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Joey Andrew 8 hours, 10 minutes ago on Our view: Permanent kindergarten funding fix

Let me know your thoughts on this and any School related issue.

Joey Andrew Steamboat Springs School Board. Director at Large

Although I am a member of the Steamboat Springs School Board, the views I express are my own and may or may not be shared by my fellow Directors.


Joey Andrew 8 months ago on Richard Lowe: Conflicts raise questions


You were in attendance when I publicly stated that none of my family's companies would do ANY business with the District. I am not sure what sort of misdirection you are attempting here as you heard my public statement with your own ears at the Nov 16th BOE meeting that our business would never be listed as approved contractors for the District nor do business with the District.

I refer you to the Steamboat Springs School Boards Policy GP-11


Joey Andrew 11 months, 2 weeks ago on Open school board seats across Routt County draw little interest

One of the reasons why I think there is such a high turnover rate on our school board is members don't always understand the time commitment the board can take.

My numbers are based off my daily time records. They reflect: answering emails, answering telephone calls, reading Board Packets, attending board training, attending Board meetings and Workshops, Reading and rereading District Policies, my Board Assignment of attending Education Fund Board meetings, participating on Strategic Planning Committee, attending Facility Master Plan Meetings, touring the schools at staff requests, requests for meetings, meeting with PICs and attending Public Budget Presentations.

For me, it averages out to 2.48 hours a day. Sometimes less sometimes a whole lot more. I find it to be a truly rewarding and enjoyable experience.


Joey Andrew 1 year ago on Floating fair

So will the City be sharing its fees with the other water right owners? Who's to says who's water your floating on?


Joey Andrew 1 year, 1 month ago on Chuck McConnell: Voters should decide

Who to call regarding the URA

•It only takes 4 votes on City Council to repurpose this money away from education

•Write letters, email, and call city council. •Bart Kounovsky 970-879-2532 •Scott Myller 970-846-1700 •Kenny Reisman 970-846-5101 •Tony Connell 970-89-6358 •Walter Magill 970-819-1161 •Scott Ford 970-819-9630 •Sonja Macy 970-819-4260