Justme 10 years, 8 months ago on Mike Lawrence: The politics of absurdity

SnowCountry, I'll see your geese example and raise you a pair of penguins. My good friend worked in the Boston aquarium for over a year and she said that of all the penguins, the most loyal couple happened to be composed of two male birds. It couldn't be called experimentation because they were always together and didn't go off with other birds. I'm not sure either of us know enough to say that has never happened with geese. It is true these two male penguins could not reproduce but I challenge you're idea that if it can't reproduce then there is no point in its existance. For that statement to be true, there has to be nothing to contradict it. So I am wondering how you feel about straight women or men who are infertile. Does their life serve no purpose? What about people who can't afford to have children? Should society simply forget about them? What about women like me who choose not to have children? Are we just godless hethans who are wasting our gift to be baby machines? I would like to know your thoughts to my questions. Reproduction is important to continue the species but it is not a requirement for every member. It's not like if there are gay people out there the human race will suddenly stop reproducing. Not all straight people have children anyway, so why does it matter if two men who are together are physically unable to have a baby? If you think society and the human race is so fragile that it will be depopulated by gays then I pity your faith in humanity.

PS. I am wildly attracted to my boyfriend but I don't feel it is by choice. I look at him and it is not a decision to think, wow, I love him. It is a feeling and not a thought. It is not a choice to remain committed to him because it is something I do naturally out of love. I am faithful because our love is so fulfilling, it doesn't give me any desire to do anything with someone else, it is not something I have to struggle with everyday. You make it sound like you are constantly fighting tempation. That doesn't sound like love to me. I hope my relationshipe doesn't turn into a daily decision. If I, as a straight woman you can trust, can testify to the feeling of love (instead of the decision of love), then it might be possible for this feeling to pass between two men or two women. So I don't get that part of your argument. Because you choose not to sleep with angelina, gays can decide to be heterosexual. Don't see the connection there.