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John Fielding 5 months ago on City Council approves downtown apartment project

The unintended consequence of this decision is that now any developer with a good lawyer will be able to demand a variance for the same reasons. Many of the properties downtown that are occupied with low density development will become subject to efforts to place high density uses in them. We have effectively changed the criteria for the well-connected.


John Fielding 5 months ago on Bear issues again come to light

What I perceive as the issue here is that we are applying a blanket solution to a problem that exists as isolated non-compliance issues.

By far the majority of Steamboat residents manage their trash in a responsible manner. Most of them do so as they have for years without having been compelled to do so by the potential for receiving hefty fines for non-compliance.

Therefore it's a logical solution is to step up enforcement efforts targeting the relatively few who disregard proper trash management protocols.

This also applies to the bears. There are a few who are regular trash raiders. Most bears still avoid human proximity and especially contact with dogs. If we step up the efforts to relocate or otherwise remove these problem bears we can have the number of incidence reduced significantly.


John Fielding 5 months ago on City Council will revote on pot shop move after forcing a member to recuse himself

What's not been mentioned here is that even the basis of the conflicts that Sloop and Connor had were centered on the nature of the marijuana industry.

There are numerous reasons why people do not wish to be associated even by proximity with marijuana-related businesses. Some of those reasons have to do with odor, but more are related to the ongoing perception of the marijuana business being inherently undesirable.

This perception is similar to that held of the alcohol industry and for the same reasons. Intoxication has historically been regarded as a undesirable condition with clearly demonstrated negative effects on society. There has been a shift toward greater acceptance in recent decades particularly. More recently there has been a move toward celebration of intoxication as a desirable condition.

Despite all this there still remains a respect for traditional values sufficient to cause rrgulators to treat the sale of intoxicants differently from ordinary businesses. And certainly the perception of the public is that association with these businesses remains problematic.


John Fielding 8 months, 3 weeks ago on Mountain lion shot after killing dog

And that bravery is inherited. My "Guardian Angel" has stood face to face through the fence with a bear 5 times her size, never flinching in the defense of her charges


John Fielding 8 months, 3 weeks ago on Mountain lion shot after killing dog

It isn't just the little dogs that fall to the Lions. The father of my Great Pyrenees who was easily 150 pounds was killed by a mountain lion in Maybell.

(Of course he attacked the lion to drive it away from the livestock.)


John Fielding 9 months, 3 weeks ago on Pornography: A public health crisis

regarding love as a chemical reaction, what other chemical reaction has purpose?

oxygen will always combine with carbon, hydrogen, or other elements when the environmental conditions are right.

but complex hydrocarbons do not reproduce themselves unless infused with life. it is that vital force, spiritual energy, that gives purpose, consciousness, and intelligence to previously inanimate matter.


John Fielding 9 months, 3 weeks ago on Pornography: A public health crisis

in fact, the mandate to procreate is primary, ascendant even over that to survive.

in the case of humans of course it also requires two decades of child rearing to have done so successfully

as with every other aspect of the extremely complex species Homo sapiens, our sexual engagement has taken myriad diverse expressions. if you don't believe that read the list of fetishes available to the porn aficianado.

Rhys, to address your mention of love, what's love got to do with it, it is compassion affection and the willingness to give of one's self that are among the strongest drivers of societal advancement.

The bonding for life of the male and female can be the most fulfilling of relationships in existence.

I'm taking a trip back east next week to see mom and dad. She turned 92 three weeks ago, he is 96. married over 70 years now, I am sure that it is their devotion to each other and to the raising of their children (grandchildren great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren) that has given them such good health and happiness in their 10th decade.

I called dad helps a couple of months ago to have him remind me which poem of his it was that described the experiencing of pleasures by the earth worm and why flies will only trust other flies. He immediately replied, oh that is "Consciousness" and quoted all 24 lines from memory.

now I know that he and mom have as much sexual pleasure as their physical condition will allow, always have. Seems there's not much deterioration of mental function as a result.


John Fielding 9 months, 3 weeks ago on Former Steamboat police officer exonerated

traditionally, intoxication has been regarded as problematic for society as well as for the individual.

the growing embrace of the culture of celebration of intoxication is having ramifications throughout society.


John Fielding 9 months, 3 weeks ago on Pornography: A public health crisis

some of the concerns raised by this article warrant more detail. I am particularly concerned to learn that sex addiction can cause deterioration of the brain. As my new wife wishes to become pregnant, I have predictably participated to a degree that was quite different from the level I had to become accustom to with my late wife.

Am I putting my brain at risk by coupling so frequently?

At what point does participation in sexual activity constitute sex addiction? Obviously the compulsion to engage in sexual activity is as fundamental as that to survive, they are inextricably connected with living.

Unless someone can offer a better definition, I will assume that it is like the drinkers definition of an alcoholic. No matter how much or how often drink you're not an alcoholic unless it is destructive to your life or those of your loved ones.


John Fielding 10 months ago on Our View: Blight can be good thing

The blight survey did not specify the condition that exists in the photographs. in a few cases it was obvious such as a close up of peeling paint on a downtown building, and others and obvious abrupt end of a sidewalk.

That to my mind was one of the major flaws of that professional survey, that it did not give more specific detail of the conditions it documented.