Mark Crough

Mark Crough 4 years, 9 months ago on Routt County fires back at state over drilling permit process

Studying and reporting on the adverse impacts of hydraulic fracturing has been woefully inadequate. Families and businesses locating themselves within the shale regions of America need only look to the play in the Barnett Shale region of TX or nearby in Garfield County where studies have noted the negative consequences to public health brought on by the practice of hydraulic fracturing/unconventional drilling. A marked spike in breast cancer rates alone should provoke outcry but the industry has sequestered such data remarkably well.

The County Commissioners of Colorado are charged with the responsibility of being caretakers of the populations and stewards of the living environment that houses their families, businesses and community organizations. How prosperous does Routt Co. remain if it's living environs are permanently polluted and its tourism, agriculture and recreational industries decimated?

At some point, public officials in Weld and Garfield Counties will be held criminally and civilly responsible for their misdeeds as the narrative begins to include overdue investigative journalism. You can't poison an entire county and slink away into oblivion as if a witness protection plan in South America awaits you as reward for assisted fratricide. None of these Commissioners are evil beings, they're simply swept up in the tide we label as "progress" even though the profits of such are flowing to Wall Street as the fuel is ported overseas to power international manufacturing, of all things.

You're being "FRACKED" so investors, producers and overseas consumers of the O&G under your feet can get their due.


You can't be both a patriot and a stocked trout.


Mark Crough 5 years, 1 month ago on Jack Gutschenritter: No fracking, please

The COGCC is complicit in this mess so in addition to pressuring them I would remind your local representatives that it's their names on the narrative you're all penning for yourselves, Steamboat and all of Routt County. To think that beetle kill decimation could be overshadowed by something even more menacing is remarkable.

Once the fracking ensues, merely look to evidence in Pavillion, WY, Erie, CO or Dimock, PA for a glimpse at your future. Hold your local elected officials responsible and encourage your religious leaders to intervene where business officials will not.

If personal wealth is more critical to you than personal health, then protect your property values which might plummet as they did by 75% in heavily-drilled areas of TX.

Good luck folks. My family loves visiting your community and nearly moved there a few years back.