DeezNuts 5 years, 6 months ago on Steamboat entrepreneurs reach out for ideas, inspiration

This is so cool! We're lucky to have a group like Ignite planting roots in Steamboat Springs. Our local economy needs this kind of forward-thinking.


DeezNuts 5 years, 8 months ago on What part of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge are you most looking forward to?

Dear 55% of respondents who can't wait for "It Being Over"...

I'm wondering if you can name a summer event that Steamboat has hosted in the last decade that has:

A) Brought Steamboat this much television, print, radio and national press coverage? B) Attracted an international audience as well as the world's best athletes to our doorstep? C) Demanded this many THOUSANDS of volunteer hours over the past 11-months to make a reality?

Curious... do you feel this negative about the Steamboat Marathon? Rainbow Weekend? Wild West Air Fest? Are you that afraid of missing a half days work and possibly having to drive the long-way home that you're so eager to thumb your nose at this incredible opportunity to showcase our resort? If that's the case, good luck with your incredible future after this town's tourism dollars dry up. You obviously have no clue what side your bread is buttered on!