Richard "Festus" Hagins

Richard Hagins 5 months ago on Arrest made in Emerald Mountain trailhead vandalism case

The severely drunk guy probably had a key to the equipment. They are not that hard to purchase, if you know how. The same key for a 240 Ton Haul Truck also will work on small Skid Steer Loaders. I have one on my key chain.


Richard Hagins 7 months, 3 weeks ago on Routt County considers allowing OHVs on short stretches of county road near Black Mountain

It has been two years, since the Town of Hayden allowed recreational vehicles on their streets and it is time for the county to open certain county roads for their usage.

In West Routt, I will propose all of the county roads be open except RCR 27 & RCR 53 south from where it meets at the haul road. Follow Hayden's registration procedure for equipment needed and also a valid Hayden registration of the vehicle be honored on county roads. County residents would register with the county and be honored by the Town of Hayden.

The citizens in other parts of the county, could recommend what roads could be ATV friendly in their area.


Richard Hagins 9 months, 1 week ago on Steamboat seeks to add Hockeyville USA to its brand

Nice try, there are thousands more rinks in towns that deserve to be Hockeyville USA. The arena where I learned to play hockey, was a Rink Rat, had my HS graduation in and were the greatest hockey movie, "Slap Shot", ever made was filmed, IS Hockeyville USA. There is deep hockey heritage in Johnstown, PA that goes back over 75 years. Steamboat never had a chance, don't feel bad, Decatur, IL, didn't have a chance either and they came in second!


Richard Hagins 9 months, 1 week ago on Our view: Diamonds and emerald

Scott, Hayden has an agreement with Triple Crown so our local teams have priority usage of the fields. You don't see many locals going out to the fields having pickup games on the ballfields. Triple Crown had games when our teams played and they worked around our local teams schedules.


Richard Hagins 1 year, 3 months ago on Paul Bonnifield: Coal mining dying off

Paul, Since these were only run in The Craig Daily Press and the Today has sheltered those East of Hayden from them. Luckily, some in Hayden read it, social media made me aware of them. So the next time, you shop, stop at a traffic light or flip a switch remember were the power comes from.