Gus Connelly


Gus Connelly 1 year, 4 months ago

Greg, the best way to prevent weeds from getting a foothold in a disturbed area is to start with decent soil, seed the area with native seed and apply WoodStraw® engineered wood strand mulch, this will give the native plants the chance to choke out the weeds naturally and keep them from ever getting established. WoodStraw® was designed for and in conjunction with the USFS to drop from helicopters after wildfires to stabilize hillslopes and to re-vegetate these areas. It has been used extensively from Mt. Rainer National Park to Pawnee National Grasslands to Alberta, Canada to El Paso, Texas. The list of benefits is too long to list here but is on our website. WoodStraw® is made right here in Steamboat Springs and is the state of the art for sustainable restoration. Check out our website at and feel free to contact me directly.


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