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Joe Solomon 6 days, 8 hours ago on School district, YVEA reach agreement on purchase of school site in west Steamboat

Thank you Steph - it continues to frustrate when you hear those that are driving this initiative proclaim that this is the popular opinion. I can show you a large number of people downtown who won't be voting for this either, as well as a good number of people who come in from the east.

I agree that a neutral polling group should come in and get a real read on how this community feels. There is a big distrust around here with those that are trying to push these big initiatives through without really vetting those that it will affect - and if 28 people is what they are basing this "support" around, then they are in for a long process.

And I agree Russell that we need to come together to address these issues (and appreciate your passion around the issue as well!) - but there are a large number of folks who aren't buying this one. It's way too soon to say that this is the right way to go.

I will say, however, that the new trail out there is great and much needed- here is hoping that we can find a permanent solution soon!


Joe Solomon 6 days, 15 hours ago on School district, YVEA reach agreement on purchase of school site in west Steamboat

"It also became clear it was the most popular choice of community members who attended a series of meetings to discuss the future of school facilities in the city."

If you attended these meetings you would know that this statement is far from true. I agree that the meetings were open, and people did not want a bandage solution, but building a new high school was far from the popular choice here.


Joe Solomon 2 weeks, 1 day ago on Kim Bonner: Appreciate the DMV

We’ve lived in Atlanta, Boston and San Francisco, and if you want to complain about DMVs I would suggest to these individuals that they register a car in those towns. Long waits, snarky employees and no sign of customer service anywhere in the building. Our DMV is a dream, staffed by wonderful people and I am never waiting more than a few minutes. Another reason why we made our way to Steamboat!


Joe Solomon 2 months ago on Steamboat Springs community pays tribute on Memorial Day to those who have fallen

Incredibly well stated Russell/Rhys. It is a day to remember those that are no longer with us, and there will be plenty of time to debate whether or not we agree with the reasoning behind it all later.


Joe Solomon 2 months, 2 weeks ago on Steamboat Springs School District reveals preliminary tax impacts to fund new school construction

Scott B - as always, I appreciate your thorough approach to issues like this and presenting fact vs. a contrived opinion pushed on us as fact (see the downtown URA discussion). Trying to predict where we will be in 5-10 years is by no means an exact science.

My wife and I both grew up with community schools, and while mine was a short drive away, my wife enjoyed the ability to walk every day to a large, multi-level catholic school. I don’t think we can value enough the fact that we have that in this community, at all grade levels, and it is a big reason why alot of us have worked as hard as we have to make a life here. Our kids can walk to Soda Creek now (and will to middle and high school as well) and we can hear the sounds from the high school stadium on a Friday night. It is the vision that we - and many others here in town - built our decision on when moving here, and studies and consultants aside, it should be a big factor in this discussion. I have a hard time with the idea that we have to keep knocking things down and rebuilding them bigger and better when there are ways to maintain and improve, especially with the brilliant architectural minds that exist today.

This town has an incredible amount to offer as a community, and the notion of uprooting our high school and putting it in a location that requires lines of cars heading west every morning does not sit well with alot of us. I look forward to more discussion on this and making the prudent decision for the community!


Joe Solomon 6 months, 3 weeks ago on Family from New York takes ownership of Cugino's

Welcome to Steamboat! As native Right Coasters (we lived in Boston and Atlanta), we made the same move 5 years ago with our then 2-year old for a slower pace and great community. We've gotten that and so much more here, and now with two more little ones in tow we could not be happier. Looking forward to bringing the family down and trying out the new menu - and tasting that East Coast-style pizza!


Joe Solomon 8 months, 1 week ago on New restaurant and alcohol delivery service up and running in Steamboat Springs

First off, starting a business in a small town is a big venture so congratulations on getting it launched and we wish you nothing but success! And I can think of many a night when we have 3 hungry little kids and just stare at each other to see who is going to cook - a delivery service that brings food AND a few glasses of wine for us is sent from heaven, and worth every bit of extra margin!


Joe Solomon 9 months ago on Steamboat City Council is 1 vote shy of adding parking meters downtown

As someone who has an office on Yampa, I have a hard time with the idea that we have a parking problem. Sure, you might not always be able to park in front of the building that you want to visit, but I have never had a problem finding a spot in 5 years. Nor have I heard people complaining about it down there - this feels like an issue that has been created to further an alternate agenda.

And the parking in Aspen is a mess - not the kind of image we want to portray to our out-of-town guests!


Joe Solomon 9 months ago on Ciao Gelato saying 'arrivederci' Wednesday

We mimic the sentiments above - the word "Ciao" in our house gets an immediate reaction from the kids and means we are ready to pack up and head down to see Lynne and Massimo. Our 6 year-old has grown up there, and the twins have just gotten big enough to sit at the counter with their pizza and gelato. It is an immediate feeling of being "home" when you walk in their doors, and you can't put a value on that kind of place.

These are the kinds of places we need in Steamboat, and it is unfortunate that the circumstances dictate them having to close. We of course want them to stay open as well, but running a restaurant is no easy task and we know that they are putting in a lot of hours to keep me in my Salted Caramel fix. Ciao Gelato is a part our family, and we thank them for every minute we've had inside their doors!