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John Fielding 3 weeks, 1 day ago on Up to 2 feet expected in the mountains early this week

I am on the road this week, first solo trip in quite a while. My daughter flew from Virginia to Utah for a friend's wedding, so I decided it was a good time to catch up on matters with my tenants there.

I get to do things very differently than when the family is along. They could never have tolerated my listening to Darwin's "Origin of Species" for ten hours, stopping at rock formations repeatedly, getting out and scraping away a little to see the transitions more clearly.

The Wasatch Front is a great display of geologic history,and incredibly accessible. With time on my hands I wandered to many of my old haunts, looking with fresh interest as Darwin's text had reminded me of the tremendous influence biological change can have on geologic formations. The dramatic change in one species can affect the others in a way that colors the rocks quite distinctly

But the most subtle yet significant part of Darwin's presentation is it's balance of confidence and humility. While he often and often points out the superiority of his theory to position of multiple creations of "finished species", he also repeatedly emphasizes that "far more research will be required to confirm", and "our present ignorance of the actions of these laws is profound".

Such a balance would behoove those proponents of a recent field of science theory. climate change.

PS what Darwin found beyond scientific resolution, origins of life and intelligence, yet remain so.


John Fielding 3 weeks, 2 days ago on Regis professor says business must be sustainable

The wind is the whisper of our mother the earth

The wind is the hand of our father the sky........

So welcome the wind and the wisdom she offers

Follow her summons when she calls again

In your heart and your spirit let the breezes surround you

Lift up your voice then and sing with the wind.

John Denver, "Windsong"


John Fielding 3 weeks, 2 days ago on Regis professor says business must be sustainable

“The God who gave us life gave us liberty at the same time.” (Thomas Jefferson)

That is as certain a statement as can be made regarding Providence. Simple, no metaphor.

Eden and the Fall, on the other hand, are complex mythical explanations by ancient wise men.

A very simple interpretation is:

At one time we were conscious of a state of Grace, at one with our Creator, as other creatures still are. They feel deep harmonic tones of Creation, the sound of Divine Love, like a harp playing softly.

As our intelligence became advanced and lives complex, (in God's image, knowing right and wrong, working for our daily bread), our minds filled with that activity, like a loud electric guitar.

Makes it hard to hear the Love. Thus we have "become separated", (fallen, sinful). And when our choices are not well balanced between competition and cooperation, we "sin".

But the harp is still playing, indeed it is that which gives us each and every breath, (inspires). We hear it within our souls. To hear it in our minds as well we need to turn down the mental volume, by prayer, meditation, contemplating messages of Christ, Buddha, Mother Earth, Father Sky.

And let that inspiration guide our use of our Liberty.



John Fielding 3 weeks, 3 days ago on Regis professor says business must be sustainable

James, what you describe is less capitalism than conquest and enslavement. That is of course the other dominant social and economic system, often overlapping with communism and capitalism.

It has been the predominant social system operating in the world, virtually the only one until the last few centuries. Here and there a true freedom based system would flourish for a while, until conquered by their barbaric neighbors.

We certainly have not completely evolved beyond that paradigm, but that is our goal. We think we know what it looks like, but getting there is a process. Just as when the founders endorsed equality, they knew it was not yet their condition,but they deliberately committed us upon the path to it.

And it is the efforts of people like you and me, and Scott and Mark, and many others who disagree on specific means and sometimes even basic philosophy that keep pushing this nation and indeed the world toward realization of that goal. I may favor a less regulated society and you one with more, but we agree that we need to continue to improve the system.

Let us agree then, that the goal is human dignity and self determination, for all peoples.


John Fielding 3 weeks, 3 days ago on Planning Commission denies application for The Foundry rehab center

And yes, you can put it in my backyard. Buy the Western Motel and redevelop it into a world class facility for for a world class resort.


John Fielding 3 weeks, 3 days ago on Routt County commissioners suing local couple over 'illegal' A-frame

The building sounds a lot like my new milk house, modified A frame, hayloft above, a door on hinges (and other doors on rollers). It will have curtains on the windows later, (we will need them for shade as it is mostly glass walled), and a paved floor that will be kept cleaned of urine and manure for sanitation reasons. Eventually a little hot water heater too, so useful in cleaning. It already has plenty of warmth for the milkers by the overhead infrared system.

I will be sleeping in the hayloft when the next kidding is imminent, to be just at hand when the mothers need assistance. i slept in the camper last year, much less convenient as it is a long walk around to the birthing stalls.

The point that concerns me most is whether the destruction of the building is a suitable remedy. It certainly can be used for permitted activities. The enforcement activity must be aimed at the use, not the structure.

The other perhaps more significant point is the selective enforcement. That is an issue that clouds our attempts to be a society of laws in everything from immigration to the IRS, and many local issues.

The counties appropriate remedy seems to be to catch the perpetrators in the act of sleeping inside the building. Should be easy enough to get a warrant, got probable cause by the lack of manure. Get some infrared cameras with long lenses, only five acres they can get pretty close easily.

I suggest the Elliot's contact the Liberty Defense Project. Maybe with their help selective enforcement can be curtailed as an equal protection issue,


John Fielding 3 weeks, 4 days ago on Planning Commission denies application for The Foundry rehab center

I would like to point out that there is a facility in that neighborhood that serves people needing a different kind of therapy, and it generates dozens of visits a day. Humble Ranch serves a noble purpose with its equine therapy for children.

A little further up the road are some great indoor arenas that also attract numerous users.

If a rehab facility is considered to be less than an ideal neighbor, is it not preferable that there be fewer neighbors affected, rather than having it within the City limits?

The rural setting of this facility will enhance its effectiveness. If for some compelling reason this particular site must be rejected, a similar one should be found. But the basis for the rejection must not preclude it from locating in a rural setting. If it was a guest ranch it could receive a permit, is this so very different?

I apologize for my tongue in cheek comments above regarding MJ producers providing beds for rehab at their locations. However the principal is valid. The industry that results in people damaged by drugs should support their recovery. Now that it is legal we have the means to accomplish that.

We were assured that the taxes from MJ would be applied toward such goals as education, prevention and treatment. Many of us voted for it based on the premise that when the criminal component was removed the downside of drug use would be able to be better managed.

And it can be, but we must be willing to let be in our proximity, just as we do with its use. If we allow drug and alcohol sales and drinking establishments in many zones, let us be at least as liberal in allowing recovery in many residential settings, rural and urban. We ought to have as many beds locally available for those in need as the number of people we have locally in need of them, More really, because since people come here from all over for our amenities, including great partying, they should get to come from all over for recovery too.

The increase in intoxication is obvious to any who cares to observe it. Today at the Space Station (no pun intended) I was surrounded by dozen young folks with bleary eyes and stupefied smiles. (There was only one other customer there at that busy time who appeared sober). The young people were enjoying themselves, mellow and harmless, coming over to pet the goats in my trailer, some who I have met before saying hi. I am happy for them that they are enjoying life in the way they find suits them, but I know that many will find the difficulties that attend these activities will eventually move them to seek help in recovery. Let us be sure it is available for them.

Thank you Scott Borden for your taking the initiative. Please persevere if stymied at this attempt. If there is anything I can do to support this or similar efforts please let me know.


John Fielding 3 weeks, 4 days ago on Planning Commission denies application for The Foundry rehab center

Perhaps we should simply distribute it instead of concentrating it. Each producer of more MJ than he consumes must provide a place there for one (or more?) who has suffered from the product.