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Matt Hightower 4 months, 3 weeks ago on Mitsch Bush hopes to resurrect passenger vehicle traction law for I-70

So I live in a mtn town.... There for I have 4 wheel drive. I like to actually make that 4wd useful, there for I have Snow Tires. Its SIMPLE! I have lived in the mtns for over a dozen years and have been in the ditch less times than I can count on one hand. I have never rear ended anyone or been in an accident (knock on wood). This is because I invest in the one thing everyone should , TIRES ! It is one of the most important components of your vehicle. With a good set of snow tires and not even in 4wd I can usually drive pretty close to the speed limit and safely at that. I work in EMS and constantly see people in accidents and the ditch due to not having proper tires, as we saw in the accident last year passenger vehicle vs. the Regional SST bus...... the passenger car was running on bald tires.

I firmly stand behind this bill , and it needs to apply to the Rental Cars as well that come up into the mtns with drivers not familiar with driving in snow and usually on less than adequate tires. And if a tourist gets a ticket in a rental car for improper equipment, put it back on the vehicles owner , the rental company, who are ultimately responsible for renting an unsafe vehicle.


Matt Hightower 3 years, 12 months ago on Peter Boniface: Project can have impact

Peter,Thanks for writing that, as a business owner in town maybe people will listen. Robyn thanks for your hard work as well. And Scott you seem to be on the page that bike trails are good for us "locals" but will not bring in any tourists...... Do you bike or mountain bike? CUZ I plan trips all over based on towns having sweet trails. 5 weeks of trips allready planned for this summer, but I guess mtn bikers don't spend money ..... Just wait a lil bit, instead of making these predictions. and nobody likes a negative nancy . Have a Great,safe and fun Memorial day weekend Teamboat! GO RIDE!!


Matt Hightower 4 years ago on Search for biking bucks

So Rome was built in a day ...... right??? I would first off like to thank every one who has been involved in the Bike Town USA initative, Routt Trails Alliance, Routt County Riders, Aryeh Copa and any one else who worked to get the lodging tax, any one who campaigned or voted for the Bell Built Grant. YOU ARE PART OF IT!!! This is going to take a lot more hard work, but there are plenty of people who are passionate about making biking a major part of makes the wheels of this town spin, pun intended. So just one example of the growth in biking , Enduro Racing, takes a combination of cross country and downhill and melds it into one. It is usually a race that takes place over two days, one with lift access races at a resort and another day in back country trails surrounding the area. It is the FASTEST growing form of mountain bike racing there is. I have scheduled to do 5 races all over CO,NM and UT this summer in the Big Mountain Enduro Series, . Steamboat Ski corp is holding their own variety, the Enduro X series. I have spent a lot of money on the registration already, I will stay in a hotel at each of these locations for 2-3 days, eat at resturants, most likely make a last minute purchase at a local bike shop and possibly break a part or two on my bike I will need to puchase locally. I WILL SPEND A LOT OF MONEY this summer getting to, racing, post race libations, food, lodging, etc. In short we are trying to build up our network of trails around Steamboat, so in a couple years we will be ready to hold an event like this and many others. Take a look at Fruita, have you ever been there in the spring or fall ?? just try and not spot a car in town without bikes on it.
So AGAIN..... I ask you, was Rome built in a day?? and if you aren't into biking, I ask you why? and when was the last time you rode one? Give it a shot, you might just have