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John Fielding 1 week, 3 days ago on Ed Miklus: Unified policing

Ashley, your impression that the Sheriff initiated or supported this topic is mistaken. It was a private citizen at public comment. (Sorry I did not remember the name, but by the tone it might have been the author of this letter. As I was just three feet away when he spoke I did note an insignia on a belt accessory with a sheriff type star so I suspect he is a retired public safety officer himself).

The suggestion was supported by Commissioner Doug Monger to the limited extent of stating that the county could/would perform that service if asked, with a fee structure similar to other municipal service they have provided. It was clear to me he meant that to be a replacement of the police department, not a merger with it.

Sheriff Wiggins spoke extensively about the practicality of a shared facility, not combined departments.


John Fielding 1 week, 4 days ago on Sheriff sees big opportunity to share space with Steamboat Springs Police Department

An important point supporting the above suggestion, especially in light of the controversy surrounding the policies of the present police administration, was the relative ranking as measured by accountability to the public. The Sheriff is elected directly by the voters, and is accountable to them. The Police Chief is hired by a city manager who is hired by the city council whose accountability is at least diluted by their numbers if not absent since so often candidates stand for election unopposed .


John Fielding 1 week, 4 days ago on Sheriff sees big opportunity to share space with Steamboat Springs Police Department

Surprising to see that the topic of merging the Sheriff and police forces did not receive much coverage. It was proposed to the joint representatives at the meeting, and some preliminary discussion ensued.

The upshot was that the County would be willing to do so if the City asked, on a basis similar to that they have used in the past for providing municipal services in Oak Creek and Hayden.


John Fielding 1 week, 6 days ago on Sheriff sees big opportunity to share space with Steamboat Springs Police Department

I may be mistaken, but it was my impression the 6900 square feet of shared space Sheriff Wiggins mentioned was indoor space, exclusive of the parking and impound lots. He did say it would be valued at about $300/sf for about a two million dollar savings to the taxpayers.


John Fielding 1 week, 6 days ago on Citizens committee not ready to rule out west Steamboat for police station

I recommend we have patrols on bicycles and Segways as well as on foot. The quick and quiet mobility they provide will allow the officers to be much more effective at dealing with the activities happening outside of the bars.

When you look at the blotter, the number of incidents of extreme intoxication demonstrate that there must be substantial consumption in vehicles or parks. I doubt many the bartenders are so derelict in their duties as to have that many cases of severe drunkenness on their watch. The a reduction in DUIs alone would be an important public safety accomplishment.


John Fielding 2 weeks ago on Citizens committee not ready to rule out west Steamboat for police station

I was among those who advocated a similar position to David's. Now I have come to the conclusion that the station should be west of town, adjoined to the Sheriff and jail facilities, next to the courthouse. It should also include the fire station and ambulance barn, and if the State Patrol is willing to lodge there as well, welcome.

During my candidacy for council I researched the subject extensively, and as preparation for potential service on the citizens committee I sketched up a concept for the combined facility. I presented it to the committee today, and was told it will be photo copied presumably to be included in the minutes and available to the public. The feasibility of the combined public safety campus is high.

But while it makes sense to locate there, and surely that's where the greatest growth in the decades ahead will be, the greatest need for policing is in the "entertainment district". I believe we should have a small sub station, very close to the existing station, and with high visibility. Only a few hundred square feet in size, it would serve as a convenient point for any walk in traffic, but more importantly as a hub for the foot patrols that should be substantially increased in the neighborhood.

The way the redevelopment is going we will have our Ski Town version of the Las Vegas strip there soon, albeit minus the gaming. Perhaps spring break, ala the Rockies would be a better analogy. With the vacationers inclination to become highly intoxicated, and especially with MJ now in the legal mix, we should plan to serve those needs more attentively in the future.


John Fielding 2 weeks, 2 days ago on Water samples at Rabbit Ears Pass spill site similar to other test sites

That pig farm in Milner is an example of very healthy livestock rearing practices. The animals are not overcrowded, range freely in and out of their individual shelters, and can root around in grass and biologically active soil. Their manure is not concentrated, and very little nitrogen enriched water runs off the field. As long as they reduce the population density as the young pigs grow and move them all to a new field within a reasonable time, it will benefit the land as well as producing superior quality food stocks.


John Fielding 2 weeks, 2 days ago on Steamboat CIty Council to discuss downtown funding, public safety facility with county commissioners

If such hostility does in fact exist, it is likely largely confined to just a segment of each department. In that case some personnel changes can rectify the situation.

There is no doubt that if these departments are given a shared facility and other enforced proximity, and their mandate to cooperate is refreshed, those who will not do so will be identified promptly, and probably move on of their own accord.


John Fielding 2 weeks, 4 days ago on Resized rehab center in rural Routt County deemed a 'use by right,' gets the go-ahead

Congratulations Scott, glad you have a competent attorney. You can count on much support when you apply to expand in the future.

Thank you Cari for taking a stand on allowing uses that are comparable to others in the area.