Eric J. Bowman

Eric J. Bowman 12 hours, 50 minutes ago on Our view: Free enterprise — up in smoke

"taking pot sales and grows away from gangs and other criminal organizations."

Oh, shut up. Your own landlord experience, and my objection to it as a neighbor, is a matter of public record for anyone who searches "amg mercedes v12 biturbo" here. I'd say welcome to my side of the debate, except I doubt your sincerity, since you know you're full of it. "Legalized" pot has done nothing to eliminate, let alone reduce, the black market of folks shipping dope back east in exchange for heroin.


Eric J. Bowman 12 hours, 59 minutes ago on Our view: Free enterprise — up in smoke

"...killing all but the young drunken driver. Is he still in prison?"

No, in the case of the juvenile who killed the gal I was going to marry. Lori was awesome to me after that, for a short while anyway. My biggest challenge as a Christian American opposed to the death penalty, is leaving vengeance to God.

This is my most religious post ever, as my faith is intensely personal to me. Just keep them away from me, and vice-versa, or I'll surely wind up in prison, because my faith ain't that strong.


Eric J. Bowman 13 hours, 15 minutes ago on Our view: Free enterprise — up in smoke

"Unlike government granted monopolies for utilities"

Plus anything and everything else under the sun right on up to the NFL...


Eric J. Bowman 13 hours, 19 minutes ago on Our view: Free enterprise — up in smoke

Well, the first time I heard the term "ganjala" was Steamboat circa 1978, I believe I was 9 at the time... nothing new here. Just a lot more open, now, to the point folks will light right up even if there are strangers on the car with them, despite the best intentions of the law.

Honestly, I think anyone who comes to CO for vacation, is aware of the pot situation. If they still choose to come here, and be offended by what's always been, no sympathy from me.


Eric J. Bowman 13 hours, 23 minutes ago on Our view: Free enterprise — up in smoke

George, this is possibly your only post I've ever disagreed with. Is anyone addicted to those things you mention? Big Macs don't cloud my judgment. Neither did alcohol before I turned editing my posts over to Jimmy Russell (working on it). Friends I've had who've died hereabouts either went out doing something risky they loved, like skiing, hang-gliding, flying a stuntplane (my first client was Dick Yeager) or ultralight, list goes on.

If they weren't outright murdered by drunk drivers, or that fucking asshole who got a third trial due to fucked-up decisions by judges I can't even vote against because jurisdiction was changed... best not get me started.

Then there are those who sat on a railroad track, or hung themself in a closet, or OD'd or whatever because their judgment was muddled due to drugs (pot included) and/or alcohol. They weren't enjoying themselves -- meaning I refuse to recognize any "inalienable rights" in their enablers who sleep well at night because they don't perceive themselves to be at fault. Including bar owners/tenders who don't have a problem with after-hours bumps off the bar...

Or my committed pothead friends who have cognitive dissonance when considering that pot smoking can possibly have any downside.

Let's just agree to disagree, now. I don't have the heart to follow up this post I probably shouldn't have made, and it isn't likely anyone can change my mind on this, at this point in my life.


Eric J. Bowman 14 hours, 12 minutes ago on Our view: Free enterprise — up in smoke

"Right here in Steamboat we're dealing with a murder because a couple killed a man for his pot."

I caught hell here for even daring to suggest such an outcome, a coupla years back. Turns out to have been a valid concern. You just keep on posting!

Edibles and concentrates are accidents waiting to happen, both in terms of buildings exploding and tourist trips to the emergency room. Once upon a time, tourists could go to Amsterdam and indulge in space shakes / cakes / bon-bons etc., until it was realized that this was untenable and the laws were changed. There are good reasons why even Amsterdam outlawed edibles, regardless of appearance/packaging. Why CO couldn't learn from that experience and feels the need to re-learn that lesson the hard way, eludes me.


Eric J. Bowman 14 hours, 56 minutes ago on New antibiotic guidelines help children during tick season

Good to know. But, for those of us whose dogs are our children, it would've been nice to see a longer article including some input from a vet. Especially this spring, when I've been more worried about the extended tick season than anything else, where Amiga's concerned. Is doxycycline an approved antibiotic for dogs with ticks? Etc., seeing as how the graphic mentions the "dog tick."


Eric J. Bowman 20 hours, 2 minutes ago on Our view: Free enterprise — up in smoke

"textbook example of disgraceful rent-seeking"

Thanks, Rob! I've been racking my brain for the term "rent-seeking" since I finished binge-watching CNN's "High Profits" yesterday, regarding the behavior of certain pot-shop owners with Oak Creek connections. The same folks who made such astonishingly misleading, irresponsible, and unrealistic assertions to the people of Oak Creek about job/salary numbers, last summer. Just how high were they when they came up with those figures?

Given the sweetheart deals (subsidized by the local citizenry) the Town Board has afforded these folks and others, I'm curious to know what, if anything, these companies have done to give back to this community in terms of philanthropy? I don't believe everything I see on TV let alone CNN, but given the controversial nature of this nascent industry, I'd rather see them ingratiating themselves to the entire community instead of just those politicians sympathetic to their protectionist cause.

One rubber ducky for Breck?

Let's see now, the multi-million-dollar crop they're growing in Oak Creek is netting six figures of tax revenue monthly for Breckenridge, while our cut is less than $500/mo? Someone please tell me they sponsored our Labor Day festivities or something!

Judging by all the interest in setting up MJ businesses in Oak Creek, it seems the free market could bear charging higher fees, without imposing arbitrary caps on the number of those businesses. Might just lead to less willy-nilly building/redevelopment projects -- weed out those unprofessional outfits whose lack of business acumen threatens Oak Creek, if they go under in mid-project, with having to clean up their messes at taxpayer expense.