Essam Welch

Essam Welch 4 months, 2 weeks ago on Lodging tax committee creates prioritized list of 46 trail projects

Regulating direction of travel on public land is a mistake. If you must do it, it belongs on a private property. Simply building a trail with features that make a particular direction preferable to users is the solution. Recommendations may be posted on signage and maps. Regulations are not an appropriate solution.


Essam Welch 7 months, 1 week ago on City of Steamboat Springs won't apply for $1 million grant for southern Core Trail extension

There are many adults and children in the community that cannot ride their bikes (right past the Bicycle Friendly sign) or use other non-motorized access safely into the main parts of town from the West of Steamboat. It would have been a nearly criminal shame to see resources spent to further access the South for purely recreational benefit rather than providing actual community service with needed access. Good riddance to a very bad plan.


Essam Welch 9 months ago on World champion and three-time Olympic silver medalist Johnny Spillane recently purchased Steamboat F

What a pleasant change of focus... From aspiring to create an ugly stain on this community that was in complete contradiction with our community values and resources to investing in a business that thrives on such values and resources. Good form Johnny!


Essam Welch 1 year, 5 months ago on Maureen Smilkstein: Missing the mark

Maureen, I am offended at your threat against my family's safety. Rights and privileges are very distinct from each other. It is my right to prepare myself for the defense of my inalienable rights, property, and family from all threats, foreign and domestic. I have the right to arm myself as I see fit to counter such threats. I am born a Free Individual. We were afforded these rights by violent and forceful expression of freedom and independence, often with necessary firepower. We have the right to maintain the superior firepower to protect these rights. We must retain the right to prepare ourselves to overpower even the police force that serves us, in the case that they overstep their duty's and become agents of tyranny. This as important as the other (sometimes failing) checks and balances that keep the institutions of society from breaking down.

In contrast, it is our privilege to share in the use of our public transportation network. We have created a regulated and shared public space to enable efficient transport for people and commerce. Participation is voluntary and users of the potentially lethal high speed vehicles are licensed to participate within the regulated guidelines. By threatening to defy the rules of the road that limit the inherent dangers of shared public road use you have crossed the line of wright and wrong. You have threatened to endanger my family. Please do not drive dangerously on our public roadways.

It is a fact that we are at higher risk of injury or death from the use of our roadways when compared to gun violence. Please reconsider your inconsiderate and dangerous threat.


Essam Welch 1 year, 7 months ago on Rob Douglas: City was 'hoist with its own petard'

Justice, poetic or not, has not yet been served. Our interim city manager is still in her position and we have the next city council election to look forward to!


Essam Welch 2 years ago on Hayden casino lacks support of current Colorado governor

Thank you Governer Hickenlooper and Joe Garcia for a just assessment and sound reasoning. The message is not "Yampa Valley: Drop dead,”. It is "Sleeping Giant Group: Drop dead." The Yampa Valley has rich resources, naturally keeping our environment vibrant in many ways with opportunities for business ventures that are fitting for the area and our community. This greedy and manipulative group with no compassion for any Tribal Peoples deserves great losses for such an arrogant proposal. They must feel that they cannot compete on an even playing field in regular enterprises, and sought a back door approach to a non free market venture to avoid marketplace competition. Shame on each member and every member of the Sleeping Giant Group. Please quietly go away.