Joe Solomon

Joe Solomon 3 months ago on Developers propose 7 month timeline for vetting potential annexation in west Steamboat Springs

Why does everyone need to be lumped in “pro” or “anti” growth? What about the desire to maintain and improve the existing landscape that drew most of us here in the first place?


Joe Solomon 3 months, 1 week ago on Janet Sheridan: We were home

Wonderful story Janet, and a nice change to the headlines dominating the news right now. I can still see the tree in my parents house and how much I loved coming home during college break to remember all of the decorations and smells from growing up. It has also been fun to watch our kids develop their own traditions and know (hope) that they will carry them throughout their lives, just like I do.

Thank you again for a great read today!


Joe Solomon 4 months, 1 week ago on Steamboat Springs School District updating budget after mill levy passage

If you’ve watched any of the Board meeting snippets online it is a wonder that anything is being accomplished with this group. The infighting and outside agendas seem to be coming to a head here, and leadership seems to be nonexistent.


Joe Solomon 4 months, 3 weeks ago on County Treasurer Brita Horn: overdue Peabody taxes in the mail Nov. 11

I am confused here - who exactly does she work for? And why is she operating in a total vacuum? If her own colleagues can’t get any information from her then who can?

This story continues to get odder and odder, and the question of who is covering the bill for the lawyers and PR folks needs to be answered.


Joe Solomon 7 months ago on Steamboat briefs: DUI saturation planned to be conducted in Steamboat

Aside from paying for this PR firm, why are they involved in the first place? I am assuming this office can make it's own statements to it's constituency so would love to understand why they are even involved.

And to the points prior, a disclosure of who is picking up these bills is needed here.


Joe Solomon 9 months ago on City Council rating in employee satisfaction survey remains low

“He added he wouldn’t mind seeing the council question disappear from future city employee surveys because the question itself does not improve the relationship between the council and staff."

Not sure I understand the reasoning here - the purpose is to allow the staff to anonymously send in feedback which allows them to be more open. These results offer the chance for the city to respond to the issues and work to improving them - wouldn’t just getting rid of it be counterproductive to what is trying to be accomplished here?


Joe Solomon 9 months, 3 weeks ago on City Council calls first dibs on free concert tickets, VIP passes

Have to agree with all of the posts here - this is just bad PR at a time when we need to build back the trust we have with our local government. I would urge the Council to seriously reconsider this vote.


Joe Solomon 1 year, 4 months ago on Robin Stone: Views not understood

Please Scott B - let’s stop the madness. Criticizing the community for not showing on Wednesday just puts it over the top for me. The election is not certified yet, Dr. Meeks was quoted saying that it was time to take a quick breath, and no one expected (rightly so) that this was going to be on the agenda only days after electing a new board. It is almost as if nothing over the past few weeks has even registered.

When the new board has taken their positions, this topic needs to be pulled out of the everyday agenda and treated like the issue that it is. Citizen committee members need to be identified and we move ahead with the momentum and transparency that is present. This is a huge project, and it needs to be run as such - with the right people leading the charge.