JusWondering 5 years, 1 month ago on Intrawest CEO: Large on-mountain restaurant will have to wait

These are the stories more of our out of town friends are reading mr. business owner... why invest in the 'boat right now if the mountain's parent doesn't even comfortable doing so? So if Mr. Jensen is that bullish about the number of annual visitors why delay? Seems like a self-fulfilling prophesy to me.

Say I am an out-of-tonwer. What do I read in the Pilot: Construction stalled, MMJ every week (which believe it or not many of my out-of-state friends mock us about), "lots" of drunk driving arrests (with interspersed comments of 'she/he wasn't high'), high turnover in key city employee positions, slow bookings, high foreclosure rates....


JusWondering 5 years, 1 month ago on Brent Boyer: What's in a name?

It seems the Pilot can quickly police without many resources... we all know who the idiots are and can quickly point them out to Brent. Doesn't seem like it takes much to send out a template cease and desist email or phone call and then a ban. Only takes a minute or so.

I agree that ultimately if the Pilot cannot manage their forum effectively the next best thing is a lackof anonymity... it just won't solve the problem though; some people aren't socially aware enough to know better.

sep writes: "I also think it's legitimate to wonder how much overall participation here isn't already being suppressed by that kind of nonsense, and how many others might decide to join the party if it evaporates."

AGREED! There have been numerous threads that I have checked out on when they start going downhill. It just isn't worth it.


JusWondering 5 years, 1 month ago on Brent Boyer: What's in a name?

Sep... there are ways to deal with the comments that you cite.

  1. I agree with you that such threatening talk (regardless if it is someone thinking they are being funny) should be dealt with. The Pilot has our info; deal with it and make a public story of your crack down. If someone is making a threat as in some of the cases above turn them over to law enforcement.
  2. This board's comments are moderated. If people can't stop from spewing out the garbage you show above then ban them... permanently; or atleast for a period of time.

While imposing these two items wouldn't necessarily stop the infantile behaviour you reference it sure would slow it down... after all it would only happen once if RSCO is at my door the next day when I threaten someone's physical or financial well-being; but then again, I don't know, some of the posters just seem to have no emotional intelligence and even if their name were shown would still act like morons.

I love some of the civil debates I get into on this forum, includiing with yourself... and can often leave agreeing to disagree with some of the more conscientious posters on here. I learn from some and shake my head silently from the other side of the screen at others.

Anonymity or not, you just aren't going to stop that part... especially when there are LOTS of posters on here that do not even live/own property in our fair communities. So, chances are pretty good, that I can't look across the aisle at City Market and laugh at their idioacy! Look at the history of postings by some of the most aggressive offenders and you will find east coasters, west coasters, people from Atlanta, people from the upper midwest, and yes, God forbid, even Texans :). What do I care if you have my real name... I have absolutely no skin in the game in your little town's politics 'cause I live 1,000 miles away and only come there once a year for 7 days to play baseball, ski your slopes, ride your race, etc.

Most forums just ban posters who spew the crap you show above. Great policy for the Pilot. 3 strikes and your out; you threaten someone and we turn your info over to SPD or RSCO. You espouse knowledge of a crime and we turn you over to SPD or RSCO. After all, the Pilot knows who we all are... they have the power in their current terms and conditions; they are just not consistent in their enforcement.

As a rotating ad advertiser I would be happy that the forums draw attention. There have been many a times that my lunch decision was influenced when I grabbed my iced tea, looked at the forums for 5 minutes before I went off to lunch at someplace that just caught my attention with their ad.


JusWondering 5 years, 1 month ago on Brent Boyer: What's in a name?

Ok, I tried to stay out of this one because I have no real skin in the game but...

Sep, to answer a question that you posed to bandmama (I guess I am cyber stalking a bit, yes).

If identity were disclosed it could potentially have consequences for individuals who work for organizations that have very draconian social networking policies that govern how you represent yourself in the general public. Everything isn't about their little life in the 'boat... all 2 weeks or 2 months of it.

While the merits of these policies are yet to be contested in the courts relating to non-slanderous remarks of the organization some individuals may choose to keep their identity secret because they don't want to become the case that sets the precedent. In case you hadn't noticed, many of the contributors are not necessarily full-time citizens of the 'boat and may work for large multi-national conglomerations that would fire them and wait for the courts to sort it out.

I, personally, would hate to cost someone his or her job just because I wanted to weigh someone on what I know about them when I run into them at City Market versus the merits of what they have to say... or not.

For all the haters, even those posting about things that impact me or my family personally, I just scroll by them. It isn't worth the three seconds it takes to read their remarks.

