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rhys jones 2 years, 3 months ago

Hi Tim Rhys the Web guy here. I have a longtime friend who has opened a shop on the west side called Drop-In Desk which is a quote coworking & alternate workspace end quote for developers, out-of-towners, or people pursuing their own endeavors...

She envisions a workplace where people are free to pursue their own ideas, while sharing ideas and suggestions, in a positive atmosphere -- but due to lack of publicity, location, or other demographics, is not receiving the attention her business rates.

I was over there last night -- it is next to Arctic Liquors -- and it is indeed a comfortable working environment, with all the high-speed connections, nice printers, and different platforms; she even has Linux -- and we were brainstorming ideas, how to increase traffic.

One idea I had which seemed to hold promise was an Ask A Geek Night, where local geeks of various specialty might appear to share knowledge and help others, who hopefully appear in droves...

It occurs to me that you could possibly contribute to this endeavor in a positive way -- you obviously possess great technical wherewithal, as well as your marketing brilliance -- who knows who you might help, or what new contacts you might obtain.

My expertise runs in more technical protocols, things like PHP and MySQL and DNS and TCP/IP and HTML and CSS -- things developers and web designers may find of interest -- while confessing marketing shortcomings and artistic incompetence... so I might find assistance in my own areas of need, while hopefully being able to assist others.

If this sounds interesting to you, and if you have a preference of night to host this event, please inform me -- my phone number is 819-8735. We are the core of the starting group, and I think your presence and participation would be appreciated by all!!


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