JustSomeJoe 2 years, 11 months ago on Steven Hofman: On enrichment

Steamboat Institute, nonpartisan, couldn't let that one go. No fact checking in letters to the editor, that's for sure.


JustSomeJoe 3 years ago on Jeff Troeger: Dangerous words

Wow, before Eugene's article and introduction to Ski Tracks, I didn't realize I could ski fast on Heavenly Daze. Now that I can track my speed accurately, I will start skiing fast and forget the code!

Lesswork - Ski Tracks uses GPS. Perhaps you should do a little research on GPS accuracy and GPS applications before saying something like triangulation with 4+ GPS satellites at near speed of light needs some sort of distance ramp up before becoming accurate. Does it need a quarter mile to report velocity accurately, half a mile?

YVB - you definitely give see you ski competition for the most nonsensical posts.


JustSomeJoe 3 years ago on Eugene Buchanan: Mom for the holidays

Judge not, lest ye be judged yourself - or something like that.

Most of the folks that sit in judgement on these message boards, not just Eugene's article on his mom but seems like every article, feel their condenscending two cents are needed to keep the website up and running. I imagine they sit with their spouse, 2.5 kids and golden retriever in their Norman Rockwell themed house and discuss local issues, and run to their keyboards to spill forth pearls to the rest of the unwashed in the community.

How good it must make them feel to take a stand against someone else's family or belittle Denise. I'm sure these message boards provide a valuable service to someone like Yampa Valley Boy, helping him feel superior. That's what Christmas is all about, right?


JustSomeJoe 3 years, 4 months ago on Police officer ticketed after downtown traffic accident

Spidermite - what did you mean by sometimes the road isn't wide enough? The road is never wide enough when you go through a stop sign with another car already in the intersection.


JustSomeJoe 3 years, 4 months ago on Our View: Riding the wheels of success

Cindy - Temporary vendors on Lincoln, you mean the existing companies that had booths, the ones with sales tax licenses already? The ones that declare their income monthly? Nice that you are a bike hater, but that's a dry hole. Unless, of course, you just want to jump straight to tax evasion.


JustSomeJoe 3 years, 4 months ago on Economic impact of Pro Cycling Challenge weighed

Rhys - pedestrians have the ultimate right away. Perhaps you should take a refresher course before getting behind the wheel of a car.

Having a marketing effort named Bike Town USA doesn't make Steamboat the official Bike Town of the USA, just as having a marketing name of Ski Town USA doesn't make us the Ski Town of the USA.

Hey 1999 - you've already said the quality is there. So you are just against the marketing of the quality. It's "tawdry and cheap" to market bike riding, bike trails and bike events in the hope that more tourists will come, use our existing infrastructure and spend money? As you said, you are against more people coming here to use our trails. All the hallmarks of a "real local" (sarcasm).


JustSomeJoe 3 years, 5 months ago on Economic impact of Pro Cycling Challenge weighed

so 1999, you are against trying to market our biking infrastructure and bike events to a wider audience and bringing in more tourist revenue for the local business owners? Against the mountain putting in more trails for downhill riding? You must be a real local.


JustSomeJoe 3 years, 5 months ago on Jennifer Schubert-Akin: Lack of coverage

Scott - most blog discussions here are almost immediately off topic. Plus I don't really expect a response from Jennifer.

You should check out the Steamboat Springs Stage Race, now headed for it's third year Last year it brought 350 racers and over $10,000 in prizes. This is a great multi-day stage race happening right here this weekend.



JustSomeJoe 3 years, 5 months ago on Jennifer Schubert-Akin: Lack of coverage

Thanks for the thoughtful response Scott. I look forward to potential future discussions whether our investment in getting a start and finish here in Steamboat during the PCC was worth the investment. It will be a difficult thing to measure exactly. However, I bet the number of pillows occupied this past weekend with the same weekend in 2010 and 2009 for one potential comparative measurement. Anectdotally, one downtown business owner in food service told me his receipts were double the same day last year. I suspect the receipts for food service were up all around.

I took offense to your post because more than a handful of steamboattoday.com posters have expressed the same sort of cynicism around Steamboat marketing its existing bike infrastructure to potential visitors and investing in more bike infrastructure. I feel the cynicism is unwarranted based on what biking has already brought to this community and what biking will bring it in the future.

The poll on steamboattoday.com is a very unreliable indicator of public sentiment, statistically speaking. I'm not too perplexed about the results, as someone who feels strongly about a topic on a poll can easily skew the results by voting multiple times. At the end of the day, the steamboattoday.com poll measures the opinions of those willing to visit the website and vote -- with no control or correlation on sample size or sample population. Poll results are hardly a correlated measurement of public sentiment.

My main comment to Jennifer Schubert-Akin is still outstanding. If three feature articles, a news brief, a full op-ed piece by a speaker of the "freedom" conference, plus two published letters to the editors represent a "lack of coverage" or even better "a liberal media bias", what exactly would satisfy Ms. Schubert-Akin? What else does the local paper owe the organizers of the nationally relevant "freedom" conference?


JustSomeJoe 3 years, 5 months ago on Jennifer Schubert-Akin: Lack of coverage

Let's apply data to Jennifer's claim of "lack of coverage". The Pilot staff published 3 articles and one news brief during the week preceding the "Freedom" Conference. The Pilot also published a full length opinion piece by a speaker at the "Freedom" conference, as well as 2 lengthy letters to the editor deriding the Pilot for lack of coverage (Jennifer's letter, plus I'm a Republican, no I'm not, wait, I am Bob McConnell). The "Freedom" Conference was a high $$, political opinion roundtable for like minded, hardly a news event. In my opinion, the conference deserved no more coverage in a local paper than a concert at Strings or a large group visiting the ski area. The Pilot has long been a local paper reporting on local issues. Wonder what would have made Jennifer happy? A daily synopsis with a Pilot written editorial confirming the national worthiness of of the discussion? A "Freedom" conference special insert? Certainly 7 "Freedom" Conference related articles didn't make Jennifer happy. She thinks these articles are the same as "ignoring" her event. Her words, not mine. Perhaps whining is a form of happiness.

Hey Scott Ford, nice cynicism on everything bike related. Since you seem(ed) to be a respected local economist without an axe to grind, why don't you give us your opinion on the "Freedom" conference local economic impact against, say, the USA Pro Cycling Challenge Stage Four finish and Stage Five start local economic impact. I'm sure the national and international television coverage Steamboat got during the past week, plus the couple hundred tourists that came to town for the stages, is neglible compared the tourist $$ a respected journalist like Jonah Goldberg and the "Freedom" Conference brings to Steamboat.

Events like the Ride 4 Yellow (2010 donation to the community - $133,000, hats off to Dave Nagel and the entire Ride/Ski for Yellow team) and the new Steamboat Stinger mtb race are just hype about bikes and bike trails. The new downhill trails being built on the ski mountain won't bring anymore $$ to town, it's all marketing hype. OK, enough sarcasm. Bike Town USA and the marketing there of, will bring more tourists and money to our town, a lot more, in an economy where every little bit helps. Local businesses should be going to the Bike Town USA group and asking, "how can we help?". I am sorry to have to call you out Scott Ford. I usually respect your comments and learn something, but your comment this morning was way off base.

By the way, my quotes around Freedom are intentional, The topic of freedom at this conference is directed to the few rather than the many, and in my view hardly indicative of freedom and the values America stands for. This conference was group think and bravo to you for making it work here in Steamboat. However, the topics presented based on the multiple articles I read, plus your complaints about coverage, are much ado about nothing.