Graham Waters

Graham Waters 1 week ago on Some downtown Steamboat residents fighting to silence early morning street sweeping

Most of the people complaining probably weren't around here in the early 90's when we had a bit of a pollution problem. This time of year I remember it being quite noticeable with some days even having a brown cloud lingering over the boat (albeit some of that was probably there because of the much dirtier Hayden station) . Keep the sweepers, they'll get used to it.


Graham Waters 1 month, 1 week ago on Free Summer Concert Series funding cut doesn't sit well with some City Council members

We can't justify extra funding for free concerts (a pretty measly 8k)but I'm sure we can fund another group to research the feasibility of a Police Palace...Makes little sense.


Graham Waters 1 year, 4 months ago on Rob Douglas: NPR's pumpkin-headed report

I will have to agree with Doug on this one. Common sense would say Steve was just being cheeky and since sensationalism is better served on Fox News it's no wonder it fell flat.