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Russell, regarding your comment detailing the 5 minuet difference in commuting time on a good vs bad day, you are right, in that regard we do not have a traffic congestion problem. Our traffic problem is that having so many cars and especially trucks going through Old Town degrades the quality of our most attractive commercial area to the point of being comparable to a big city experience.


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Changing speed limits only changes where the back up happens, the capacity issue remains all of Old Town. When you have to share heavy through traffic with pedestrians, parallel parkers, and many turns to side streets you have an inevitable delay. The theoretical capacity numbers do not apply as lanes are frequently blocked by these other factors.

In addition to the delay, there is the quality of experience issue. We have the equivalent of heavy city traffic in the most commercially attractive section of our resort town. The only viable solution is to provide extra capacity around Old Town. Planning for less development on either side of town will not work.

While personally I think a parkway would be an enhancement to the town, I respect that many feel otherwise and agree that the cost makes it a remote possibility. But by using techniques common to traffic solutions elsewhere we can create the needed bypass. Of course cost is still a factor and changes in neighborhoods and parks will ensue.

The line of least resistance is via the route George and Fred describe, alongside the railroad tracks. The way to keep it flowing smoothly and have less disruption to other activities is to have no intersections, only bridge crossings over 13th st and 5th st. It rejoins 40 at the Iron Horse and between Dream Island and Stockbridge. Where it is elevated to cross 13th st. it also crosses the rock outcrop, requiring less removal of that feature. With limited turning and a crossover bridge for one lane at each end, no stop lights are required.

The cost and trade offs are enormous of course, but so is the benefit, and it will work.


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Sorry about the misspelling Fred.

I remember you saying that the re-routing of the railroad was not as far from reality as one might think. It made me interested enough to drive the potential route, eyeballing the grade and revisiting it on maps.

George's comment from a few years ago of elevating the tracks to share the space with a bypass also resonated. It was probably only as tongue in cheek as my comments above.

George, we have all served our time in the committees planning and discussing the potential . You were always the best informed, you still are. Tell us please, what will work? Do we sacrifice Brooklyn, the Howelsen parks and Dream Island? Would the mprovement of the quality of downtown be worth it?

The bottleneck is not just 13th street, it is all of Old Town.


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George, the most practical may be the Fred Duckles plan, relocate the railroad behind Emerald Mountain and use their existing ROW for a downtown bypass.


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Thank you Steve for the heads up that the report is available. I reviewed the whole thing and found it wanting.

The conditions identified as meeting the standards for blight were only present in very limited locations and extent, except for sidewalks. Hardly enough to declare blight exists by a reasonable standard, only that some conditions associated with it are to be found by very close scrutiny.

The photos lack proper identification, both of location, date, and condition observed. In the case of my house, I believe it must have been no later than March of 2013, though the file ID said August 2014. With a little research I could confirm it to within 2 months.

The descriptions also failed to give specific locations of the conditions identified as potentially contributing to blight, nor the date. It only stated such had been found within "super blocks", but did not even give the number of instances of a condition within that block.

The assessed value of my property was described as under $100,000. I realize it is not an appraisal, but the County records have a figure many times higher. It seems misleading in that regard.

It appears that the report was deliberately crafted to produce the desired result, and borders on fraudulent.


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To further clarify, my position is a support for the traditional family, not a prejudice against homosexuals. My relationships with family of those inclinations are close and loving, and friends and associates respectful.

But it is by these intimacies that I have come to my understanding of the malleability of human sexuality. One sister who had decades of wonderful relationships with men, and a marriage with offspring who thrived, then after the divorce came to find sexual and emotional satisfaction with women.

One brother who encountered sexual predation as an adolescent then continued that practice, after a decade of abstinence, as the predator, with adolescent family members the prime targets. He later reformed, regretted the actions, and went on to marry and raise a family who came out well adjusted.

A more distant relative who was abused by her husband took up with a kind and supportive woman, and raised her daughter in that unofficial marriage, who confided to me after a long defense of her actions that she wished she had had the ability to provide a man for the daughters benefit in growing up, that she did not consider herself a lesbian, but the relationship with her partner provided support and comfort, the sex was gratifying, and she just could not be intimate with a man again.

I also know a few who always found themselves aroused by the same sex, some who resisted it, but at least two who always found the other sex repulsive. That is what I think is meant by being born gay. But it is clear that for many others it is a choice or a reaction.

I used to visit Provincetown frequently (a town noted for a concentration of same sex practitioners, a resort town on the Cape). The culture was interesting and entertaining, the people happy that they could express themselves openly. I had many informative discussions there. Given the culture of extreme promiscuity, I was always happy to hear that one of my acquaintances had found a partner with whom they could build a life based on love, respect and fidelity. My lasting impression was how much harder it was for them.

My plea is that we maintain respect for the Natural Order. Let the children have a mother and a father.

Man and woman fit together, literally, like a lock and key. Under normal conditions we are absolutely necessary for each other, Nature has decreed it thus, one does not function fully as a family without the other, we are the Yin and Yang. We supplement, complement, and complete each other to form the Whole.

I reiterate that the difficulty of perfecting the relationship confers tremendous advantages to the children of those who so. We owe it to our children, to our society, to do so even at tremendous sacrifice of self interest and gratification. The ultimate happiness, the success of our lives is measured by how well we have raised our children, as evidenced by how well they raise theirs.


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I will try again to avoid misunderstanding. But first to respond to other posts:

Thank you Cindy for your kind words. I know you get it.

Phoebe, polygamy does involve a man, a woman, and their children. A generation is usually considered twenty to thirty years, you calculated twenty generations per year. I was referring to a time span of over 200,000 years that the man, woman, and their child family has been recognized. And I have read estimates that nearly half of the people in western cultures have had some sort of same sex sexual interaction. That is of course a hypothetical figure because it takes into account how many may be denying and what exactly constitutes a sexual encounter.

Scott, there are many present and past troubles with marriage. My point is that the institution has always included a man, a woman, and their children if they produce any. That is all I mean by traditional marriage. But the changes in marriage laws of the past few generations have resulted in the current widespread disrespect for that once cherished covenant as evidenced by the numbers of out of wedlock births. That is the great tragedy of the decline of marriage and has had widespread consequences similar to the increase in trauma caused when divorce became an easy option and children suffered the results.

I will have to clarify later, family duties call.


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One of the challenges that must be met to create a stable, successful family is the control of sexual appetite. If the motivation is simply sexual gratification, it can be achieved far more easily with same gender partners. If it must be with opposite sex partners to be satisfying it is much easier to achieve without a committed relationship.

That is giving the self so much importance that it tips the balance away from building stable families.