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Jeff_Kibler 5 years ago on Holly Wilde and Russ Doty: Unwanted consequences of the Keystone pipeline

Robert, oil speculators? Perhaps some contribution to the price swings. Don't forget that oil is traded is $USD. Don't you think that the fact that we incessantly print a fiat currency also helps to push prices higher?


Jeff_Kibler 5 years ago on Holly Wilde and Russ Doty: Unwanted consequences of the Keystone pipeline

Folks complain about agriculture subsidies, paying people to not grow crops. Now the BPA is paying wind farmers to not generate power due to an overabundance of hydro-power during spring runoff. Go figure.


Jeff_Kibler 5 years ago on Steamboat dispensary owner questions marijuana legalization

" You answered 30 out of 33 correctly — 90.91 %

If you have any comments or questions about the quiz, please email

You can consult the following table to see how citizens and elected officials scored on each question.  "

That's after 4 Coronas (and no cheating). Would I do better if I had partoken in some Sour Diesel? (Can't wait for this to be deleted.)


Jeff_Kibler 5 years ago on David Moss: Birth control 'dust-up'

Limbaugh apologizes to Sandra Fluke:

Yet the crickets still chirp awaiting apologies from misogynists such as: Bill Maher David Letterman Ed Schultz

and many more from the left that slur conservative women every day and yet magically get a pass from their vile faux pas, via our unbiased fourth estate.


Jeff_Kibler 5 years ago on Quicksilver pursues 2nd well at Wolf Mountain near Hayden

Jerry, Amoco was gobbled up by British Petroleum. Regarding H2S, Hydrogen Sulphide or Hydrogen Sulfide (I prefer the latter)

The scariest place that I engineered and installed environmental controls was Whitney Canyon, Wyoming. Talk about huge mounds of sulfur! Them sour-gas wells produced major amounts of natural gas.

Here's a bit of history of this plant:


Jeff_Kibler 5 years ago on Steamboat football team raising money for new helmets

Way back in the day when I played football, concussions were rarely mentioned. Broken arms and legs, separated shoulders, fused vertebrae (in my case), tendons, ankles, and so on.

Were concussions simply under-diagnosed back then? Are these kids so much bigger, stronger and faster today? Is helmet-to-helmet contact more prevalent?

Regardless, I'll be chipping in some cash for this cause.


Jeff_Kibler 5 years ago on Brent Boyer: Eliminating online anonymity

Brian/Sep: Thx for the info.

"Revoking the anonymity privilege was probably seen as the least work-intensive way to inspire a greater degree of civility."

To me, less work-intensive equates to lower employee costs. Thus my comments regarding financial considerations.

On a side note, as the JazzSlave, where is your L-5?