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Kevin Nerney 8 months, 2 weeks ago on Harriet Freiberger: Looking forward to looking back at 9/11

Harriet, Once again a fantastic article. Send my regards to all those that attend this afternoon as I will be unable to attend. Give me a call soon and I'll buy you lunch. Regards, KEVIN


Kevin Nerney 9 months, 3 weeks ago on Omar M. Campbell: Thoughts about Mexico

Who want's to bet that if a 3000 mile fence starts to get built the government entity that wins the contract will not only overcharge but will use illegal workers?


Kevin Nerney 10 months ago on Omar M. Campbell: Thoughts about Mexico

Chris have you ever heard of Ellis Island? I'm sure your family went through there back in the day----Legally !!!! If Obama wanted to build a new one along the Texas Border I'd be all for the next wave of LEGAL folks to come aboard. However today's illegal immigrate just shows up and weights out the governments decision to ship them back and instead throws up it hands and says we can't deport them so we might as well let them stay and take there vote. It is what Regan did, as well as Bush and Obama is on track to follow suit.
If we had 100 percent employment and still looking to fill jobs I be the first one to let legal immigrates come on in and work. However, to many companies are moving jobs to India and other countries while hard working Americans are left looking for work.


Kevin Nerney 10 months ago on The Record for Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Thanks for all the advice. The jury is still out as to whether or not I will partake. Just got back from the city (Denver) for the first round of radiation and chemo. 3 more weeks to go. Rhys--- sorry for your lose but hope you were about to cash in on that Mesothelioma windfall. My fathers second wife cashed in big time still gets checks 10 years after the fact and all I get is letters of notification that she got another check. But as they say that's a story for a different day.


Kevin Nerney 10 months, 1 week ago on The Record for Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hey guys; This is not related to the police blotter but since you 4 are the one's I want to reach out to this is as good a place as any to ask. Most of you know that I;'m 56 and grow up under a strict marine dad so there is no previous drug use. That is correct 5 years NYPD 15 years FDNY never once tried pot,grass wakiey weed etc.. etc. Now the question for all to answer honestly please. I recently underwhen brain surgery for GBM stage 4 brain cancer. Starting mon. 7/21/ I will be living in Denver for a month to get chemo and radiation. Now I know it's legal and probably cheap if I get the medical stuff but since I am so old school and have never used it before should I go smoke some marijuana?
thanks in advance for you help and concern Kevin


Kevin Nerney 10 months, 3 weeks ago on Steamboat grad begins life at West Point this week on full scholarship

Joe Nerney here again (5 years in the Corps 2 tours to afghan)

Can we please stop comparing Afghanistan to Nam? I've noticed that most of the people here who are against her service seem to be around that age group so let me remind you all something, WE GOT OUR SH*T ROCKED 9/11/2001 you want to talk about the defense of freedom Rhys? How about revenge for the towers? I'm not saying we have done everything right and I'm not saying we haven't made mistakes in the war on terror here and abroad. I'll be damned though if you claim that Haliburton and the federal reserve are the only reasons we do anything. Y'all clearly think entirely too highly of these people in Washington. They aren't smart enough, nor can they keep a secret long enough for things like that to be kept out of the public spot light. And no I'm not talking about Loose Change, they were a bit off, I'm talking there would be hundreds if not thousands of people coming out and telling the world that Haliburton drove ops in Iraq. And they would tell it with an inside view. It ain't gonna happen.

Again CAN WE PLEASE LEAVE THE POLITICS OUT OF THESE COMMENTS this young girl has a lifetime to change her views (which i doubt she'll do her father being a 20yr Navy man) but as for now her accomplishments should be admired and praised she joins the less than 1% americans who have not only served but served with a degree from West Point. The ranks she will be joining include the likes of Patton, Ike, and Sherman. She should be praised not criticized and damned for the actions of the government she hasn't even been old enough to have voted for.


Kevin Nerney 10 months, 4 weeks ago on Steamboat grad begins life at West Point this week on full scholarship

Eric, Joe Nerney here, as a 5 year Veteran of the Marine Corps anytime you would like to discuss the Empire's complete take over of the world I would be happy to induldge you. However please let this young girl who got into one of the world's most prestigious universities (not just because it is a military academy it is literally one of the best engineering schools) have her moment of glory.