Cooke 3 years, 5 months ago on Oak Creek man arrested on suspicion of arson, trespass

Sorry to offend you Sun. I never called your son "dumb" (as you just called me multiple times). I heard my side of that story from some pretty reliable sources. Plus, I have been to that rig. Fenced or unfenced, signed or unsigned, if you have functioning eyeballs, it is an oil rig. There are tanks. Oil is flammable. Seems like an obviously dangerous place to be doing anything.


Cooke 3 years, 6 months ago on Oak Creek man arrested on suspicion of arson, trespass

What a fine, upstanding member of the South Routt community this guy must be! What the heck is wrong with folks? Lighting explosive chemicals around 18,000 gallon propane tanks -- very easily could have turned into another South Routt explosion like the one that killed the teenager smoking on top of a functioning oil drilling rig.


Cooke 3 years, 6 months ago on Police: Man who threatened officers admits to church vandalism

See - Just an question here: Don't you think there was "cronyism" involved in Haliburton and the oil industry under the Bush Cheney admin?


Cooke 3 years, 9 months ago on Teen arrested after crashing car Wednesday night

Highway, I love the idea of your compromise but may be too pig-headed to accept just yet. Here's why:

If we take the first "as" as a preposition, we would also have to classify the second "as" the same way ("AS kind AS Pheobe). Therefore, using your logic, the sentence would read ...several people, as kind, as Pheobe, to guide me. That's just silly.

Further, I would argue that the example sentence you give above would imply exactly the same thing were the (in my opinion erroneous) commas left out.

Exduff: It's not the size of your essential bits...


Cooke 3 years, 9 months ago on Teen arrested after crashing car Wednesday night

Highway -- because I do love grammar, I must protest. However, those of you who don't love grammar rules, read no further.

While your professor was correct about comma splices and clauses, Spidermite's use of commas was not a matter of separating independent clauses, and certainly had nothing to do with a comma splice (which is just a fancy name for a run-on-sentence). Rather, spider used commas to set off what she (he) thought was a "non essential interrupter" - a phrase contained within a sentence to add insight or clarity but not necessary.

ex: Ted, my father's best friend, was always helping in the garage.

In the above example, the phrase set off by commas could be left out of the sentence and the sentence would still make perfect sense. While Spider's sentence would have still been grammatically correct if she (he) had left out the Phoebe bit, it would not have made sense, therefore was an ESSENTIAL part of the sentence. Essential bits are not separated by commas, non-essential bits are.

All in good fun highway (except for Spider's bit, but that is because I though he was just being hypocritically nasty).


Cooke 3 years, 9 months ago on Teen arrested after crashing car Wednesday night

Spidermite: In your post poking fun at Bandmama's misspelling of "people" (about four posts up from here) did you notice that you left out the apostrophe s?

Did you notice in your post two above this one that you misused your commas ("as kind as Pheobe is essential to the sentence, therefore should not be set off by commas).

Did your dad say it would be nice if you learned some 5th grade grammar?


Cooke 3 years, 10 months ago on Cindy Antonucci-Ameen: Righting a Congressional wrong

YVB: To say that Reagan raised the ceiling for an average of six months a time is bofoonery...he still raised it 17 times! Who cares if it was for six months at a time? He STILL raised the debt ceiling more than a dozen times! If I hit my limit on my credit cards, raising the spending limit until the card expired is the SAME THING as raising it every time a bill comes up. Don't defend Reagan with more "smoke and mirrors"!


Cooke 3 years, 10 months ago on Lecture on Middle East kicks off Seminars at Steamboat

Well said Tai.

I would add that the west has the right to defend itself also when Christianity and Judaism spill into the secular. While the far right is not as radical as Sharia law, it is still pushing a religious agenda on a secular nation. As for my friends feeling ashamed, it certainly gives me some talking points with them.

As far as every murdering jihadi misinterpreting Islam, it seems perfectly possible to me that this indeed is the case. After all, look at what the Catholic Church did to the Protestants during the Reformation. That was all over supposed misinterpretations. Isn't it possible that jihadis will one day be viewed in the same light as the inquisitors -- monsters who were a product of their environment and times?

One question: You made a reference to the prophet marrying a 9 year old. I thought the prophet married a much older woman than he; someone he worked for before he became a prophet. I'm not looking for you to retell the story, maybe just point me in the right direction. Gracias.