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Carrie Requist 1 month, 1 week ago on School district's world languages survey yields results but little participation

Frekanomics is timely in regards to this conversation. Just covered the ROI of learning a foreign language - Almost no economic gain (2% increase in expected income for Americans who speak a foreign language over those who don't), yet we spend about 1/6th the teaching time in High School on Foreign Language. At SSHS, Foreign language is required, but there are no computer programming classes. US education has to learn to evolve with at least the US economy (if not worldwide). Not nearly as many Spanish teaching jobs as there are computer programmer jobs for these kids once they get out of school.


Carrie Requist 1 month, 2 weeks ago on World languages survey may be readministered at parent-teacher conferences

I was asked to take the survey 3 times since I have 3 kids in the school district. I did reply to the survey once and although I made it through the questions, I found it to be a poorly constructed survey with some questions that felt unanswerable but with no N/A choice or ability to skip them. When participation is so low, things like multiple surveys per household and poorly worded surveys should be looked at as causes. As to the students themselves, my high school student logs into infinite campus, but the middle schoolers do not and would never have seen a request for them to take a survey. From the completely disparate results for the one grade where the survey was taken in class, clearly the rest of the grades were not well informed nor instructed to take the survey.


Carrie Requist 2 months ago on Thoughtful Parenting: Why kids should not get rewards for participation

Nice article and kudos to Deb. We have always said to our kids that how you do (in sports, on a test, etc) is under your control, but where you place is a function of everyone else (who else is entered, how they do, etc).


Carrie Requist 2 months, 1 week ago on Penny Fletcher: Looking back

Yell extra loud for the girls for us. We will be watching the live streaming tomorrow.


Carrie Requist 2 months, 1 week ago on 2 flash mob community dances planned for Winter Carnival

For your red, white & Blue glow sticks, make sure to come by the Ski Jumping / Nordic Combined Bake Sale at the bottom of the ski jumps on Friday from 2-5pm. We will have sets of red/white/blue glow bracelets for sale along with yummy goodies.


Carrie Requist 2 months, 2 weeks ago on SSWSC Century Mark: Anne Kakela

So glad you wrote this. I always wondered about our summer Olympians and if the grounding in Winter sports and training and all that had something to do with it. Clearly for you it did. Welcome back to Steamboat.


Carrie Requist 2 months, 3 weeks ago on Kathy Cain: Selah offers support

Could you please help me understand if you really support all choices available to a girl/women with an unwanted/unplanned pregnancy or if you are an evangelical organization that is anti-abortion?

You letters to the editor over the years position Selah as a neutral organization that provides support and counseling for pregnant girls/women to explore her options and that you have no stake in what choice she makes, but there are descriptions on pages like where your mission statement is anything but neutral - "Selah provides tangible hope in a compassionate environment through the love of Jesus, making abortion unnecessary." That is hardly the mission statement of an organization that will support a woman's choice for abortion. You also have stories on your website of post abortion regret (and your post abortion support services) yet I see no stories or post adoption regret or post keep the baby and raise it by myself regret nor any stories of post abortion, yes I did the right thing for me. All of these point to Selah having a very strong anti-abortion stance.

It is a shame that you feel you must trick pregnant girls/women into using your services instead of being open that you have an anti-abortion (or pro life or pro birth) leaning so girls/women have all the information they need to decide if your services are right for them.


Carrie Requist 5 months ago on Lisa Lesyshen bound over for trial on 1st-degree murder charges

It would be helpful to understand how the process could go at this point, especially with the jurisdiction remaining in Routt but Lesyshen being physically located in Denver and presumably needing to stay there for medical reasons.

Assuming that there is a trail, where would it be held and where would the jurors be from?