Jimmy_the_One 8 years, 10 months ago on Concealed weapon permits on the rise

So Jimmy, tell us all what it was like in CANADA in the 70's. I have no further reply for Jimmy either here or in any other post that he wishes to participate in. I'll just save myself the bother of even reading them and read intelligent viewpoints instead.

.. scruu colorectalbob


Jimmy_the_One 8 years, 10 months ago on Concealed weapon permits on the rise

424now:.. I noticed this Jimmytheone comment, "I have posted more fact than all posting gunnuts combined" ... I clicked on his ID and saw this, .. Joined: June 2, 2008 Comments posted: 24 .. As I own a firearm and have over 700 posts throughout these threads I had to wonder what moniker he posted all those many comments under?

.. you took my sentence out of context bozo; in full context it reads: "I have posted more fact than all posting gunnuts combined, open your eyes & read thru my posts from the start.."- FROM THE START. .. obviously I was speaking of this particular thread when I wrote 'read thru my posts from the start'. And it should have been obvious even when taken out of context.

424: I was trained in hand to hand combat, edged weapons and the use of a .45 caliber Colt as well as the M16 and larger munitions..

.. so was I, with small arms; .. I qualified as marksman with the same gun, the 45, scored ~187 on the navy qual test first time I took it at annapolis scf (& only time), & am proficient with the m16 as well, hardly any recoil to speak of even with 3 rd burst, even after they switched to the 62 gr up from 55, imagine dat eh?

424: .. my father, who served in France during world WWII .. I keep a loaded Rifle in the house.

.. reflected glory seeker as well? .. you must be me in the parallel universe; I owned a ruger short & s&w 12 ga pump but rarely used them & got rid of them 10 yrs back, & pops was in the south pacific 4 yrs all during wwII, 2 purple hearts & survived, now he's in arlington nat cemetery (you figure it out).

colobob: 424, I salute you as well as all those that serve, past, present, and future.

.. you can rest that salute & stand at ease now, colobob, my 1970 1-A draft days are well passed.


Jimmy_the_One 8 years, 10 months ago on Concealed weapon permits on the rise

colobob: .. suggest you just ignore a certain individual that provides little if any fact

... I have posted more fact than all posting gunnuts combined, open your eyes & read thru my posts from the start, then retract your above demonstrable nonsense. .. but you won't; there is no arbiter, no judge, so you can get away with your unsubstantiated subjective parry, part & parcel of rightwing gunnuts when actually faced with, the facts.

colobob: .. or reasonable thought and offers little more than insults and conjecture.

.. now this fits jazzslave to a tee.

cb:.. he will eventually just go away. Being ignored and basically talking only to oneself is sure to have an effect e v e n t u a l l y.

.. I'll eventually go away due the board dying out, but if you ignore me I would be a happy man, since you offer little but, more guns, more lies.


Jimmy_the_One 8 years, 10 months ago on Concealed weapon permits on the rise

jazz: You are unable (or more likely unwilling) to answer straightforward, reasonable, yes or no questions...

.. what, your nonsensical 3 part questions which are junk science? which establish nothing? a false dilemma in sheep's clothing. .. I didn't see any rebuttals to where I corrected your misconceptions & lies - pot kettle jazz.

gunslave: You are a coward, in other words, and it has become impossible to take you seriously.

.. while you're a rightwing nutcase; you've been exposed & should be humiliated for posting half truths & misconceptions & nra propaganda - now you just blow smoke to save face.

spukomy: Being an RN, she has saved countless lives.

.. oh yeah? great, but have you seen that gunlobby report where doctors & medical stafff kill more people per year than guns? something like that, been responsible for more deaths whether accidental or negligence, can't remember exact. .. didn't pay much attn to it since invalid, but was wondering if you subscribe to that, what your thoughts are on it.


Jimmy_the_One 8 years, 10 months ago on Concealed weapon permits on the rise

colo bob: .. my comments were statistical facts, what you offer me in return is "spin."

.. pfft, your premise was spin - that deaths due to personal life style choices somehow exonerated firearm deaths; guns are made for killing & are less regulated than teddy bears & other toys & commodity.

jazz: And since we don't have psychic powers, how do you propose we determine how far the rapist is willing to go? Ask him to sit down & fill out a survey?

.. you don't even have normal comprehension powers; how I got drawn into this stupid scare mongering by a bozo with a bozo - the argument is whether carrying a gun makes you safer; there is a big difference between statutory rape & murder, most all rapes do not end in murder. The remote rape scenario is straight out of 2nd amendment mythology, the armed fantasy. .. what I get for trying to make sense with the dense.

slave: I'm pleased that Mr. Jackson in Louisville didn't worry..

.. I don't even read your vignettes after getting the jist, post them for gunnuts enjoyment only.


Jimmy_the_One 8 years, 10 months ago on Concealed weapon permits on the rise

jazz: It makes me laugh, Jimmy, because it is so breathtakingly absurd. Advising anyone to face down an armed aggressor with anything less than superior firepower calls into question your intellect & common sense,

.. the only thing 'breathtakingly absurd' is your lack of reading comprehension; slinger did not say the rapist was armed, he only said daughter was being raped etc, & I replied there were other ways to defend oneself if one wishes not to carry a gun about him at all hours of the day, loaded armed for bear like your absurd gunnutted macho dogma dictates. .. if rapists were armed you create a different scenario, where you start shooting bullets which creates a hazardous situation within itself; & unless you are gifted with psychic powers you do not know whether rapists intend to kill or just leave. .. & people 'face down' armed aggressors with inferior firepower regularly, consider the iraqi insurgency armed with AKs & rpgs against US sophistication. Consider police with tasers. .. under your own inane logic, how can you defend arming teachers with handguns when the columbine shooters were armed with shotguns & rifles & bullet vests? teachers wouldn't have 'superior firepower' now would they? which would call into question theirs, as well as yours for suggesting it, intellect & common sense, NOW WOULDN"T IT HAFFWID?

jazz: .. and ratchets up the likelyhood of serious injury or death for anyone naÃive enough to agree with you.

