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Eric J. Bowman 1 day, 9 hours ago on Jeff Peters: Republicans call shots

Exactly. We're all having this GOP-vs-Dems debate, when the real problem is the awful stuff both parties agree on. Sometimes I feel there's too much bipartisanship in DC. Look at OSHA's new crane-operator regs -- brought about despite the 50/50 split in accidents between licensed/non-licensed operators, in the name of reducing crane accidents. Which happen in construction zones -- some activities are inherently dangerous, that's why there's hardhats.

So where was the GOP opposition to this "Nanny State" reg? Sold to the highest bidder (campaign contributions), in this case the industrial training industry. OSHA didn't come up with this one. One of the only politicians I retain any respect for is Bernie because, like me, he never joined a political party. I agree with George Washington (see farewell address) that political parties are bound to destroy this country, and they should be abolished ASAP.

If you want a real take-down on crane regs, go to Colorado's .gov website and read what DORA had to say about the effort several years ago, to make CO only the 14th state with such regs. Luckily for all of us, the Nanny State knows better -- thanks, Republicans, for sticking to your principles!!!

Funny how, the older and more conservative I get, the less I find myself voting Republican...


Eric J. Bowman 1 day, 9 hours ago on Marijuana legalization debated at Freedom Conference

"five basic founding principles of this great country: limited government, lower taxes, free markets, strong national defense and individual rights and responsibilities"

Limited government: Where does the Constitution say that?

Lower taxes: Founding principle was "no taxation without representation" not "low taxes".

Free markets: Where does the Constitution espouse capitalism, or prohibit socialism?

Individual rights and responsibilities: Rights, sure, but responsibilities beyond paying taxes and jury duty?

Interesting how this group is dedicated to "founding principles" which don't appear anywhere in the Constitution. Or the writings of the founders -- I see nothing on the right-wingers "personal responsibility" but plenty (Thomas Paine's Agrarian Justice, anyone?) about a social safety net.

Hey, Steamboat Institute? You're certainly entitled to your opinions, but please stop passing them off as facts, unless you can back them up with historical reference.


Eric J. Bowman 2 weeks, 4 days ago on Mark Hartless: Co2 not dangerous

BTW, this assertion has been soundly de-bunked:

"Temperatures are not... not for the last 17 years."

Stick with the sound science, not the propaganda put out by the oil companies.


Eric J. Bowman 2 weeks, 4 days ago on Mark Hartless: Co2 not dangerous

Spoken like someone who's never had a saltwater aquarium.

Acidification means the alkalinity goes down, not that the pH of the entire ocean is below 7. If you really don't know anything about this, why comment? Whereas I got an 'A' in Marine Biology in college. And honors Chemistry.

You can never admit being wrong about anything, which probably hinders your ability to learn. Something has to explain the incredible level of ignorance on display when you troll about environmental concerns; I'm done feeding you.


Eric J. Bowman 2 weeks, 5 days ago on Rob Douglas: Disgusted voter writes

You're missing the bigger picture. None of the GOP candidates, except Trump, are celebrities (very, very important to our culture, for reasons which completely elude me).

So if you Republicans don't want Trump and don't care about the Constitutional requirement that Presidential candidates must be American-born, then why the heck aren't y'all like, Schwarzenegger for President?


Eric J. Bowman 2 weeks, 5 days ago on Rob Douglas: Disgusted voter writes

I agree with your second paragraph.

Replace "Trump" with "Clinton" and I still agree.

Once upon a time, America's elected representatives were statesmen, and scientists, and others who were at least capable of taking a passionate position and sticking with it come heck or high water. It's a shame we've mutated the amazing system of government laid out in the Constitution, into our current glorified system of legalized bribery.

Now we just have politicians who are mostly such corporate shills that they should be required to sew logos onto their suits, like race-car drivers, so we can have some idea of what their actual agenda will be if (re-)elected to office.


Eric J. Bowman 2 weeks, 5 days ago on Rob Douglas: Disgusted voter writes

Hear, hear, Rob! 50%, anyway...

If 2016 is seriously going to be Hillarity vs. The Donald, I'll have to seriously consider relocating abroad. After protest-voting for Bernie, of course.


Eric J. Bowman 2 weeks, 5 days ago on Mark Hartless: Co2 not dangerous

Too much CO2 also acidifies the oceans, which doesn't help the coral reefs any more than rising sea temps. Jellyfish love it, and could increase to the point of taking over as the predominant form of ocean life. Jellies almost caused the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan to jettison a reactor core into Moreton Bay in Jan '06, after being ordered to enter the bay despite the known danger jellies pose to nuclear warships. (On a wartime PR mission to Brisbane, shortly after dumping a fighter jet onto the Great Barrier Reef, which we left to the Aussies to clean up.)

Another of Rumsfeld's brilliant ideas; but the point is there are reasons why the military sees climate change as a security threat. Plenty of countries around the world would love to see America's ability to project power globally via a nuclear Navy, diminished.

And btw Mark, what happens to global crop yields in a wetter environment with less sunlight? You do realize, whether or not they're photosynthesizing, plants respirate, right? As in, like almost all life on the planet, they consume oxygen and release CO2. More plants photosynthesizing less due to constant cloud cover, could consume more Oxygen than they generate. Particularly once they start dying off and getting consumed mostly by aerobic bacteria...

Oh, sorry, you're right. Couldn't possibly be any downsides to destabilizing the Earth's entire ecosystem. We'll just GMO our way out of it by engineering crops which magically don't require sunlight to produce food. Vegetation may be increasing now, but there are limits.

So go put a plastic bag over your head for a while and tell me CO2 is non-toxic. Like so many other substances, too much or too little (or both) has consequences which don't exist when nature's in balance.