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Joe Solomon 1 month, 3 weeks ago on Steamboat briefs: DUI saturation planned to be conducted in Steamboat

Aside from paying for this PR firm, why are they involved in the first place? I am assuming this office can make it's own statements to it's constituency so would love to understand why they are even involved.

And to the points prior, a disclosure of who is picking up these bills is needed here.


Joe Solomon 3 months, 3 weeks ago on City Council rating in employee satisfaction survey remains low

“He added he wouldn’t mind seeing the council question disappear from future city employee surveys because the question itself does not improve the relationship between the council and staff."

Not sure I understand the reasoning here - the purpose is to allow the staff to anonymously send in feedback which allows them to be more open. These results offer the chance for the city to respond to the issues and work to improving them - wouldn’t just getting rid of it be counterproductive to what is trying to be accomplished here?


Joe Solomon 4 months, 2 weeks ago on City Council calls first dibs on free concert tickets, VIP passes

Have to agree with all of the posts here - this is just bad PR at a time when we need to build back the trust we have with our local government. I would urge the Council to seriously reconsider this vote.


Joe Solomon 11 months, 2 weeks ago on Robin Stone: Views not understood

Please Scott B - let’s stop the madness. Criticizing the community for not showing on Wednesday just puts it over the top for me. The election is not certified yet, Dr. Meeks was quoted saying that it was time to take a quick breath, and no one expected (rightly so) that this was going to be on the agenda only days after electing a new board. It is almost as if nothing over the past few weeks has even registered.

When the new board has taken their positions, this topic needs to be pulled out of the everyday agenda and treated like the issue that it is. Citizen committee members need to be identified and we move ahead with the momentum and transparency that is present. This is a huge project, and it needs to be run as such - with the right people leading the charge.


Joe Solomon 11 months, 2 weeks ago on Steamboat school board discusses next steps following bond failure

“Being that (the Overlook property) is the last large piece of property in the town of Steamboat Springs, I believe we have an obligation to our students and our community to plan for the future,” Crossan said.

Sorry Russell - Robin is making absolutely no sense at all. What part of the community rejecting the proposed plan by a resounding 4:1 margin makes one think that this is the logical next step?


Joe Solomon 1 year ago on Steamboat Springs City Council opposes school district's $92 million bond proposal

You are dead-on Anne. The mistake made here was that the current Board didn’t get the community buy-in that they continue to state - if they did, we would not be in this state of contention.

The community is ready to move on a revised and collaborative plan, and once this plan is defeated we can move forward on one that truly embraces this community as a while.


Joe Solomon 1 year ago on Pete Kenney: District has needs

You bring up a very good point Pete - this issue is dividing this community and it is apparent that there will be lasting repercussions after this is over.

I put this question back to the school board - you’ve maintained that you spent countless hours getting community buy-in from the start of this process, and yet here we are with an opposition group that is growing by the day. Let’s give the benefit of the doubt and say that you truly thought that you were presenting a solution that the community was behind (per your year of meetings) - it is pretty evident now that this was not the case, even if no one will admit it.

If this was truly the right plan, you would be working with the community right now on an action plan vs. trying to convince everyone that it is what they want.

The reality is you have now achieved what you originally set out to do - mobilize the community behind this important issue. You have everyones ear, and the opportunity to take a step back and really develop a plan that the community can get behind. My guess is that ego will get in the way and prevent this from happening, but the opportunity is here to stop, revisit the plan and get a true community buy-in to move forward.

Our family is voting NO on this issue and urge other families to do the same, and then become part of a solution that we can all get behind. More here at


Joe Solomon 1 year ago on Steamboat Springs Middle School teachers: Stuck in middle

"If the NO folks have their way nothing will improve for years. A NO vote means no plan nothing. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen."

Correction Russell - a no vote means that we take this back to the table and come up with a plan that works. The all-or-nothing scare tactic is just that - a tactic. Remember Russell that parents on both side of this issue want nothing more to improve our already stellar school system, regardless of how negative you paint the other side.


Joe Solomon 1 year ago on The Yes 2 Steamboat School Committee: Yes on Referendums 3A, 3B

"We understand some have called for a “better plan.” But their objections were raised late in the process, are mostly centered around personal conveniences and ignore the input of hundreds of parents, educators, business owners and other community members who spent a considerable amount of time deliberating this past year to create the “best plan.”

Come on Scott - this is absolute nonsense. Personal conveniences? Please elaborate so that I can full understand what selfish acts are going on over here. Your continued portrayal of the opposing group as a bunch selfish parents vs. a group that wants to revisit what we consider to be a rushed plan is insulting and just continues to lower your groups credibility in my eyes.