GRETCHEN VAN DE CARR 1 week ago on Partners in Routt County Board members: Thank you for support

The School Based Mentoring program started 15 years ago. Since then, not only have hundreds of local school students received the special attention that they needed during the school day from these fantastic mentors, but a great many of these college graduates remained in our community to continue to serve our local youth. I personally know many that have gone on to become teachers, social workers, counselors, non-profit professionals, and even heath professionals. In fact, my own kids have and continue to benefit from current school based mentors, as well as alumni now serving in these other roles. These mentors are focusing on students that are not receiving the intensive services provided by schools for students that have more severe needs. They are focusing on those students that have issues that are less obvious, and that tend to fall through cracks. Without these school based mentors to help them during their school day, many of these young folks would just be getting into trouble for not attending school or classes, or not completing homework, or not being able to pay attention. The schools can not afford to replace these mentors with faculty members, the associated costs would be quadruple at least. Let's all figure out a way to keep this program alive in our community. This is the type of asset that sets Routt County apart from other communities in the mountains of Colorado.


GRETCHEN VAN DE CARR 5 months, 1 week ago on Historic Hahn's Peak escapes fate of Colorado ghost towns

Tom, thanks for a great article. I got to participate on the historic tour of the village with my third grader last year as part of a school trip, and it was very interesting, and impressive. I'm proud that our Rocky Mountain Youth Corps historic preservation crew will be able to work with Historic Routt County, and HistoriCorps on the restoration of the Hahn's Peak fire lookout this week and next. What a great opportunity to engage youth in such an important endeavor! I especially want to thank and recognize Towny for his passion and work on this and so many other important historic preservation projects, and for being the inspiration behind starting the historic preservation crew through RMYC six years ago!


GRETCHEN VAN DE CARR 2 years, 7 months ago on Colorado Sen. Mark Udall attends alternative energy roundtable in Steamboat

Many thanks to Senator Udall for visiting our Regional Conservation Crew at Steamboat Lake State Park yesterday. What a thrill for our teen corps members! A great event to mark our 20th anniversary.