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Ben Tiffany 3 weeks, 2 days ago on Steamboat Summer Concert Series announced

Let's not forget about a few other shows over the years. John Hiatt and the Goners(with Sonny Landreth,both at Howelson and at the base of the mountain in different years),Robben Ford on the Courthouse lawn (David Grisman too),Al Stewart on Headwall,Los Lobos at Howelson,Dark Star Orchestra at Headwall;wow! We've had some great shows here over the years! (At least for those that enjoy such music.)


Ben Tiffany 2 months, 2 weeks ago on Ken Collins: A truly American ad

That guy,Rhys; is there anything he hasn't done or tried? Sure helps to keep this blog interesting. (In coke,I worry more about the high fructose corn syrup;hard to get away from that stuff.)


Ben Tiffany 3 months ago on Russ Fasolino: Observe trail etiquette

Hello Mark, You are probably right in your assertion;I am very familiar with any number of non-motorized backcountry users,and we rarely can agree on much. We tend to be very protective of our own little favorite spots,and we rarely work together on any issue. That's probably why we lose most of the fights over backcountry access to much better organized motorized users. This is nothing new;your solidarity in these things is commendable,at least in a political sense. However,all of this discussion is at least somewhat off topic. Russ made a reasoned argument for consideration when it comes to use of skier-created trails,and then we all ended up sniping at each other over physical fitness,backcountry access and other tired subjects. It must have been amusing for other readers of this blog,trying to figure out what we were all worked up about. You yourself admitted to having very little familiarity with cross country or telemark skiing,as it does not interest you. Fair enough. For this reason,I would ask you to steer clear of this little petty fight amongst non-motorized users over an issue that for some reason some of us are rather passionate about. Laugh all you want;you have good reason to,but please don't introduce other issues into this discussion. That just sets us off on another tangent,solves nothing,and doesn't change anyone's mind about anything. (I hope you are having a nice vacation;sounds like you are.)