Sam Jones


Sam Jones 1 year, 2 months ago


It's almost a waste of time to even respond to this type of commentary anymore. It's exhausting and erroneous but it would be good for our community to know and understand what's happening minus the political agenda.

The EPA has done very little kill coal as you suggest. They have pushed hard but been relatively ineffective thus far (Supreme court just put a stay on the Clean Power Plan you might note). Regs are an issue as they should be for the world's largest polluters but this is a mild concern. We all know it is the very low, low, low price of natural gas that has put coal out of business - quite literally. It is just that much less expensive than coal, with or without higher emissions standards. It is plentiful, does not require a sea of labor to produce and yes it burns much cleaner and more efficiently that coal.

Here's a good articles up this week if you care to get caught up

Peabody, Arch, Cloud - all in or on their way to bankruptcy. It's all happening much faster than anyone anticipated. Our current leadership should be addressing the job retraining, income and tax revenue losses associated with our local coal mines and power plants.

...Lest we be West Virginia

Good luck Chuck


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