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Michelle Hale 2 months ago on Teen suspected in Hayden break-ins

This kid got me a few years back for 200.00. I hired him to take leafs. Went into my house for a moment to fine him gone. Truck door open and cash gone . In my garage a few months ago it happened again. All my change gone.


Michelle Hale 10 months, 1 week ago on Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush to give presentation at Oak Creek Town Board meeting Thursday

I wont be in Oak Creek but I would sure love to ask WHY she would NOT stand behind the effort to remove the NDAA in the State of Colorado. The NDAA is now tied in with the Trans Pacific Partnership that will have profound effects on everyone. Farmers, Ranchers, the demand to make you grow and embrace GMOs. It goes way beyond that. It is a step towards Agenda 21. So you large land holders, you better get ready and do some reading. Because there is a direct intention to remove your land from you. That's a fact Jack. The loss of our 10th, 5th and 1st Amendments the NDAA is to secure the fact that we no longer have a voice or the right to defend what we all have worked for and embraced. I would love to know how she stand behind such things and against the Constitution.


It is long over due that as people of this state and of this nation, WE damn sure deserve better, and should demand better. SHE works for the people..... It is called Civil Service, not SELF Service.

Michelle E. Hale


Michelle Hale 12 months ago on Susie Makens: What is Common Core?

I am one who embraces PEACE, LOVE, and the right to be FREE in every cell of my body. My frustration is the division and the need to be right over the idea of the need to think. We don't teach how to learn, we teach children what we want them to learn. There is a big debate in Texas today about Text Books....because of the "Hand selected history." My point is simple.... always reach past what we are told and find more. We have to stop this concept or right and left because the puppet masters are loving it. A nation divided, or distracted nation, is easy to devour. Regardless where you stand, left or right there is far more of us in the middle, but the basics have to come in here. Honor; Of each other, ideas, beliefs, and concepts. Respect; Giving people the right to express themselves with out going out of the way to insult or being "in your face," or pushing personal agenda...like religion. This also going into understanding of boundary's and respecting them. Thus laws and "social rules." That leads to Manors. Social rules of excepted ways to incorporate the above. Teach ALL history, the good the bad and the ugly because TRUTH will always stand by itself. Truth never needs interpreted, is it what it is and stands. Even the most ugly of history teaches a lesson if we allow it. Like the fact that Washington and Jefferson both had children that were half black. Washington raised hemp, and another long list of stuff. When man manipulates fact we all loose. All knowledge and growth comes from embracing mistakes...or I like to call them GRAND learning opportunities. This nation is become more and more restricted, divided, and constipated. Why? In large part no one wants to speak truth, embrace honor, manors, respect, or teach compassion. Compassion is the largest of all. When we can look at history, education and each other with compassion.....we can have conversation, truth, education, and work towards something more. Compassion takes us outside of the need to be right to see and embrace the best of what IS and always IS. We need to remember we are only the reflection we see in our neighbors eye. Love, light, and teach children HOW to think not WHAT to think.



Michelle Hale 1 year ago on Susie Makens: What is Common Core?

Dan; I was raised before you judge anything from you need to learn about it, read it, think about it, and look past what you are told. You might want to embrace that before you go to bashing, assuming, and telling me anything about books that I took the time to read.. Do you know who the first two presidents of the Federal Reserve were???? The names Prescott and Walker ring a bell? Like in the Great Grandpas of George the buffoon. Do you know what the name of the American Corporation that approached Lincoln and wanted to organized what we now know as the Federal Reserve was? You'll love this... A. I. G. American Investment Group. You know that name don't you. It was the FIRST company to receive bail out money from George. Even Booth claimed "it is about the money." The Second President who was wanting to remove the power from the Fed was John F. Kennedy as well as remove the troops for Vietnam. Look how that ended. Do you know who one of the KEY players was in the CIA at that time that said he was not in Dallas that day but now there are photos to prove other... George Bush Senior. Do you know who was funding the war with the idea of the invasion of Cuba..... HUNT, they were pissed over the banana crops and how the new man called Castro was saying that they needed to fair money, for their product...but it cut into the word called PROFIT. You might also want to do you own looking into the Union Bank prior and after WWII and who was financing Hitler..... guess who.... THE BUSH FAMILY. The wonderful little group called the CIA was more like Corporate thug paid by Government in the 50s to current day. Do you think they really have changed??? Don't embrace fact, that's your choice, but it damn sure is out there for those who remove themselves from cranial rectal inversion. Hope you read these books, look past what you think you know and enjoy some fresh air.


Michelle Hale 1 year ago on Susie Makens: What is Common Core?

Jerry; So lets get something very basic straight first. The Original constitution of this great nation of the United States that was ratified in 1789 had only one reference to ANY religion. That was Article 6. "NO religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.

