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John Fielding 2 days, 11 hours ago on Bear season arrives, Steamboat police stepping up enforcement of trash rules

Pick your fruit early? The bears like it green too! Electric fences are helpful, but not entirely reliable, grounding out, switch left off by children going in and out of garden. Scott is right, it is the fact these bears are urban foragers that is the problem. Breaking into houses is inevitable.

This problem can only be solved by making the town a fearful place to be, and that after those who know no other life skills are put down. Passive measures will only encourage more aggressive efforts by hungrier bears.

The most effective deterrent is not mentioned in the article. One big brave dog, dedicated to protection, like "Guardian Angel" my Great Pyrenees, or a couple of tireless Border Collies, like my late best friends Taz and Fritz, will not only protect your property but will also make it uncomfortable to be an urban bear.


John Fielding 6 days, 18 hours ago on City Council, county commissioners back affordable housing project in west Steamboat

And millions more in future subsidies in the form of being exempt from property taxes. The YVHA will be a paper owner, shares of one percent will keep the project 100% tax exempt. I believe that should only qualify it for a 1% exemption.


John Fielding 6 days, 18 hours ago on Ed Miklus: Unified policing

What happened to the "cheers!"?

We sure do need cops in this town boys, unless you want to hire some private hospitality services to tend the intoxicated tourists (and locals, especially those 1 or 2 season long types of locals that keep the bars hopping).

As for undercover work, how else you going to find who is selling to minors? In my opinion there should be increased surveillance of liquor sales. With a little good detective work it would be discovered that some few people in this town are regular suppliers to the underage collage and high school kids. Same for MJ. I support putting them in jail for a few years, 20k a year is fine by me, far less than the costs of the damage they do.

And while the "real crime" stats in this town remain blessedly low, there is plenty of police work needing done. Who else you gonna send in to all the domestic calls? Social workers?

If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.

James Madison


John Fielding 1 week ago on Excessive force, excessive lawsuits

Some of this is a little circular, police officers suspect young black more because they are disproportionately greater offenders, that partly because of the culture of disrespect for the establishment fostered by being regarded as suspects.

It is that embrace of the culture of disrespect that is the greatest obstacle to those mislead youth.


John Fielding 1 week ago on Ed Miklus: Unified policing

Ashley, your impression that the Sheriff initiated or supported this topic is mistaken. It was a private citizen at public comment. (Sorry I did not remember the name, but by the tone it might have been the author of this letter. As I was just three feet away when he spoke I did note an insignia on a belt accessory with a sheriff type star so I suspect he is a retired public safety officer himself).

The suggestion was supported by Commissioner Doug Monger to the limited extent of stating that the county could/would perform that service if asked, with a fee structure similar to other municipal service they have provided. It was clear to me he meant that to be a replacement of the police department, not a merger with it.

Sheriff Wiggins spoke extensively about the practicality of a shared facility, not combined departments.


John Fielding 1 week, 2 days ago on Sheriff sees big opportunity to share space with Steamboat Springs Police Department

An important point supporting the above suggestion, especially in light of the controversy surrounding the policies of the present police administration, was the relative ranking as measured by accountability to the public. The Sheriff is elected directly by the voters, and is accountable to them. The Police Chief is hired by a city manager who is hired by the city council whose accountability is at least diluted by their numbers if not absent since so often candidates stand for election unopposed .