Jenny Prendergast

Jenny Prendergast 3 years, 9 months ago on Joel Reichenberger: There are no walks in D League

I’m a terrible one for “waiting for my pitch.” That old “good eye!” chant from the dugout? I never get it because I swing for butterflies and golf for grounders when I’m at the plate. I have no ability to just hold off for the one that I can actually send flying into the outfield. And yes, I usually make contact. Sometimes I get on base. Sometimes I don’t. But the fact is, I don’t think this incredible lack of discernment on my part makes me a better player. In fact, I think it is a weakness. And I think sometimes holding your bat back takes more skill and willpower than swinging. And yes – I play in D league. Does that mean I can’t care how I perform? I play not only because I like the team and the camaraderie, but also because I like the sport and I like getting better.

It sounds like a person celebrating a walk can create a situational misunderstanding and come off as a poor sport. But if you think about it, some people never get on base. Some people want, more than anything, to run the bases and maybe, just maybe, make it to home plate. But they don’t get to. Because they always strike out. I think for these people a walk is something to be celebrated – no matter the league – no matter the numbers on the scoreboard – because they’re not thinking about the league or the scoreboard. They’re thinking about the fact that they get to be an active member of their team. They’re thinking about the possibility of finally cruising around the bases. And they’re celebrating that they had the willpower to finally not swing for the wild ones. After all – judgment and participation are part of the challenges and joys of softball.