The "de facto" motto of the United States adopted as a part of the Great Seal of this USA by and ACT of Congress in 1782 was E. Pluribus Unum (Out of Many One.) Congress changed it 174 years later in 1956 to "In God We Trust." Why was it changed. Cultivated FEAR. Fear of communism.
The original Pledge of Allegiance was written by a Baptist Minister who was a SOCIALIST. This was done in 1892 by Francis Bellamy who DID NOT include the words "under God." This again was changed OUT OF FEAR of the communist. Where I went to school in Meeker Colorado, ( a very conservative community) it was NOT an enforced change until 1966 because of the upset of such a demand of adding God where the founding fathers made it clear that was not what they had in mind EVER.

The USA didn't issue Paper Currency until 1861 and In God We Trust was not on it. Again out of FEAR it was added some 96 years later. I do not FEAR God, or any concept of it, but I do not feel it is right, to have religion of any kind pushed into public places. We once were a grand nation because of the many back grounds, colors, heritage, and RELIGIONS that built this nation......even the right for NO religion. That would fall under the simple things called manors, respect, honor, and compassion. The concept of Spiritual acknowledgement is PERSONAL and should be kept that way. Honor it, in your church/synagogue/sweat lodge/ whatever, but in YOUR personal space, NOT in Government.


Michelle Hale 1 year ago on Susie Makens: What is Common Core?

There no longer is the effort of freedom of teaching children to think, just training them in what "the government" wants them to know so they will be good sheep. I see the comment about GOD in school. I hold on to what use to be the constitution, but there is a reason for separation of Church and State of which I stand behind. Not that I lack spiritual practice in my own life, but it should never be a demand.

With that being said; Parents, teach your children MANORS, HONOR, RESPECT, AND COMPASSION. Those are simple things that seem to be forgotten. It's not the schools place to "train" your children but to teach them within the guild lines of what they are told to. I think our education system is broken, but has been starting in the 60s, and goes down ever year. At one time an education of a child started with a total understanding of the Constitution of the United States and REAL American History, not the distorted BS that is being fed now. For you Conservatives that are reading this. That is an issue that has been created by the extreme right. Texas is the major printer for all school books through out the United States. The Board of Education in Texas often determines what is going to be placed in those books for the rest of this nation. Thus they decided to remove most of Thomas Jefferson writings because they were "to liberal" and not necessary to an education. Why was this? Because of Jefferson's many letters on the importance of Separation of Church and State. God forbid we teach science, logic, philosophy or critical thinking.... because children might stand against the old paradigms of embraced ignorance.

Children are our most valuable resource, or should be. First it starts at home with basics, demanded by parents to be used at school as well as at home and in public. Shut off the TV, Games, and Computer and pick up a Real History book. I highly recommend The Untold History of the United States as a requirement of every American, along with Rise of the Fourth Reich by Jim Marrs. A gentle little man once said; Be the change you seek in the world. Give to your children the right to learn, demand that they can be taught real education, and most important GIVE OF YOUR TIME, YOUR SUPPORT, YOUR LETTERS TO THE STATE AND THE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION TO DEMAND BETTER.


Michelle E. Hale CH.t.


Michelle Hale 1 year ago on Our View: Good planning pays off

In a time when one in four children are going hungry in this nation along with one in eight adults; 1/3 of the American people (many who are working) relying on food stamps so that they can AFFORD to by food. 500,000 Vets of this nation are effected with PTSD, with nothing but "Here kid, take this pill," as an option for help, and this is something to bitch about, really??? What ever happened to LESS IS MORE! Look at it in a more Zen approach, then back up and take account on how damn lucky you are.


Michelle Hale 1 year ago on Lynn Kelley: Reverse 911 call uses

I had to add....While reading the Bike rules for CDOT this jumped out at me Pat.

Be patient and wait until it is safe to pass, as you would any other slow-moving vehicle. Be aware that when a road is too narrow for cars and bikes to ride safely side by side, bicyclists can legally ride in or near the center of the lane for more visibility and safety.

My grip is THIS is not what takes place. Bikes far too often ride on "my side" when there is more than enough room to ride on the "other" side of the painted line. I also noted that bikes are "never" are to ride side by side. Yet my last trip on out CR 27 it wasn't only double, try more like three and four across. Damn hard to come around blind corner and come upon bike "breaking the rule's" and on coming traffic. I am at the point any more I even see a bike on someone car I assume there is a discourteous person inside. Pat, you said I should read the rule book and I sure did, you should print out a copy.


Michelle Hale 1 year ago on Our View: Watch where you step off the curb

Lets add some Colorado Law for those who ride bikes. note


Riding on the right doesn’t mean hugging the curb or edge of the road. It means riding as far right as practicable and still being safe from debris, obstacles and traffic.

When to take a lane A bicyclist may take the travel lane where traffic is slow and the lane is narrow, there is no shoulder or bike lane, when approaching an intersection, or if you are moving at the same speed as the flow of traffic. Moving to the center of the lane establishes your position and prevents motorists from passing until there’s enough room.

Ride Single File Play it safe and ride single file. This provides more room to maneuver and allows other bicyclists and motorists to pass. However, you may ride two abreast if you’re not impeding the normal flow of traffic; or when you’re riding on a facility exclusive to bicycles.

This is not my view, this is from CDOT. Not was we observe in this county but LAW anyway.

Michelle E. Hale