John Fielding

John Fielding 1 month, 1 week ago on Rising Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson gets warm welcome in Steamboat Springs

The descriptors that come to mind when I see Dr. Carson include honorable, dignified, honest, sincere, compassionate. The worst impressions are that he is perhaps too soft spoken, but as I listen very carefully I discern that the words are substantive.

If those who hold the purse strings in Washington practiced the principals of thrift that his mother did, we certainly would have better economic conditions. Sadly, government spending and obscene waste have become synonymous.


John Fielding 1 month, 1 week ago on Our View: Keeping wheels spinning

The levels of disruption to ordinary life of residents and the vacations of other visitors became unreasonable this last time. In a fair assessment we must factor this in as well.

As well handled as the traffic management was, there is just too much, even with many locals avoiding travel or using little known detours, to prevent significant delays and potential harm. If one could collect all the reports of opportunities and business lost, appointments missed, people left stranded, etc. even by those who planned ahead for some reasonable delays, it would amount to a great deal.

This is not to say we should discontinue hosting such events, only that traffic management must be adjusted to better balance the needs of others. Some suggestions would be to not close Lincoln through Old Town, but to have the concentrated festivities on Yampa, or to close Lincoln only from 11th to 6th, allowing use of both Yampa and Oak as detours. That period of time when Oak Street was also closed should not be repeated, surely some alternate loop could be located.

It is one thing to have a onetime delay along a highway as the pack of racers passes through. It is quite another to have them close the only access to your home or ranch repeatedly in a day, or have a significant delay of all cross town/cross valley traffic for over two straight days. At some point the hospitality will become hostility, and the local residents will no longer be welcoming, vacationers negatively affected will pass along their reports of frustration, or some incidents of road rage will be publicized that more than destroy any favorable reviews.

We have grown to a size, both in residents and visitors, where we cannot close our major traffic artery without causing unreasonable harm to others. Solutions can and must be found.


John Fielding 2 months ago on Our View: City needs to hire deputy city manager

I recommend we elect the city manager, switch to a mayor/city council form of government. That person would obviously have to possess community outreach skills.

There should still be a capable deputy, by some other title.

The current city manager would certainly be able to run for mayor, that would reveal just how broad the support for her policies has been.


John Fielding 2 months ago on Councilwoman Macys won't run again in November

Reason and Common Sense was my campaign slogan. However during my second run I realized that taking the time required to do the job properly would be too damaging to my family. I believe some sitting council members have come to the same conclusion and so just skim over the materials and make snap decisions.

Still, I commend anyone willing to serve. The work is difficult and tedious, the appreciation is usually vastly overshadowed by the resentments of the constituents, and the financial compensation is so low as to be insulting. No one who does not already have a comfortable sufficiency can consider serving, most of us have to work too many hours to afford to live here.

Sonja discharged her commitments most honorably, I cannot give higher praise. She is the epitome of the public representative who will put aside their personal interests to serve the best interests of the public. The loss of her input is a hard blow to absorb.

But I only offer my thanks, my understanding that other obligations must also be honored, and my hope that her example will resonate and inspire.

Thank you Sonja


John Fielding 2 months ago on School district, YVEA reach agreement on purchase of school site in west Steamboat

I think people need to be able to say no to the high school at this time without rejecting the acquisition of the prime site, which may very well be where the new high school is built when we finally really do need it.And where a new elementary school can be built next year.


John Fielding 2 months ago on School district, YVEA reach agreement on purchase of school site in west Steamboat

Yes please Scott B, let's not tie the land purchase to the high school construction plan. There are other potential ways we might decide to add capacity immediately, thus a good chance the 100 million plan will not receive approval. Please place at least two bonds on the ballot.


John Fielding 2 months ago on Affordable housing project in west Steamboat clears another big hurdle

It is my understanding that the developer will manage the property, collect the rents, and in fact be the owner. The housing authority retains a fraction of ownership in order to maintain eligibility for the initial and ongoing tax credits and exemptions.

If government is to be involved in creating special conditions for certain developers in order to keep the price of the product low, perhaps a different approach could be tried. Instead of giving them money, give them exemptions from regulations.

I realize we are basically stuck with a system that subsidizes living costs for select individuals, it is unlikely to be changed soon or easily. The great appeal of this project is that there is Federal funding, OPM from all over, not just local dollars.

My biggest objection remains that ongoing subsidy of property tax exemption for what is essentially a private concern. IMHO we should also not allow properties such as Fish Creek Park be withdrawn from the tax base by being purchased by the housing authority..


John Fielding 2 months, 1 week ago on Affordable housing project in west Steamboat clears another big hurdle

There is an effect of thousands of others. Because the housing authority retains a fraction of ownership, there will be no property tax to support schools, library, roads etc. The thousands of others will pay that share as well as their own.


John Fielding 2 months, 1 week ago on School district, YVEA reach agreement on purchase of school site in west Steamboat

I agree that we should expand the district to include Stagecoach. So many students there go to Steamboat schools it only makes sense. It seems that including the rest of south Routt would be beneficial too, but the residents there might resist from a legitimate desire to keep the control closer to home.

The construction of an elementary school there is less desirable than it would be in many other situations as so many commute to Steamboat for work and bring the kids along, even prefer having them close at the end of the school day for Boys and Girls Club, Winter Sports Club, hockey, etc.


John Fielding 2 months, 1 week ago on School district, YVEA reach agreement on purchase of school site in west Steamboat

The site is unequaled for school expansion, right in the middle between town and the future growth area. Whether it gets a high school first or an elementary first, we need this so serve our future growth.

Lets put forth a scenario that plans for complete utilization of the site, then decide on the phasing, may well be we build the elementary school first.