Essam Welch

Essam Welch 1 year, 9 months ago on City may hire public information officer instead of deputy city manager

I believe it is important to remember how the current city manager occupied her position. Dissatisfaction and removal with the previous manager allowed her to slide into place normal or proper procedure. If a professional deputy manager with quality management skills were in place, there would be a clear threat to her position which is already threatened with dissatisfaction by a good portion of the citizens and respectable members of the city council. Hinsvark is not fit to make this major reconstructive decision with this clear conflict of interest.


Essam Welch 2 years, 3 months ago on Our View: City’s credibility takes huge hit

The credibility of the city of Steamboat Springs is not in question . Overall, the city has a balance of views, goals and outcomes from the actions of the community members, including citizens, non profits, businesses and other organizations. The credibility in question is that of the city manager. There appears to be a pattern not only of big decisions being in the hands of few people but also being made in the interest of similarly few. Please table the entire station building project so that the city can do the hard and necessary work to get it's government on the track of effectively and transparently serving its core mission of providing service the general population. A revisit of the hiring and subsequent reviews of the city manager may be a good place to start. The events this season at the airport are an example of a prudent manager selection process even with the challenge of a temporarily empty position. In contrast, the city placed an unqualified staff member in the interim position and then gave up on looking for the most qualified candidates. I would like to see "Interim" back on the current manager's title, an appropriately reduced salary and a new search for a qualified City Manager after the next council election. The council is representative of the community, they create the agenda based on community needs and wants, then the manager is a facilitator of the government actions. The current manager keeps bringing a personal agenda or that of her favored colleagues and attempts to push it backwards through (or around) the council, and onto the unwitting community. Pilot, please correct the article title... It should read "City manager's credibility takes huge hit".


Essam Welch 2 years, 4 months ago on Steamboat Springs City Council barely approves city manager's list of 2015 goals

I suspect that this short list is just a cover for her other activities related to off record favors that benefit her self serving goals. I spoke with her once about what I read as a misrepresentation of facts regarding grants provided to private businesses. Her answer was so sly that I was greatly impressed with her creativity with truth. I would never trust her to manage any organization. It is truly a shame that she is at the helm of such a wonderful Boat. Thank you Sonja Macys, Scott Ford and Walter Magill for your efforts to bring accountability to this out of control, unelected, improperly hired, and under-evaluated official. Please continue your efforts.


Essam Welch 2 years, 5 months ago on Our View: Hearth and home

I invite my peers to consider the community of Hayden. I moved after 15 years in Steamboat to this pleasant community without regret. The Yampa Valley is my home and with a secure and more affordable homeownership opportunity I can now enjoy Steamboat for all of the reasons that I first arrived for. I can even catch the "commuter" bus with my bike or ski gear and have mountain access with a pleasant ride to and from home. The access to the Flattops and The Elkhead mountains have given me an expansive new area to explore and play. There are endless trails. The services in Hayden are friendly and growing at a natural pace. The proximity to Craig makes for easy access to goods and groceries without the higher costs and home use food taxes of Steamboat. The communities of Hayden and Craig do not take food off of my family table to provide extra services to others. I never have thought of Stagecoach as a viable community and choose not to trade this valley for a creek.


Essam Welch 2 years, 11 months ago on Lodging tax committee creates prioritized list of 46 trail projects

Regulating direction of travel on public land is a mistake. If you must do it, it belongs on a private property. Simply building a trail with features that make a particular direction preferable to users is the solution. Recommendations may be posted on signage and maps. Regulations are not an appropriate solution.


Essam Welch 3 years, 2 months ago on City of Steamboat Springs won't apply for $1 million grant for southern Core Trail extension

There are many adults and children in the community that cannot ride their bikes (right past the Bicycle Friendly sign) or use other non-motorized access safely into the main parts of town from the West of Steamboat. It would have been a nearly criminal shame to see resources spent to further access the South for purely recreational benefit rather than providing actual community service with needed access. Good riddance to a very bad plan.