Clay Ogden

Clay Ogden 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Tougher trash ordinance from city would require more Steamboat residents to buy wildlife-proof containers

I am so tired of cleaning up 'bear' trash from neighbor trashcans that this is something I can support. The other piece of this is recycling ... 50% of what I pickup or see scattered around town is recycling folks have put out the night before their pickup. The city seems to have no problem ticketing/warning folks who park on the street overnight during the winter ... why do they choose to ignore existing ordinances for trash and recycling put out overnight?


Clay Ogden 4 months, 4 weeks ago on Spoke Talk: Cyclists reminded to follow rules of the road

"When we are not on our bikes, we are motor vehicle drivers or pedestrians. Let’s ride the same way we would like cyclists to ride when we are behind the wheel and remember that “Share the Road” applies to cyclists, too."

I think this is really the key ... this isn't about bikes vs. cars vs. trucks vs. horses, etc. ... it's about awareness and sharing the same space (the roads and trails). People blow past the rules/laws and common sense ... regardless of the mode of transportation.


Clay Ogden 5 months, 3 weeks ago on Jack Horner: Core trail is for bikers

My completely unscientific observation is we have lots of riders and drivers (regardless of the mix of offenders) ignoring the world and rules around them ... creating problems ... sometimes really dangerous ones. Personally I think the problems are ambiguous traffic rules in Steamboat (Boulder has made some real strides in defining, publishing and enforcing driver/rider rules), poor signage, and callous disregard for the consequences of not obeying the law ... this last point, I think, is because there just isn't nearly enough enforcement.

As a rider and driver I have to admit I'm astonished at the position some riders put themselves in ... leaving rules behind for a moment ... there's not much doubt who looses in a bike/car/truck collision so I find myself riding pretty defensively.


Clay Ogden 6 months, 1 week ago on Residents advised not to let strangers into homes

I had one show up at my house today. Beat a hasty retreat when I told I thought she was peddling a scam and pointed to the camera in my driveway recording her ...


Clay Ogden 7 months, 4 weeks ago on 2015-16 Steamboat district academic calendar drawing questions before vote

Here's the thing ... what's the point of asking for input if the decision doesn't factor that input into the decision. Mr. Meeks should know exactly what I am referring to.

If you already know what you are going to do then grow a backbone, make the decision and don't waste anyone else's time.


Clay Ogden 8 months ago on Room has power to change broadband access in Steamboat, Routt County

While there is some microwave bandwidth coming into Steamboat all of the fiber is CenturyLink only. That's what almost everyone (including Zirkel, Comcast ... and yes ... Mammoth) uses.

As good as this deal seems to be until dark fiber from the west is lit up by someone besides CenturyLink the valley will still suffer from a lack of real redundancy and competition. I'll believe EAGLE-Net will complete that circuit (and make it reliable) once I see the packets flow for a bunch of months.

This is a very interesting deal, no doubt ... but the REAL deal is another provider with their own fiber. That's where the Multiple Use Network and Beanpole failed despite huge amounts of tax payer money ... just like EAGLE-Net.

My two cents ... your mileage may vary.


Clay Ogden 10 months, 2 weeks ago on Man receives 18-year prison sentence for meth in Steamboat Springs

Mark ... my guess is was not the best choice of words but a typical secondary definition is "to bring into play" and "to bring into use" ... I can't imagine anyone believing or suggesting this would be the 1st introduction of meth into Steamboat.