Jeff Kibler

Jeff_Kibler 4 years, 8 months ago on Holly Wilde and Russ Doty: Unwanted consequences of the Keystone pipeline

Russell, Good on you. You get it. I figured you wouldn't mind the attention, either. It wasn't lost on me that the last link, whereas the Montana Supreme Court reinstates your case, portends good news for you and your cause.

To the rest of this motley crew: Other than my snarky editorializing, I posted links to letters, stories and legal actions as an overview of his wide-ranging activism. Nothing personal was proffered that Russell himself didn't publish on his own website or comment on some blog. The opposition research took all of ten minutes.


Jeff_Kibler 4 years, 8 months ago on Steamboat Ski Area unveils 2012-13 pass prices

Where have all the comments gone? Long time passing Where have all the comments gone? Long time ago Where have all the comments gone? Editors picked them every one When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?

Why were the previous comments deleted, INCLUDING one from the author of this article?


Jeff_Kibler 4 years, 9 months ago on Steamboat dispensary owner questions marijuana legalization

When I was scraping through college, washing dishes and slinging breakfast at some highfalutin sorority at UW, I came across a flyer posted by the Psych Dept.

"Earn $100 taking intelligence tests."

Turns out it's IQ tests while sober, then drunk, then toked up. The Budweiser sucked. I scored in some ballistic percentile.

Hell, all it proves is that I'm adept at multiple-choice tests. In so many other aspects of life I am completely inept and proudly proclaim cluelessness.