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Eric J. Bowman 12 hours, 33 minutes ago on Our view: Free enterprise — up in smoke

"So long as a service so basic as this remains unavailable to our sector, we cannot rightfully be considered 'just like any other business' and industry-specific rules and regulations remain appropriate."

Hogwash. That's the risk you took when you went into the business of committing a federal crime. What did you expect? I mean, especially coming so soon on the heels of all the big banks paying fines (without pleading guilty, except WaMu, was it -- I forget) for laundering drug money for the cartels.

My first job was in a machine shop, where my boss had posted a sign: "Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part." Part, get it? Meh, machinist humor. Anyway, don't expect to share your risk with the community, which is what you're asking if you think you deserve some sort of special exemption from local rules & regs because of it. Plenty of other local businesses have an additional layer of federal regs to deal with; not sure who promised you a rose garden.


Eric J. Bowman 13 hours, 27 minutes ago on Our view: Free enterprise — up in smoke

Haha. What I started was an ISP back in '94 if you weren't paying attention. Sold it in 2000, and have spent the rest of my career as a LNB in Oak Creek. Having created several jobs, and given the careers of several others their start, on my way. Take a poll of local bricks-and-mortar businesses and see who (other than Wedel, who doesn't want my laundry or car washing custom) isn't glad I live here. Otherwise you might look like a jerk -- whoops, too late.


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"I see no evidence that Amsterdam has outlawed edibles. Amsterdam coffee shops reviews just a few days old mention the availability of edibles. Amsterdam did ban so called magic mushrooms somewhat recently."

Ever been to Amsterdam, Scott? Know anyone who lives there? Speak Dutch? Then seriously, STFU, because you don't know what you're talking about, no matter how good you think you are at googling stuff. It's been a controversial issue for quite some time, and the only shops (as opposed to almost every shop in the past) still purveying edibles are now paying out the nose to do so. Notice also how much of what was once going on everywhere in Holland is now limited to Amsterdam.

But, of course, you just did a cursory search in English for the sake of scoring points on a freakin' Internet forum. It's why I consider your posts so much noise, and get so incredibly riled up when all of a sudden you purport to be on my side of an argument, because it supports your broken-record agenda you constantly go on and on and on about -- maybe because I've been too silent here in opposing it. But it's just lame, and I'd rather spend time with my dog.

If maybe you could limit your input here to stuff you actually know about, instead of insisting on being an expert on everything, which frankly gets boring.


Eric J. Bowman 14 hours, 14 minutes ago on Our view: Free enterprise — up in smoke

"Pot has been commonly available in SB even when it was illegal. The difference is a tourist can go to a retail store instead of asking bartenders, taxi drivers, etc on where to buy some pot."

Yeah, you're right. Dave Miller never ratted on anyone doing blow in the back seat of an Alpine Taxi limo, to curry favor with various law enforcement agencies that wouldn't have anything to do with hiring him.

My season (93-94) on Sunshine chair is also another example I can cite as real-world counterpoint to any secondhand stereotypical rumor you'd like to propagate for the sake of being argumentative with everyone. That crew didn't refrain from smokin' weed on the job because we thought Becky and Troy would rat us out, we refrained out of respect because they asked us nicely and we all supported their Ski Patrol aspirations.


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"The murder had nothing to do with legal retail mj. That was an unlicensed personal medical grow that was larger than what many counties and cities would allow. It has also been connected to mj being smuggled out of state despite personal medical mj not being allowed to be sold or transferred over state lines."

I'm not going to engage in hearsay. It doesn't matter to me whether it was licensed or not, or whether or not the authorities now label medical grows as a "loophole, " or whether or not 2x4 beat-downs in OC had anything to do with MJ ripoffs, or whether your former tenants were shipping pot back East in exchange for bringing smack to my hood. The presence of that much herb being grown in any location with as thin of police coverage as South Routt County, is a big ol' target to just the sort of undesirables as will, I'm sure, be convicted of this heinous crime.

I can only pray the judge doesn't f*** it all up.


Eric J. Bowman 2 days, 19 hours ago on Our view: Free enterprise — up in smoke

"...killing all but the young drunken driver. Is he still in prison?"

No, in the case of the juvenile who killed the gal I was going to marry. Lori was awesome to me after that, for a short while anyway. My biggest challenge as a Christian American opposed to the death penalty, is leaving vengeance to God.

This is my most religious post ever, as my faith is intensely personal to me. Just keep them away from me, and vice-versa, or I'll surely wind up in prison, because my faith ain't that strong.


Eric J. Bowman 2 days, 19 hours ago on Our view: Free enterprise — up in smoke

"Unlike government granted monopolies for utilities"

Plus anything and everything else under the sun right on up to the NFL...


Eric J. Bowman 2 days, 19 hours ago on Our view: Free enterprise — up in smoke

Well, the first time I heard the term "ganjala" was Steamboat circa 1978, I believe I was 9 at the time... nothing new here. Just a lot more open, now, to the point folks will light right up even if there are strangers on the car with them, despite the best intentions of the law.

Honestly, I think anyone who comes to CO for vacation, is aware of the pot situation. If they still choose to come here, and be offended by what's always been, no sympathy from me.