Joe Solomon

Joe Solomon 3 months, 2 weeks ago on Judge unseals arrest warrant for Steamboat mother whose 3-year-old died

I am having a hard time digesting this story. The original charge was that she left this little boy alone for over 20 hours, which by itself was a shock. As someone stated before, you can't leave a 3-year-old alone for 15 minutes, much less 20 hours. And all so she could get some without the burden of having her child in the room? Inexcusable.

Now they are saying 4 nights, which I am having a hard time believing. She sounds like she is completely unfit to raise a child, but how could she have thought that the child could make it 4 days on his own? Did she already know that the child was gone and didn't want to go back to the cabin? It doesn't make sense, but do things like this ever do?

And what was this little boy's last minutes like? Was he searching desperately for the one person that he counted on in his early life to take care of him? Was he scared and in pain for a long period of time? And why did she take the bus to the hospital after calling her family to tell them something was wrong?

This story makes me sick.


Joe Solomon 5 months, 1 week ago on Ken Collins: See it before judging

Pretty classy reply Mark. Funny to think that others - like myself, and a good number of others here in Steamboat - actually agree with the opinion that Ken shares here. Guess we are all idiots for not thinking like you. Classy.


Joe Solomon 6 months, 3 weeks ago on Joe Mattingly: Still kid friendly?

Wow, I have to agree with Mark on this one. Joe is simply expressing his concern as I am sure alot of families are at this point. I spend alot of time on the road and this issue has been hyped beyond belief by the media - I can absolutely see where he is coming from, and why is everyone so quick to tell him to take his money elsewhere? As alot of people are pointing out to him, it has always been here but is rarely if ever seen by most visitors - but the media is now painting (and showing) this picture of folks lining up around the block to get it while conveniently forgetting to mention that you STILL can't smoke it in most places. Yes, his family's chances of an having any issue with MMJ aren't any greater than before (much slimmer than random drunk guys streaking down hotel hallways) but let's give some leeway on this topic. If you want to blame anyone, blame the media for blowing this out of proportion and let's try and educate and ease visitors into this "new world" - my guess is that the "go find another place to visit then" wouldn't sit well with our friends who rely on visitor dollars. If Joe was considering another town besides Steamboat, then this reaction to his opinion probably made the decision easy for him. My two cents.


Joe Solomon 1 year, 1 month ago on Speed limit on Steamboat's Yampa Street lowered to improve pedestrian safety

Interesting comments Michelle, especially in regards to Yampa Street. If you've spent time down here (and our office is on Yampa, so we bike this lane and street daily), you would know that the bike lane actually shares space with parked cars in some spots and WE are forced to move left to avoid them (and a lot of doors that fly open unexpectedly). There are also pedestrians in the lane now as well as a few Segways recently, so the street as a whole is one big melting pot of usage. I am sorry that YOU feel that WE are so inconsiderate - a topic that has been debated here ad nauseum and will go the way of so many that will never be agreed upon - but to use this picture of an example of OUR "disregard" for the rules of the road is off base and misinformed.


Joe Solomon 1 year, 3 months ago on Water restrictions to go into effect May 1 in Steamboat Springs

As someone who grew up in the South and the land of sculpted lawns, I think we need to take a hard look at them here in the west and ask ourselves if they are worth the resources needed to maintain them. I know that families are supported by their maintenance and they do play a role in our economy, but we can't ignore how much water is being used here. This is a resources that needs to be reallocated to every day living vs. the patches of green in front of our houses. One mans humble opinion...


Joe Solomon 1 year, 4 months ago on Spring and summer flight options shrink for Steamboat travelers

As someone who hits 75K a year and bases his entire company around travel, it has been a real challenge both in cost and in availability to use HDN. We did use it at first, but it just became too cost prohibitive, and we did find alot of late flights (remind me to travel with you too Brian!). The drive to DIA is not one that we enjoy either (although my wife enjoys the fact that I can swing by target and IKEA) and the spotty cell service makes it even harder. If we are truly to become a preferred destination for anyone to run a business or act as a remote employee, we have to figure this out. I watch my travel numbers just balloon every year and it's a puzzle I am always trying to solve.


Joe Solomon 2 years ago on Location-neutral businesses grow in Steamboat

I would love to see a great co-working space open here in town where everyone can pop in for a desk as needed, offer permanent space to 1-3 person companies and be a spot for out-of-town folks to pop in when they need a quiet spot. Maybe a great shared conference space and kitchen area too offer some collaboration as well. There is such a wealth of intelligence and creativity in this town and would be nice to have a spot where all could collaborate - much like this place that we have been visiting a lot recently for 3 separate companies:


Joe Solomon 2 years, 1 month ago on Jason Patrick: Share the road

Tom - you've basically taken a civilized argument and just turned it into a frenzied call to hunt down cyclists. It continues to amaze me that, while Robin agrees with you on a few points and is working towards essentially the same goal, you continue to act like you have been wronged on a colossal scale and are now seeking some type of frontier justice. The more you write, the more it seems as if law enforcement needs to monitor you and not the few cyclists that you continue to reference.

You obviously have people that agree with you, so until you show up at a meeting, draft some legislation to your points above, solicit your local and state representatives, or ask for a special session at the Bike Summit to discuss this topic and come up with a solution (all actions that our local groups take), you are just another guy who tries to get his point across with all caps, lots of quotes and a frenzied tone. I'm just going to drop off this thread and let you rile up folks on your own.

@John - yes, they should all be single file at all times, especially on group rides and winding roads. RCR can help enforce that rule, and you should call this in if this continues to be a problem (it is a danger to both cyclists and cars).


Joe Solomon 2 years, 1 month ago on Chamber trying to get downtown Steamboat cattle drive back on track

Tom - really interesting that you had to bring that up in an article that clearly had nothing to do with cycling. Would love to see you putting your energy towards actually making a change vs. just writing about it all over these boards. Robin and RCR recognize the need for change and are spending their free time doing something about it. All I see from you is rhetoric and a general unwillingness to accept any counter arguments.

I suggest you actually meet with the RCR folks and start some dialogue about the issues that concern you vs. continuing to post items. You won't be taking seriously until you do - my opinion.


Joe Solomon 2 years, 2 months ago on Jason Patrick: Share the road

Tom - looks like we will agree to disagree on this one! And for the record - if I come across x tons of cows trying to go past me, you can be sure that I will be taking a nice break while they pass. Just seems like the smart thing to do :)