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Eric J. Bowman 6 days, 15 hours ago on Routt County commissioners consider a strategic shift on energy jobs

I'd like to thank Mr. Corrigan for being a realist on coal. That industry's decline has been prolonged, and is currently accelerating. It's my understanding that the coal in the new seam at Twentymile isn't as good as the current/past coal, meaning yes, it's entirely possible that nothing anyone can do will keep that mine open. It's nice the Commissioners are talking about ways to keep our local coal mines open longer than lesser mines elsewhere, but not without considering that indeed, Twentymile could close next week -- then what?


Eric J. Bowman 6 days, 16 hours ago on Steamboat Springs City Council weighs in on proposed changes to city snow plowing ops

Yeah, but instead of talking about any of that, instead he comes across as self-dealing -- like, OK, nothing wrong with road graders, provided my company has a chance to profit by it?

All I'm doing, is taking the side of the professionals who work for the City, Scott. All you're doing, is once again speculating/asserting about yet another topic you know nothing about. Unless you have hundreds of hours of experience as a plow operator under your belt that I'm not aware of?


Eric J. Bowman 6 days, 16 hours ago on Steamboat Springs City Council weighs in on proposed changes to city snow plowing ops

"Council President Walter Magill said he wasn't convinced the city needed two additional graders."

Why, because he has loads of experience operating snowplows? Just doesn't bode well when Council undermines its department heads like this. I was in Steamboat this week, and it's apparent something needs to be done. If Council has no confidence in its Public Works director, or Street Superintendent or whatever, then replace them -- otherwise, let them do their jobs to the best of their abilities, particularly when the City has the money to support what seems to be a fiscally sensible plan, aside from the public safety aspect.

They're the professionals on the front lines, who should have the support of the Council on a routine equipment request like this.

"Sloop expressed concern about potential increases in snow removal service levels and mentioned that Routt County, where she formerly served as assistant road and bridge director, doesn't plow the roads as frequently as the city of Steamboat Springs."

Wow. Apples and oranges. Even Oak Creek plows more frequently than the County, which only makes sense if you think about it. Since joining the Council, Ms. Sloop comes across as someone who doesn't think before speaking/acting. This comment flabbergasts me -- of course a ski resort town full of tourists with no winter-driving experience tooling around in rental cars, ought to plow more often than the surrounding rural mountain county.

OMG! Staff wants two road graders!!! Where do they get off?!? Sheesh, talk about making a mountain out of a molehill.


Eric J. Bowman 6 days, 17 hours ago on Steamboat Springs City Council weighs in on proposed changes to city snow plowing ops

My thoughts exactly. Instead of contributing his experience to the discussion, Mr. Connell instead berates City staff, and suggests two possible courses of action which would be open for bids from his own company? Because I'm sure that's why the citizenry elected Mr. Connell -- to put his own interests above those of his constituents. Sheesh!

Nope, no appearance of impropriety there. I'll stop going on about how corruption in Steamboat Springs continues to grow unchecked, as soon as y'all quit providing fresh examples of it every week.


Eric J. Bowman 1 week, 5 days ago on Three homicide cases proceed through courts

True, that. But I don't think that was Mr. Arnold's point, which seems to be the same as mine. Two cases of judicial incompetence makes me leery of turning this one over to an incompetent prosecutor. I have no confidence in having a compromised DA try this one against a veteran jailhouse lawyer with two wins under his belt.


Eric J. Bowman 1 week, 5 days ago on New winter tire legislation clears initial hurdle

OK, you're truly scaring me now, Rhys. Z-rated M/S tires just aren't the same thing as the Blizzaks I have on my 4x4 pickup, which still didn't keep me out of the ditch the day after the Steelers win. Not sure what Porsche you have, but given the Blizzaks on my Prelude, I'm certain I'd lap faster than you on a closed track somewhere despite "only" FWD. Unless there's more than 8" or so of powder, in which case I lose all visibility over 20 mph in that car.

Let's see. Cost me about $800 back in 2009 for the lude, $1200 back in 2005 for the truck. Only run 'em in winter, so they last. I wear out tires for the other 3 seasons faster. No substitute for traction and braking distance, especially for vehicles with too much motor (like HO Cummins, or tuned Honda) for slick surfaces. Time for new Blizzaks for the truck, apparently, I'll just go a little easier the rest of this winter. Hope you will, too, for the sake of your Porsche.

Now, if only everyone else were required by law to actually have traction before driving Eisenhower Tunnel, maybe CO's economy would do even better when it snows, by allowing tourists to actually reach their destinations to spend their money instead of being aggravated by road closures and skiing in Utah next time. Just sayin'.


Eric J. Bowman 1 week, 5 days ago on City, county threatened with Bantle lawsuit

"You sometimes actually have to use force and no matter the de-escalation techniques you still gotta go hands on."

Sometimes, sure, but are you seriously arguing that the number of excessive force lawsuits against SSPD is somehow routine for a rural PD? Or are you one of those folks who's so caught up in defending the cops that it carries over to the indefensible?

Because the issue here isn't going to Krav Maga after other methods have failed -- it's starting with it. There's nothing about "Krav Maga" as being foreign, or Israeli, or anything else which plays into my concerns about use of excessive force.

But, then again, I probably shouldn't bother replying to someone who thinks the police should be a paramilitary organization, in general. I'd prefer to believe in the "protect and serve" ideal on the doors of every prowler I've ever seen, rather than the "maim and kill" you seem to prefer.


Eric J. Bowman 1 week, 5 days ago on Speaker warns of Chinese military threat

What's really discouraging about the GOP primary, is the semi-palatable Rubio abandoning his former message, in favor of trying to out-fear-monger Trump and Cruz. That's all she wrote, folks. Put a fork in us, we're done as a society -- rationality no longer plays any part in our electoral politics.


Eric J. Bowman 2 weeks ago on Speaker warns of Chinese military threat

Because, for gosh sakes, since you don't live in Oak Creek, and can't stand the way the town is run, then SELL YOUR PROPERTIES to someone who doesn't think that gives them the right to dictate policy without being eligible to either vote, or run for local office. You want the sort of control over a town that you're seeking in Oak Creek, you should at least live there, which is kinda the point of why, because you don't live there, you're NOT allowed to vote or run for office.

IOW, either sh** or get off the pot. Meaning, if you live in Steamboat, then maybe you should just be a landlord in Steamboat, or do what Dick Curtis used to do when it came to Oak Creek politics -- just stay the hell out of it.


Eric J. Bowman 2 weeks ago on Speaker warns of Chinese military threat

"A stupid town in which their mismanagement of water system is so thorough that they still doesn't use water meters and latest numbers show they lose 140,000 gallons per day in leaking water mains (drinking water that far above water reaching sewer dept so it isn't people being wasteful in their homes in cold weather months when there isn't outdoor watering) is now deciding itself competent to go into people's houses and legislate their relationships with their children."

Aaaaargh. For the 3-dozenth time, and now the first as a Yampa resident, STFU. Please. Don't get me started on how many of your tenants I've actually been glad when child protective services shows up and takes their kids. You're just so full of hypocritical bs I still can't stand you even with over 10 miles separating us instead of an alley. You have your head so completely up your own ass when it comes to Oak Creek and pot & water, that you really need to just STFU.

Challenge: Don't you, Scott, personally try to get this post removed. Leave that to someone else, or leave it up.