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Clay Ogden 1 month ago on Whistleblower under investigation for perjury by DA's Office

Ya'll need to be careful ... Mr. Barkey will target you (and everyone) next! I sat as a juror in a criminal trial recently where the DA pressed a jury trial with no evidence against someone alleged to have stolen $80. An expensive farce. Huge waste of time and money.


Clay Ogden 1 month ago on City of Steamboat Springs releases 'Report 6' police investigation summary

George ... unfortunately your personal ax betrays you and clouds a rational response. Take a breath. It's clear you have a lot to offer (intellectually and historically) but to me your message often gets lost in your very personal rage, anger and obtuse cynicism. If you really want to make a difference and create change I suggest you leave that behind.

This is far from enough but the discerning eye ought to find some very interesting nuggets that seems to point a spotlight on the multiple failures to adhere to fairly basic best practices and ought to point that same spotlight at the top of the management pile for failures to be engaged, informed, disciplined and accountable. My guess is this goes well beyond (historically) the current city manager and council (as you well know) ... but that is where we need to start.

Our job is to now demand something better and replace the elected officials that fail to do so. Elections are just a few months a way and we have a real chance to make a difference. The incumbents have a record to stand on or trip over ... and little time to burnish the optics of their failures.


Clay Ogden 2 months, 2 weeks ago on Use of Emerald Park fields to be discussed at two public meetings this week

What fool wrote that ordinance? "youth activities exclusively" ... send that individual back to law school ... is there really no definition of "youth" in the ordinance? I don't really care about the field usage but whoever wrote that drivel needs to retire and get off the city payroll.


Clay Ogden 3 months, 3 weeks ago on City council weighs future of bus service in Steamboat

George and Mary Liz, I think, are asking 'who benefits and who pays'?

Who pays is easy ... who benefits is harder because it inevitably involves something along the lines of 'trickle down economics' ... that'd be the rich get richer on the backs of the middle class.

Maybe we should ask and answer ... who really benefits (no thank you to the voodoo economics proponents) from the bus service that is not at all free because it is paid for (mostly) by people who don't use it?


Clay Ogden 5 months ago on Scott L. Ford: TIF is a bag of snakes

"The sales tax was passed by the voters and is managed by the Education Fund Board (EFB), which reports to city council, not the school board." I sat on the EFB for four years and, at least during that period of time, it reported only to the taxpayers because it's existence was created by the language of the actual tax referendum. The EFB holds the fiduciary responsibility for managing the tax revenue.


Clay Ogden 5 months ago on Meg Bentley: Letter was ‘un-American’

David ... I don't know where truth lies but absolutely agree with your statement "All citizens not only have the right to speak out publicly and advocate for justice they have an obligation".

I believe Ms. Hinsvark should also be completely removed from the investigation process and I am appalled by the few public statements from a couple council members as well as the complete void of leadership from City Council as a whole.

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