JC Williams

JC Williams 4 years ago on Gayle Trotter: A woman’s right to choose self-protection

Mr. Lewis,

"I can prove anything by statistics except the truth." George Canning

The study you quote does not take into account many variables that should be considered before accepting their conclusion as relevant.

The author of the article you are assailing is stating her conclusions based on common sense not statistics. But you like to use statistics as a sludge hammer to kill a mosquito.

I believe laws can and should be improved and enforced to make violent crime more costly to the criminal.

This week three people in Denver are in critical condition when after a confrontation at a bar a perpetrator came back and ran over them with his car in the parking lot. No gun involved.

Violent crime exists. It will always exist. The criminal and mentally unstable will always find a way to shock us with the next unthinkable act.

What really is at play here is the simple question of freedom.

The current side in power is attempting to use its beliefs to restrict the freedom of the other side all while trying to gain political capital on the back of a horrible tragic crime. Truly despicable. Believe me both political factions are guilty of this attempted power grab at one time or another.

Freedom is important.

Passing laws to prevent law-abiding citizens from having the same capability to protect themselves as employed by the police, secret service and private bodyguards protecting the elite (including Michael Moore) is elitism at its very worst. It’s ok for me but not you.


JC Williams 4 years, 2 months ago on Quicksilver wins approval in record time for latest Routt County oil well

It's about time. Responsible operators are poised to begin drilling in Routt County. The county should and will become a major oil producer for the State of Colorado. The reigning economy of tourism is now going to take a back seat.


JC Williams 4 years, 11 months ago on "Gasland" documentary screening -- 04/05/12 at Olympian Hall

All I ask is you do your own research. "Gasland" is at best fraudulent in its presentation.

Many of the facts presented in the film are fabricated and have been discredited.

The Sierra Club more than likely will not provide any disclaimer and present this as the gospel.


JC Williams 5 years ago on Linda Halteman Lewis: Our ‘moon’ moment

Mr. Lewis,

You obviously missed the point of my post. Your emotional words fail to provide for an intelligent give and take.

First, yes there is a rush to drill and find additional reserves while the demand for oil and natural gas continues to rise worldwide. The oil industry has been successful at finding large new reserves of natural gas and oil through horizontal drilling in combination with fracing, which has been used with good results since the 1940’s.

Due to the large finds of natural gas the price has plummeted to $2.3 per mcf. This fuel is clean and abundant. But necessary steps must be made to build infrastructure and a commitment made to using natural gas as a transportation fuel. Our government from both sides of the isle simply can’t seem to form an energy policy.

Regulations are in place and gas is only flared for a short time as gathering systems are built to move the gas through the pipeline system. Please check your facts. Shoddy is not a word appropriate for the companies exploring and producing oil and gas. The term “big oil” is used as a hammer when the argument is weak and devoid of facts.

Independent oil companies make up most of the exploration and drilling in the United States. Regulators and the industry alike have long championed responsible drilling. Pollution is always a concern. Most companies are responsible and diligent in their efforts to run clean operations. New technology like multiple drilling from a single pad is only one of many examples where industry has solved problems and created a smaller environmental impact through its own innovation.

I am not sure where you came up with the misconception this is a publicly owned resource. Since the administration has slowed exploration on federal lands to a crawl most of the recent development has taken place on private held lands. The ongoing interference by certain groups causes never ending treading on private property rights.

In order to assure security and self-reliance for generation to come we must develop our own reserves now and supplement with new reliable alternative energy.


JC Williams 5 years ago on Linda Halteman Lewis: Our ‘moon’ moment

Ms. Lewis,

I found your contribution well written and I truly believe you are sincere in your concerns and desires. I too hope we can over time find more efficient ways to use our energy resources and conservation must be included in the discussion.

Unfortunately, I find your utopian ideal simply unrealistic. It sometimes is hard to separate fantasy from what the true reality is.

Your belief that this is our “race to the moon moment” is interesting. Looking back at what propelled our country into an age of unparalleled advancement directly coincides with our discovery of oil in Pennsylvania 150 years ago. The very reason we were able to accomplish our “race to to the moon” is due to our development of energy from hydrocarbons. There is not enough space here to go into what oil, natural gas and coal has meant to our society.

The crossroads we find ourselves at is what can be done right now to solve our national energy dependence on foreign sources. Right now there is only one answer - we must develop all possible means of providing safe reasonably priced energy from within our borders. Our development of natural gas and oil from domestic sources must continue and be escalated. No energy source today is as scalable as fossil fuels.

The power elite must forget the propaganda and concentrate on converting everything we can to natural gas all while developing supplemental sources of energy. This should include alternatives or so called green solutions. But believe me wind, solar, geothermal and bio fuels etc. are not “clean sources of energy”. There is no such animal.

We as a nation must face the hard cold facts. Energy production not unlike raising beef, farming and most forms of industry it is not particularly pretty. Your meat does not come from Safeway.

Every day oil, gas and coal is produced and then moved around this country employing a remarkable complex system of pipelines, rail and trucking. Considering the enormity of the quantities involved the few spills and accidents are anecdotal. What is amazing is this is accomplished by a talented highly motivated workforce twenty four hours a day, seven days a week all while we sleep at night and ski on the weekends.

The beautiful countryside and rural way of life described in this valley has included coal, oil, rail and ranching as part of its legacy for one hundred years. It is time to move forward and allow the exploration and production of more oil in Routt County. I believe this can and will be accomplished in a safe and responsible manner.


JC Williams 5 years, 2 months ago on Energy exploration possible in Steamboat city limits

The entire city council should be recalled and the attorney who came up with this load of cr-p immediately fired.


JC Williams 5 years, 3 months ago on Routt County quickly forms oil, gas working group

Hypocrisy abounds. I imagine you are willing to burn the gasoline for your SUV and heat your home and run the gondola as long as the crude oil and natural gas come from Lincoln County, or Moffat County but please not pristine Routt County.

BTW, pristine Routt County is a poster child for flagrant misuse and poor stewardship of the land. The ski mountain and large condo developments to name a few make oil and gas exploration seem minor.

You have no comprehension of the level of infrastructure and complex systems required to fuel the country and your county.

Soulless vultures is that all you got.



JC Williams 5 years, 3 months ago on Routt County quickly forms oil, gas working group

What a bunch of rubbish. It is time for the Governor to step in and stop all interference with potential drilling in Routt County. The State has an oil and gas conservation commission with highly talented people and well thought out regulations that have been in place for decades.

If all of sudden every local government chose to regulate industry that is already covered by the State - exploration and commerce would come to a stand still and financially damage the parties involved.

Private mineral owners, companies and interested individuals it is time to protect your property rights. These self appointed protectors of the public good are uneducated to the reality of the energy it requires to drive our world.

If they continue down this path with insisting on moratoriums and other obstructionist courses of action it is time to use legal means to protect ourselves and make sure the consequences of their actions will cause them to think and learn before making knee jerk reactions to future developments in their county.


JC Williams 5 years, 5 months ago on Bernd Metzger: Opposition to drilling

Your hypocrisy is stunning. In your own letter you exposed your own impact and exploitation of wilderness land. Yet when a company plans to drill a well on someone's mineral estate your the first one to try and strip them of their property rights.