Tim Keenan

Tim Keenan 1 week ago on Ken Collins: A scary scenario

Ok, then how 'bout banning large-capacity magazines like we tried to do in Colorado? Nah, that would make too much sense. After all, we law-abiding citizens should be able to blast away 30 rounds at a time if we want. Makes us feel better. Except everyone's a law-abiding citizen, until they're not. The reflexive "they're-gonna-take-our-guns" paranoia dreamed up by the right and profligated through the right-wing media echo chamber is getting people killed. But hey, the gun makers are lovin' it!


Tim Keenan 2 weeks ago on Steamboat night club faces possible fines, liquor license suspension

Hope they go easy on 'em; those guys are trying their best. The law's the law, but bouncers can't be everywhere at once. I'm sure the whole patrons drinking outside bit happens occasionally at many places all over this town.


Tim Keenan 2 weeks, 6 days ago on City Council calls first dibs on free concert tickets, VIP passes

Please tell me I've been redirected to SteamboatOnion.com.

At least Lacy seems to know why he's there -- heavy workload and all. Who was that girl that narrowly lost last time around? Steamboat needs you.


Tim Keenan 1 month ago on Dennis Brust: Government control of health care

"Republicans also believe health care decisions are between the patient and their doctor." If this is true, they must want to get the for-profit insurance companies out of the way. It's pretty simple. Do you want healthcare run by an entity whose purpose is to make maximum gain for its shareholders, or an entity whose purpose is to serve the people. Hmmm...


Tim Keenan 1 month ago on Doug Monger: Trade deal crucial to economy

Okay, so it would be good for Colorado ranchers and farmers. That's great. But this trade deal is massive and covers much more than just trade. From what I've read, I'd say the bad still outweighs the good by a wide margin. If we could eliminate a lot of the other junk, I'd say bring it on!


Tim Keenan 1 month, 1 week ago on Council reverses decision and votes in favor of pot shop move

Good news. I think that, based on the variances Council has granted in the past, this applicant had every reason to expect that their variance request would be granted -- especially with staff and PC recommending approval. Glad to see that in the end, the social stigma of marijuana did not cause this applicant to be treated unfairly. There are always growing pains involved with something like this, and I'll be shocked if any of the scenarios envisioned by opponents of this request actually come to pass. I find Ford and Sloop's rationales dubious based on their prior-stated reasons for opposing this request, but at least they're rooted in the code now. Time will tell, but I'm glad this small, local business now has a better chance to succeed in a place where potential current and future customers would reasonably expect such a business to be located.


Tim Keenan 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Bantle files lawsuit against sheriff, county

I go by other parents and administrators, and I've only heard from people who really liked her and thought she was doing a great job. It sounds like she was trying to prepare these kids, particularly girls, to escape encounters with dangerous men. Part of this involved showing strong body language and using expletives, which was somehow uncool with a couple kids who just happened to be those of Wiggins and another deputy. Something here doesn't add up IMHO. I guess we'll find out soon enough.


Tim Keenan 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Council to revote Tuesday on pot shop move

So far, I haven't heard anything concrete regarding this odor argument. Personally, I only notice when I get to within a few feet of the door of Golden Leaf, which is the only shop I go near. Sounds about par for the course, if you ask me. I didn't hear a cogent argument from Russell. How is it a family-friendly shopping center while it has a liquor store, but somehow it won't be if we add a pot shop? I might actually have to show up to this meeting.