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Ben Tiffany 1 day, 19 hours ago on Ciao from Cortina: Appreciating Italy

I have not been to Italy,but I have had similar experiences in other parts of Europe. I do appreciate the casual pace that is so common there. It's very good for stress relief.


Ben Tiffany 2 weeks, 6 days ago on Why Steamboat City Council baulked on bear-resistant trash mandate

The question has NEVER been whether proper security should not be mandated for trash containers,but how to do it,and do it fairly for all customers of the trash removal companies. Mr. Weinland complains about how the city council has been unduly influenced by a "vocal minority";not sure how much he cares about bears or about profits himself. I am very much interested in seeing an effective solution to the problem of bears in the trash around this community,but I am not in favor of a government-mandated solution that may not solve the problem at all. As has been pointed out,this lack of flexibility in the proposed ordinance as to the manner of securing a trash container makes it both unwise and unfair. A better ordinance needs to be brought forward and considered. In the meantime,it makes good sense to better secure commercial waste containers and those at condominium complexes,hotels,etc. which seem to be a significant source of tasty treats for bears in the area. Perhaps most important of all,the population of the area at large needs to buy into the notion that this is a serious problem and remember to do whatever they can to secure any containers they use.


Ben Tiffany 3 weeks, 6 days ago on Trash haulers preparing for new era of bear-proof trash containers in Steamboat Springs

There are lots of interesting points brought up by the various contributors to this blog,but the question remains as to whether requiring the citizens of Steamboat Springs to pay upwards of $350 to buy and/or retrofit a trash container will have any significant impact on the problem of bears getting into the trash. I'm sure that I'm not the only person who has had no real problems with bears (or dogs,racoons,etc.) raiding my trash containers;in my case for over twenty years. Forcing people like me to pay for "fixing" this problem is simply a knee-jerk reaction with no proven success rate. The government would be saying that everyone must be held responsible for the careless actions of a relative few (a typical government action,Mark might say.) It seems obvious that more thought must go into this before government action is taken.


Ben Tiffany 1 month, 1 week ago on Steamboat City Council gets an earful about recent cuts to winter bus service

A good post,Barry. In Telluride,and probably other ski towns,a ski pass is included in the pay package for bus drivers. It seems to work well there;sure would make sense here as well. It's about time the city took this problem seriously and solved it.


Ben Tiffany 1 month, 1 week ago on Steamboat City Council approves 1st reading of stricter trash rules to prevent wildlife conflicts

City Council's action is an idiotic attempt at fixing the problem. The fact is,most of the customers of the trash removal companies do not have problems with bears. Somehow,they find a way to keep the bears out. The council has decided that because some people cannot take care of their trash/bear issue,everyone should be made to pay. To burden a large number of customers with a fee of up to $350 to buy a trash container that they DON'T NEED is unconscionable. The obvious solution has always been to penalize those that create the problem,and anyone cited for allowing bears to spread their trash should be required to buy or retrofit their trash container. Granted,this would require the police to make a few determinations about whose trash has been spread about,but generally that shouldn't be hard to do. The whole issue needs further thought.