.. do tell, yet you contradict yourself by suggesting arming teachers with anything less than 12 gauge pump actions, AKs or m16s or variants. .. go play in the sandbox with your gun & fantasize with slinger & forreal, hopefully you can only hurt yourselves.


Jimmy_the_One 8 years, 10 months ago on Concealed weapon permits on the rise

jazz: Instead of pointing my gun at the rebar crackhead, I should've waved a hammer at him instead (that's some of the most asinine advice I've ever heard, Jimmy. It actually made me chuckle).

.. huh? a hammer can be used to defend oneself, it has & it does, you can pound with it or throw it, it's a good deterrent in a pinch, your laughter is ill placed, juvenile. Slinger did not say his rapist had a gun, & a hammer mace or machete' would indeed be helpful in self defense which is why I suggested them, why does this make you laugh? are you dense? .. to use a hammer against a gun is risky for sure, but as a last resort or even a calculated risk it's better than nothing; a handgun's accuracy overall is about 18% of shots fired in violent or unruly incidents, higher the closer one is to target, so if one is nimble he has a chance. .. once again none of the mighty warriors are equipped with bullet vests, depending solely on the specious argument 'more guns less crime';

.. colorado bob makes another specious pro gun argument: "..the majority of the leading causes of death in the US in 2000 did not require a permit or backround check." .. driver's need obtain driver's licenses (permits) & register their autos, & insure them, & have them inspected yearly, & are restricted where they can take them, & face penalties if they violate the rules of the roads. .. smoking is a personal choice which affects only the smoker, & those living with him subject to 2nd hand smoke. Poor diet is also a personal choice, &, as tobacco, cannot be prohibited in a free society. .. drunk driving does indeed cause significant public outcry, bob, & the penalties climb with the severity of the resultant infraction; While the leading causes can indeed cause slow death over years, death was not the purpose for which their catalysts were made... your premise is specious bob.


Jimmy_the_One 8 years, 10 months ago on Concealed weapon permits on the rise

slinger: I dont recall any one mentioning that if guns were outlawed, then only outlaws will own them.

.. I don't recall anyone trying to outlaw guns (in america).

slinger: If you and your family were on vacation and some idiot decided he wanted to rob you and rape your wife and daughter while you are forced to watch, would you prefer to have a chance to defend you and your family, or would you prefer to leave your desteny in the hands of your attacker?

.. spare me this specious claptrap, it's a false dilemma for one thing & a remote chance on the other, failing to take into consideration that any guns in the family would be of more risk than the remote odds of actually having to use them in self defense, especially as portrayed by the specious yet typical scare tactic above. ... furthermore I'd have a 'chance to defend the family' sans guns, via other methods, such as mace, machete, hammer, & bullet vests which I own & wear when going to town. Odd that gunnuts so afraid of thugs getting the jump on them they think their popgun will save them when the best device to prevent that would be a bullet vest, but I've encountered only 2 gunnuts who have one, over the past 10 years. .. & be careful where you carry guns when you go on vacation slinger - in some foreign countries, you could be in for an extended one, if caught with one.


Jimmy_the_One 8 years, 10 months ago on Concealed weapon permits on the rise

forreal: protect you and your own, regardless what the law says.

.. charles bronson lives. hang em high in tombstone, forreal.

"Child's play ended tragically after a 4-yr-old girl was shot by her 5-yr-old brother. "(The) 5-year-old had gotten the gun down to play with it. Yes, ended pointing it at his sister and pulled the trigger shooting the girl ending her life, killing her," It was an accident that no one saw coming. Officers say the five-year-old pulled a chair up to a six-foot tall bookcase. The gun was on top of the bookcase with one bullet in the chamber. father, 24-year-old and the children's 15-year-old step-sister and an aunt were at home at the time, but they were in another room. "You could possibly be looking at neglect charges here,"

.. had the gun a trigger lock or been stored in a safe (as required in DC), there would be no unintentional homicide by child here.


Jimmy_the_One 8 years, 10 months ago on Concealed weapon permits on the rise

.. (to seeuski), what was that about being in the minority, hotshot?: "Over 70% of DC residents .. support the city's strict gun laws and oppose H.R. 3193."

... "Congressional action to remove effective protection from gun violence ignores the will of the 572,000 DC residents who in large part support the gun ban. ... Over 70% of DC residents, the entire DC City Council .. support the city's strict gun laws and oppose H.R. 3193. While we recognize that the Constitution gives Congress a special role in governing [DC], we decry the House action that ignored these facts and was not responsive to the will of the people of the District and its leaders." ... "H.R. 3193 [lifting DC handgun ban] would end firearm registration requirements, lift safe storage requirements for legally owned firearms, and allow handguns and assault weapons in DC's homes and workplaces. Most guns used in crimes in DC come from other states -- almost 60% of traceable guns come from Maryland or Virginia. Putting more weapons on DC streets will increase violence and make a city that is already uniquely vulnerable to terrorism even more dangerous"

[DC's] gun ban emerged from exasperation. Still reeling from the riots of 1968, the city saw violent crime rise and residents flee to the suburbs. In 1974, two years before the ban took effect, more than half of all homicides were committed with handguns. ..There were an estimated 22,000 registered gun owners in the city in 1976, but a Georgetown poll found 3 of 4 city residents supported the bill. The law cleared the DC Council in a 12-1 vote and went on to survive both a court challenge by [nra] and efforts in Congress to scuttle it.

.. why don't gunnuts keep hands off DC affairs?