John Fielding

John Fielding 2 weeks ago on Our view: More bang for URA’s bucks

Scott Ford, I have heard you say that the imminent decisions for this council to unilaterally spend near 20 million on various projects currently under consideration is troubling. What is your position, as the citizens representative, on the extent of the council's authority to make substantial commitments of taxpayer funds without additional voter approvals?

Will you move that the council call for a voter mandate curtailing such wide discretion,perhaps something similar to Littleton's parameters? How would you suggest an appropriate limitation be outlined? Would you be willing to bring it up for discussion among the council?

It is contrary to the nature of any governmental or other concentration of power to voluntarily limit it's own authority. Yet it is not impossible in our representative democracy. If the issue is raised and debated, then voted down by the council, it can easily become the litmus test for the next election of council, It may be far easier to vote in 3 or 4 new council members who will be willing to support a voters referendum on councils spending authority that to do it via the petition drive.

Kudos for your exemplary role as a representative who stays closely connected with your constituents.


John Fielding 2 weeks, 2 days ago on Attorney discloses possible homicide motive

This is the rationale for legalization, remove the criminal element. But that requires universal legalization.

Even then, some will murder just as a part of an ordinary robbery. It is a tragedy either way.


John Fielding 2 weeks, 2 days ago on Attorney discloses possible homicide motive

Goldstein indicated the motive was as portrayed by the prosecution, financial gain. The rap sheet on the suspect links him with illegal sales. If the victims crop was indeed intended for the illegal market as the department implies from the past and current investigations, the suspect may have been engaged with the victim in a plan to distribute.

Rhys is right if you accept his remark as sarcasm. Drug deals and theft result in murders frequently.


John Fielding 2 weeks, 2 days ago on Ski Corp. unveils prices for 2015-16

Rhys, I hope they pass the profits right along to you and your coworkers. Higher pay and more comp passes. They already hold down the rents at the Ponds to unbeatable levels, maybe they should also invest in another employee housing development.

I hear a lot of what Rhys just said echoed by other Skicorp employees, doing something right

If they set the prices too high, the customers will vote with their skis, that,s how it should be.


John Fielding 2 weeks, 2 days ago on Our view: YVHA housing project shows promise

Does anyone know what the property tax implications are? Presumably Overland will pay full price and City pays nothing (at the Iron Horse). What about Fish Creek and the other YVHA owner properties?


John Fielding 2 weeks, 3 days ago on More than 100 pounds of marijuana was seized from Johnson residence

Even if it could not be sold, If it is legal property then it is wrong to destroy it. The inheritor may also have a mmj need. There also are classes of property that are illegal to sell but may be legally owned and transferred by inheritance.

Don't get me wrong, I think it is just a property rights issue, I have seen too much harm done by this and other drugs to care if it is removed from circulation. But if the stolen property was homemade wine, also illegal to sell, would it have been destroyed? if that wine was the product of a retired master vintner and had been aged for fifty years it may have had great theoretical value, and while illegal to sell still a great sentimental treat to the grandson who could share it with friends.

It is not that hard to preserve the evidence, the lack of "means or will" to do so is too low a bar for destroying legal property. I suspect to is a remnant of a mindset developed when all MJ was contraband.


John Fielding 2 weeks, 4 days ago on Our view: More bang for URA’s bucks

Would the county or school board have standing for a lawsuit?

Can the council fully implement it without approval of the voters or the other parties?

If so can a subsequent council reverse it?

If not then it smells like the Iron Horse, a multiyear commitment of millions with no public vote.

If it comes up for a vote in a more carefully phased plan I will support it and more, otherwise no.


John Fielding 2 weeks, 4 days ago on More than 100 pounds of marijuana was seized from Johnson residence

If there is reason to suspect that the plants came from the theft at the residence it belongs to his estate, just like any other stolen property would. A complete investigation should precede the destruction of the property, to prove it was illegally produced.


John Fielding 2 weeks, 5 days ago on Up to 2 feet expected in the mountains early this week

I am on the road this week, first solo trip in quite a while. My daughter flew from Virginia to Utah for a friend's wedding, so I decided it was a good time to catch up on matters with my tenants there.

I get to do things very differently than when the family is along. They could never have tolerated my listening to Darwin's "Origin of Species" for ten hours, stopping at rock formations repeatedly, getting out and scraping away a little to see the transitions more clearly.

The Wasatch Front is a great display of geologic history,and incredibly accessible. With time on my hands I wandered to many of my old haunts, looking with fresh interest as Darwin's text had reminded me of the tremendous influence biological change can have on geologic formations. The dramatic change in one species can affect the others in a way that colors the rocks quite distinctly

But the most subtle yet significant part of Darwin's presentation is it's balance of confidence and humility. While he often and often points out the superiority of his theory to position of multiple creations of "finished species", he also repeatedly emphasizes that "far more research will be required to confirm", and "our present ignorance of the actions of these laws is profound".

Such a balance would behoove those proponents of a recent field of science theory. climate change.

PS what Darwin found beyond scientific resolution, origins of life and intelligence, yet remain so.