Coy_oh_ty 8 years, 11 months ago on Concealed weapon permits on the rise

First I should say that I am ex-millitary, where I was awarded master manksmanship ribbions in small arms including .38 cal,.45 cal and 9mm handguns, I was also awarded master marksmanship ribbons in large arms up to and including 20mm gatlin and .50 cal rapid fire guns.I am always amazed at all the reasons people use to justify carrying a "hidden gun"I find self protection one of the weakest..short example.....say a person with bad intent is going to rob you...he or she already knows what they are going to do,,, steal from some unsuspecting sod.A person with a concealed weapon, unless their hand is always at the ready. is simply not only giving up their money but also a gun, which makes for another stolen gun on the streets. I know I know the NRA ..(Not Really Ammericans)would have us all believe that it is our right to defend the 2nd ammendment , if you believe that then invest yourself or your children in the millitary to defend your right aboard before the enemy is at the door.Anyone who truely knows guns small or large knows that handguns,semi-autos serve no purpose but to kill ,not hunt with but kill.I was taught that you do not play with guns both growing up and while in the millitary so I wonder what are grown men doing playing cowboy? Comone look at it for what it is "GUNS ARE NOT TOYS" The need for a concealed gun...funny how the paranoid mind works...much like that of a person who seems to always have the need to be talking on the phone....funny world. One last thought.. why are there no minorities on the board of the NRA? (Nazi Racist Aliance) interesting.....