citations to ensure your "statement" is unbiased. Thanks


Madison Slater 5 months, 1 week ago on Demand for Steamboat rentals driving up prices

Welcome to Dog Town USA!

"...his dog isn't welcome, and other prospects across town present similar challenges."

Ironic isn't it?


Madison Slater 5 months, 1 week ago on The Record for Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2014

Jeez..let's call the police on kids who decided to be a bit gusty and put it to themselves that they were going to be creative, work together, and use resources to build some jumps to enjoy their childhood. We wouldn't want our Steamboat kids to get near these types of situations! Rather, let's keep them out for more dog fights to break out in Rita Valentine...sounds like a better plan. What happened to the discussion on what Rita was going to become? It seemed like something was potentially trying to get accomplished on that matter, but has now withered yet again.


Madison Slater 1 year ago on The Record for Sunday, March 9, 2014

Rhys, you seem very cultured! Oh wait, you don't because your argument is facetious and it is (sorry for the spoiler everyone) about drug use, medicinal or not.


Madison Slater 1 year ago on School district's world languages survey yields results but little participation

I think Mark is the closest here for being reasonable even though growing a child's happiness, well being and social skills through organized sports would be forbidden in his utopia. Scott would rather his children become engineers by force instead of allowing them to learn a multitude of proper life skills. Sorry, I couldn't disagree with you more. Engineering isn't the saving grace of our world there Scott. It's meant for some, sure, but when your children enter the workforce as engineers and the foreigners are equally as educated (yet speak more than one language), guess who's getting the job. And as far as my caterwauling goes, it's not about Sheeple being's about them being, well, Sheeple! Brian, your grandmother may have been wise, but things can be helped if you put a decent mind to it.


Madison Slater 1 year ago on World languages survey may be readministered at parent-teacher conferences

Sigh. Only 7.6% of the parents bothered to reply. Even more sad than I originally thought. Rightfully so should the survey go out at parent/teacher night! Thank you Steamboat for taking a progressive step forward.