ElBorracho 5 years, 8 months ago on Luke Graham: Future of the Pro Cycling Challenge

The biggest challenge to this race's future isn't the riders or the course; it's whether sponsors will continue to back it. The owners of Quizno's have made a multi-year commitment, but their business isn't the healthiest, and major problems with TV coverage this year (long interruptions in video feed, poor timing of live broadcasts, etc.) could make the race less attractive to sponsors and advertisers. Hopefully the huge crowd response across the state will help keep the money coming back, because without that money, there's no race.


ElBorracho 6 years, 10 months ago on Engelken resigns Steamboat Spring City Council seat

Jim, thanks so much for all your hard work and the countless hours you've put in on behalf of the people of Steamboat Springs to make this a great town to live in. Best of luck in your next adventure. You'll always have a home here!


ElBorracho 7 years, 9 months ago on Hayden native Ann Copeland dies

Such sad news. My heart goes out to everyone in Hayden, at the airport... what a wonderful woman gone.


ElBorracho 7 years, 11 months ago on Examiner confident of suicide ruling

The coroner seems to be exercising better judgment than people here by declining to discuss the specifics. If Chris was my brother or cousin, I would NOT want the (upsetting, personal) medical details about his wounds and manner of death put out for public consumption just because a bunch of people on the Internet, no matter how well-meaning they might be, are demanding proof. I imagine the Pilot wouldn't even have run a follow-up story reiterating the same info as yesterday if not for all these posts. Can this really be helpful to Chris' family? Please be careful what you ask for when you put your gut feelings up against their physical evidence and demand more information, investigation, etc. "What is really going on" may not be anything the people closest to Chris want to see rehashed in the news media as they try to grieve and heal.


ElBorracho 7 years, 11 months ago on Corna death ruled suicide

Well said, Campo. For those who believe vehemently that this was not a suicide, despite the forensic evidence police say they have collected to determine otherwise, consider the possible unintended consequences of demanding this story be followed. Everyone here is operating with "I just know better" as their proof that this wasn't suicide. The police and coroner, on the other hand, have to deal with physical evidence. So be careful what you demand from the paper and the police. Do you - or more importantly, Chris' family - really want to hear a more gory accounting of why the coroner believes this was suicide instead of homicide? Do you want the (potentially unchanged) story brought up repeatedly in the press while you grieve? Would you, at some point in the grieving process, be ready to accept that his death really could have been suicide? And, most importantly, do you have someone to talk to or somewhere to turn to help you deal with all the difficult emotions that brings? This is one local resource: http://www.justasknow.org/reps.html


ElBorracho 8 years, 1 month ago on Court of Appeals: School Board violated Open Meetings Law

The paper didn't press this matter to benefit financially; it pressed this matter to try to ensure that the school board - and every other public, taxpayer-funded entity watching this - remembers that their business is open and public. Open-meeting laws exist for a reason. I, for one, want to know how my money is being spent and what decisions are being made. Too bad the school district is going to lose money when times are tight, but that money easily could have been saved by simply conducting business in the open, as it is supposed to. Guinevere, how odd that you are so upset the paper didn't just drop it -- would you rather the group of people spending your tax dollars and educating your children be allowed to run roughshod, making decisions and spending your money in private? Why would you WANT to remain ignorant?


ElBorracho 9 years, 7 months ago on Superintendent choice close

Harner would be going from bad to worse! He's only been in Philly since 2006, and just from a Google search it looks like he's been shopping for a different job since just about the moment he got here. A deal fell through for him to get the top job in the Toledo (OH) school district. Ckeck out what this Toledo blogger had to say about him in April:

The Toledo School Board was unable to negotiate a contract with new superintendent Dr. William Harner. The new sticking issues were these: He wanted to live in Ottawa Hills rather than Toledo:and, he wanted his daughter to attend Maumee Valley Country Day school:at tax payer expense. I'm glad the negotiations have failed and we are seeking a new SI. I can almost understand why Harner wants to live in Ottawa Hills as opposed to Toledo:yet, it does look kind of weird for the Toledo Public School superintendent to live outside of Toledo. Also:how much audacity do you have to have to expect the overtaxed Toledo public to pay for your daughter to attend the $13,000 + a year uppity up rich kid school. Do we really want a SI who has such a low opinion of Toledo Public Schools:.that he won't even send his own kid there? And anyway:why should my dollars be used to send your bratty kid to a private school when I can use the money to send my own kid to one?

To see the whole thing, go to http://koozy.wordpress.com/2007/04/28/kooz-views-on-this-weeks-news-7/


ElBorracho 9 years, 7 months ago on Dogs kill pet at Dumont Lake

Amen, panky. I'm a dog owner, too, but I'm a little surprised by the sense of entitlement in these comments. The herders have just as much right to be there as you and your dog, but I'm not sure where the idea that your dog has a right and expectation to be able to run around off his leash comes from because he's a lab and you want him to be able to do that. Anyone who lives in this area KNOWS how dangerous the sheepherders dogs can be. If you see sheep, take your dog somewhere else to protect it. Look at the last quote in this story -- even the owner of the dog who died understood that. Giving your dog his off-leash freedom is a nice thing to do as an owner; making sure he's by your side so he doesn't get ripped limb from limb (or hit by a truck, or shot for harassing sheep/cows, or lost in the woods, or ... ) is the responsible thing to do.


ElBorracho 9 years, 8 months ago on Sheriff's Office fires detention deputy

CoJustice: I don't know the county's specific policy, but generally speaking, probationary employees like this guy can be fired for pretty much any reason. I think it would be pretty hard to win a wrongful termination suit, given the guy's probationary employment status.