JJ Southard

JJ Southard 10 months, 2 weeks ago on City councilman says decision to call dibs on concert tickets, VIP passes was 'boneheaded'

Tony Connell and Heather Sloop seem to have noticed how much extra work is required to be a no-good, dirty, self-serving, politician. To be shiesty and full of hidden agendas has created a workload 50% heavier than past councils. Why did we vote these people in?


JJ Southard 1 year ago on Pot shop accuses City Council members of retaliation, conflicts of interest

I don't know anything about Sloop or Connell, but something definitely doesn't "smell" right.

But on some other side notes, our City voted to have mmj dispensaries, not once, but twice. Our City wrote up an ordinance allowing 3 (which is strange enough and makes things hard for the industry to truly flourish)... Now as the 3 shops grow (pun intended or not) it seems to me that our Council members need to discuss, openly, the impact the industry has had on them personally. Whether it be the situation Mr. Connell has experienced, which MOST DEFINITELY has created an opinion in his mind due to past experiences, be them costly or not. Whether Sloop's husband discussed the issue he had with same people Connell did with his wife, may or may not have created her opinion of the industry....but she has an opinion that her fellow council members need to know about. An open discussion needs to happen, simply for the council to move forward, understanding each other. Mr. Lacy thinks it is a "workable" location. 2 others support him. What made up their opinion. Is it because their is a liqour store right there also?... And a bar? There is a fine operation known as Golden Leaf. In a fine location. Approved and operating. Not causing anything but tax revenue to occur. If Natural Choice is not allowed in this location, the zoning rules pretty much negate almost anywhere else (not to mention finding a landlord that is ready and willing to work with this industry). Grow operations that stink up a neighboring business are not above the law or association rules in some places of Colorado. Mr. Connell was right to be annoyed. Did it influence his vote here? I would say YES. But, also, our industry professionals need to install the proper carbon filters in the grows, as to NOT affect neighboring business. If you were spray-painting cars, you would have make the same efforts. Grows can be VERY stinky.

By law, dispensaries can not have signs in the windows. The windows must be opaque. No pot leaves or neon signs. Doors must be closed.

On the otherhand, Liqour Stores can have HUGE signs with big letters and prices all over their windows. The door can be propped open.

Alcohol can be an extremely destructive element in a person's life. Marijuana, in some cases, can also be destructive but to say "OMG save the children from the sight of that MMJ Store" next to two alcohol lisences makes no sense and makes me think it was dreamed up as the only excuse to personally hurt Mr. Caragol.

There is a strange double standard going here.


JJ Southard 1 year ago on City Council halts pot shop's move to more visible location

So girl scouts selling cookies next to a Liquor Store is ok? Strange, uneducated decision and double-standard that makes no sense. City Council made a bad decision last night. Jason Lacy seemed to be only with some sense about this. Unbelievable.


JJ Southard 1 year, 4 months ago on Kristin Bantle takes stand

Are we all glad we voted in Wiggins? I didn't vote for him. He is the corrupt one here. We all knew it 15 years ago and nothing has changed. Wiggins is the problem. Joel Rea and Devalle were huge problems. Wiggins is no different.