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Tom Whiddon 2 months, 2 weeks ago on "Jupiter" Jones helped open Steamboat's backcountry

Made a lot of great turns up on Buff pass with Jupe. Used to broadcast live via two way radio to KBCR back in the day. Also spent a lot of river time with him as we shared ownership of a rotting plywood drift boat that required hundreds of pounds of fiberglass to keep afloat. Remember breaking a leaf spring on the road from Dutch John to Little Hole at the Green River before the road was paved. Have a lot of great memories with this guy. Jupiter was all about having FUN! He will be missed!


Tom Whiddon 5 months, 2 weeks ago on Woman injured after being knocked over by dogs

Another incomplete story from Matt Stensland. Not sure this story is even news worthy? A person is knocked down by their own dog? The earlier posting of this story didn't mention that or the names of the people involved.


Tom Whiddon 6 months, 1 week ago on Tinker Tiffany: Animal control officers appreciated

I've been on both sides of this ongoing issue. When I worked for the PD as CSO Supervisor we were the dreaded bike cops on the trails because the ACO's were tied up most of the time with shelter duties and animal calls were a major part of our job. The citizens got upset because of our enforcement back then and started a movement to create a couple of leash free parks. I was very much in favor of leash free areas because when approaching people with dogs off leash I had a solution about where they could run their dogs in the city. Lower Spring Creek pond and Rita Valentine Park are great but not enough in my opinion. There needs to be at least a couple of off leash hiking trails in the city.

I walked my dogs up Spring Creek yesterday and paid special attention to how little dog excrement if any I encountered on the trail. I do however find it in the unfenced portion of my yard! I think the fine schedule for an at large dog is reasonable starting at $100 but if the excrement fine is still just $10 that is way too low. That one is hard to enforce anyway because they have to catch them at that magic moment!

I'm not seeing an unfriendly attitude from the ACO's by the way. It is a two way street and basically ACO's are just trying to educate. If you are receptive, you probably will just get a warning. If not or you've been warned recently you get a citation and have the right to argue your case in front of the judge.

Two ACO's is the right number. Each works 4 ten hour days with only one where they are both on duty on the same day. That day is usually a briefing day with paperwork and administrative duties.


Tom Whiddon 6 months, 1 week ago on Molly Waters: Does city need 2 animal control officers?

With 2 ACO's working 40 hour weeks that means that each officer works 4 ten hour days meaning they work alone all but one day a week. The one day overlap allows them to brief each other on what has been going on and to take sick animals to the vet, take care of paperwork and other administrative duties. I don't agree that 2 ACO's are too many. If they have extra time on their hands as you state, perhaps sharing some of the code enforcement calls such as trash, bicycle, parking, snow removal and nuisance complaints with the busy Community Service Officers especially on big event weekends would be a big help.


Tom Whiddon 7 months, 1 week ago on John F. Russell: Sharing the dream with your children

You are right on Nancy! Never miss any event your child is involved in. They grow up all too fast and life is too short! Don't find yourself singing "Cats in the cradle"!


Tom Whiddon 10 months, 3 weeks ago on New Steamboat Ski Area trail names explained

Hey Matt, shed some light? Tell us how Rolex is not commercial? I suggest renaming it Bomar or Fos for the late ski patrollers Greg Tipton or Mike Fosdick.


Tom Whiddon 11 months, 1 week ago on Steamboat police step up leash law enforcement

Dogs are allowed off leash only at the first pond on Spring Creek. If you look at the city map the two ponds are in the city limits. The county begins right around the first left hand bend on the road up to the ponds. The city does own the mountain park above the ponds but that portion is not in the city limits. I'm not sure of this but I don't believe City Animal Control Officers have been sworn in as "Special Deputies" by the Sheriff. If they were, they could write county at large tickets. The same would apply to Emerald where the city limits aren't too far up Blackmere Drive. (Retired Community Service Supervisor SSPD)