As for Wednesday, I will do what I can to attend if the East coast conference calls don't run long. I enjoy a good cup of coffee and participating in a spirited debate.

As for me, if identity is required, I would no longer post. I don't want my IRL name showing up in a Google search that can be taken completely out of context. I never know who I am going to work for next.


JusWondering 5 years, 2 months ago on Routt County commissioners hear pitch for ATVs on roads

Atvs in Europe are slightly modified... The have rear view mirrors. Other than that they are the same ones you see on the trails everyday in the Summer.


JusWondering 5 years, 2 months ago on Routt County commissioners hear pitch for ATVs on roads


There are many States that permit ATVs on public roads in some variation or another with few issues. It seems Colorado and Routt County are a bit behind for what we claim to be. In Europe, ATVs are often used as an everyday commuter with few issues. I remember seeing them all over Spain and France getting along just fine with cars, trucks and do I even dare say bicycles... even in the cities.

In Arizona, for example, you can license your ATV for on-road use just like any other vehicle (though you do have to comply with the same equipment requirements as cars and there are other rules).

Now, why one would want to ride on some of our County roads with heavy truck traffic I don't know but why not allow them to if they register, insure it, and obey all traffic regulations like any other motorized vehicle? It just doesn't seem much different than a motorcycle to me.

As a commuter vehicle an ATV seems like a more green alternative (at 45 mpg) than most other vehicles out there... and think of the space in parking lots. You can part 2 and perhaps 3 in the same space as a car (unless it is a Smart car).


JusWondering 5 years, 2 months ago on What’s the most important issue facing Routt County in 2012?

Canyonwind writes"So as long as Colorado stay bussines friendly..." Colorado is business friendly??? Are you kidding me?

We continue to lose large employers on a monthly basis because of our business environment.

One of the ONLY things that has kept Colorado even remotely fiscally strong (relatively speaking) is TABOR.

Having hundreds of world class ski resorts does you no good when real discretionary income has dropped year after year since the current Administration has taken office (people take vacations based on discretionary income). Not only do we have less real jobs (don't let the inflation rate being reported fool you; it is not counting the number of able bodied adults out of work) but those of us that are employed are working for less real (not just inflation adjusted) dollars than we were three years ago.


JusWondering 5 years, 2 months ago on What’s the most important issue facing Routt County in 2012?

Sled... Should have been Energy consumption comes... Not Energy comes from...

Other than that I basically agree with the rest of your statements.


JusWondering 5 years, 2 months ago on What’s the most important issue facing Routt County in 2012?

Lewi writes: "Perhaps, for much of the U.S., 'post consumer' is a fair label for several years to come."

To get very local; our problem is that we have built our infrastructure and economy to rely on much of the US being a consumber based economy. If people quit consuming (i.e. taking vacations) our current economy is hosed. However, to others' point Routt County has vast natural resources and a very strong agricultural heritage, competencies and infrastructure. Given the current environment it seems we do not have an apetite to take advantage of the natural resources (coal, natural gas, timber and ther minerals). Additionally we, as a State and to a lesser extent County, have recently been enacting legislation do discourage agriculture. There is something very wrong when it is cheaper to let raw lande return to sagebrush and willows rather than use the land for agriculture.

A SMART economic plan would seem to me to embrace a variety of sectors including manufacturing, raw materials, agribusiness and consumer sectors (tourism); textiles would be nice too, but it simply is not cost efficent (with the exception of higher end products like Smartwool, $18 for a pair of socks does not appeal to the masses) to produce them in Routt County due to transportation costs.

I can remember many years back (early 80's if I remember right) when we had another bad snow year and the economy tanked. Fortunately, at the time there was enough of a mining and agriculture influence in the County to keep us afloat. I can also remember buying homes all over Routt County... nice homes... for less than most people pay for a car! The ones that were able to capitalize on this laughed their way to the bank in the late 90s to 06. To this point, I still wonder if we have reached the bottom of the real estate market here yet. There are still a lot of properties where foreclosure is delayed waiting for values to increase. At some point that banker in Charlotte, NC is going to want to cut losses and move on.

ybul writes - "If the government had no interest payment to make and could pay down debt instead." Theoretically this is a great idea... unfortunately the current World economy is very much based on the U.S. ability to pay its debt with interest rates higher than 0%. To get us to the point of "debt free" without returning the world economy to the dark ages it would mean (in theory anyway) a period of 30 years where we issued no new debt.

ybul writes -"The foundation of an economy is energy - w(h)ether it is food or energy". I would re-state that the most basic foundation of an economy is food, shelter and clothing. Energy comes from the need to produce one of the other three.