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10:15am... See:

Not the same attack, but definitely the same vector currently blocking all US citizens using Yahoo mail from contacting their elected representatives via their official gummint addy's. All we need now are AI firewalls which, like self-driving cars, aren't as stupid as us and will save us from ourselves, so we can all go out and buy unicorns at a low cost to the consumer.


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What a gorgeous day. I spent most of it outside with Amiga, mucking about with the three solar panels (REC280TP) going on the roof of my new '77 GMC motorhome. I've even found a potential inverter which, if you're plugged into shore power and it fails --or-- if demand exceeds battery-bank supply, will fire up the on-board 6KW Onan jenny.

Anyone know what an Aeromotor wind pump is? Lots of 'em hereabouts, many approaching a century of use. Down to about 50ft, it has the distinction of being both the least efficient, and most cost-effective, well pump ever devised. I'm going with an air-compressor windmill 'cuz my well's gonna be 300' deep, but I digress. The goal with my solar moho project is cost-effectiveness, not efficiency.

Most of the relevant codes are in that manual. The other codes I'm dealing with are NEMA's regs for manufactured housing and (not or) motorhomes, so I can dump excess power back to the grid. What I haven't come across are the codes you're griping about holding you up, Scott. If a building was built to the local building codes, or was manufactured to the relevant federal standards the local building codes defer to, etc. then I don't see any requirement for an engineering review. Maybe a field-check or two, which seem sensible, and add up to around $500, worst-case for me, because motorhome, not building in Oak Creek.

What I hate about Trump is that he won't put his money where his mouth is. If he wants to lead this nation, he could start by on-shoring all the jobs he creates overseas cranking out his Trump-branded goods. No?


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Oh, this was my most-wrong-about-the-Broncos season EVER! Thought we'd lose more than one we won, thought we'd win more than one we lost; despite always playing D in team sports because "defense wins championships" (which is actually a 50/50 tossup, statistically) I didn't see last year ending with the Lombardi. Wrong, wrong, wrong, WRONG!!!

Ya know what though? I'll take 'em as they come!


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"I find little reason to contribute these days, especially with one extreme blowhard waiting to pounce on any comment or opinion, at great length. What a waste of time."

OMG, Yes! Here's Exhibit A for this week:

Seriously, you know what would make that discussion thread interesting? If it contained all the comments from the other participants, and none of Mr. Wedel's. It seems like several people have something to say about the school district they themselves, or their children, actually attended.

Without Mr. Wedel's bullying, i.e. "waiting to pounce" on anyone who might like to discuss that issue with others similarly effected -- like how dare they not just "ditto" everything he has to say? I know, it's not like there's any sort of bright line there, just someone who's a little too full of himself going overboard with his acting out on the forum; more of a "I know it when I see it" situation derived from 30 years online and probably over 100,000 forum posts (I only post here any more, and not very often, better ways to spend my time).

If I were moderating this forum, I'd ask him to cool his jets and let other people have a discussion once in a while, particularly on issues which simply don't concern him other than to demonstrate his supposed intellectual superiority on any and every issue.

I suggest to anyone who "talks too much" online, just walk away from the forum for a couple of days. Or, in Mr. Wedel's case, maybe just pick four or five issues a week to sound off on. Prove your behavior isn't that of an addict? I mean, look around you at where we live, and ask yourself if maybe you aren't missing out on a fulfilling life by spending countless hours a week staring at your computer screen and being intolerant of letting your neighbors have a debate without you, and go for a bike ride on the core trail or something.


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I don't miss Mark, per se. But I do miss the concept of Mark having a voice on this forum, and I doubt he would've willingly stopped posting here. Catering to other peoples' delicate sensibilities with the ban hammer, is no way to moderate a forum, Pilot. Public, in-thread warnings are a good place to start. Followed by temporary bans, reserving the "death penalty" for egregious and incorrigible violators. You know -- transparency.

Establishing some consistency in what the rules are, and how they're enforced (geez, hire an experienced moderator, already), might just result in a better online community. What doesn't result in that outcome, is making random examples out of folks who (used to) post here, in secret so nobody knows what behaviors are apparently unacceptable to the forum operator.

Reminds me of Dr. Strangelove, in a way -- what good is a Doomsday Device if you don't tell anyone you have it?


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I fail to see the connection, Fred. Maybe you can elaborate on how ag exemptions trump trespassing concerns?


Eric J. Bowman 2 weeks, 6 days ago on Our view: Good gates make good neighbors

Good neighbors make good gates.

The reason I knew who burgled me the other year is because my neighbor told me so. People who want to live in locked houses in locked neighborhoods and can't bother being neighborly with one another, make me sad because that's no path to security. Neighbors having one anothers' backs may not prevent burglaries, but it does make me feel more secure in my home than any mechanical gate ever could.

Those carjacking kids who high-tailed it to Yampa several weeks ago got busted by the neighbor of the vacant cabin they holed up in, who was keeping an eye on the place out of neighborliness. Saw those kids walking down the road, asked if that was their stuck car up the road, kids said no... Rancher asks them how they got here, they said they walked. Then they asked him for a ride back to town, whereupon the rancher replied, "Well, if you walked up here, I don't see why you can't walk back" and went to call the Sheriff.

Good neighbors make good gates, not the other way around, Pilot.


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Yes, children definitely shouldn't be allowed to self-administer mmj like they can with Ritalin, Adderall, or any other number of psychoactive medications whose use in our schools has grown rampant over the past 30 years. Gosh, that would lead to kids trading edible mmj to their friends for cough syrup or something. And of course, we know none of those kids (or their parents) would be seeking a prescription for recreational use for those drugs.

I'd love to make a similar argument to Mr. Wedel's about mmj in schools, except it would just seem so hypocritical to me in light of all the other "legal drugs" floating around today's schools. That ship has sailed, decades ago, so I fail to see any rational basis for singling out mmj student-patients for special discrimination (other than it's still a federal crime, and schools receive federal funding, but I did specify "rational").


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No, it's "typically" 1-2-3-4. Followed by 1-1-1-1, followed closely by 2-2-2-2, and so on and so forth. In fact, only 20 combinations (out of 10,000 possible) make up about 30% of four-digit passcodes in use (statistically, that should be .2%).

That only took half a second to google up. Can't figure out if you're too lazy to check your facts sometimes, or just so arrogant that you make up your own facts to support your arguments? Or do you have a source for your "typically it's the phone #" assertion? Heck, I even googled it, despite my 20+ years dealing with computer/network security, just to be sure!

Stay tuned for the next installment of "Mr. Know-It-All." ;-)