Bullpen 9 years, 2 months ago on Beetle-killed trees spark own industry

Check out Walden, they DO have a sawmill that can process this kind of wood, and they are also (different company) building a pellet plant.


Bullpen 9 years, 11 months ago on Would you support a bond issue this fall to build a $30 million community recreation center at Ski Town Fields?

Well, now that Steamboat has gotten so rich and important, don't they DESERVE a 30 million dollar facility? At least think about the kids, some of them have only a couple of options for places to go after school, (not a one of them a project over 2 million, shamefully enough) and lord knows that they can't just go willy nilly out into the woods, those woods are full of gangs, and bears, and they are woefully undercapitalized!!

With any luck, they will build a center so big that the gravity of the thing sucks in the rest of town, and we can start over. I might pay for that.



Bullpen 9 years, 12 months ago on Ski Time Square sold

The "new" Steamboat will be LUCKY to look like Vail. What we are going to end up with is an upscale, highly marketed, version of Highlands Ranch. We have moved out and are glad we did! These developers have hijacked the valley's history, and will swarm you under in a orgy of greed. Good luck, the character left town YEARS ago!


Bullpen 10 years ago on Howell's status 'up in the air'

As a produce of a Dr D run elementary school, and more over, a K-12 product of the Steamboat Springs School District, it seems to me that really, not much has worked in the past, and not much seems to work now, no matter how rich and smart we think that we have become. The problem with the schools is that they seem to have forgotten that they are in reality, a small, rural district with little to offer, scant resources and a homogenous student population. Presiding in this small pond shouldn't be the ego trip that it has been manufactured to be.

Oh, and Dr. D has always been like this..... don't act suprised now, I mean, he goes by "Dr. D" how egotistical is that?


Bullpen 10 years, 1 month ago on Seeking solutions

"Sense of Community" all to often means "reversion to how it was when I moved here"

This isn't a re-invention of the wheel here, it is a paniced response to explosive growth that was enabled years ago by our choices and votes. We sold out, and this is what we got, like it or not. I agree with this groups intent, I do, Steamboat isn't what it used to be, but it seems a little late to properly address this issue.

Maybe better late then never?


Bullpen 10 years, 2 months ago on A chat with the new president

The real problem is that the true cost to live in Steamboat seems to be supressed, and thus born by those that do not have large funds at their disposal to spend on housing. If housing is that expensive, and you want to retain professionals, pay them more, and charge the folks that use the facilities and services more. (hopefully mostly 2nd home types and visitors) Thus, either people don't move here and drive up prices, or they decide that the price is worth it and move anyway, and everyone makes enough to live here. Frankly, affordable housing feels to me like a subsidy for employers who are unwilling to pass on the cost to customers to retain employees. This is a system that doesn't seem able to support itself under current conditions.

As to what is wrong with the aspenization of Steamboat, if we don't know, then good luck suckers.


Bullpen 10 years, 2 months ago on Council ethics on table

I fail to see how this amounts to political grandstanding or going for blood. Ken has done enough to bring this on himself, and frankly deserves every bit of it. Asking for golf passes, no matter how innocent he makes it sound, is way out of line for an elected offical.

Are we supposed to lie down while they seek personal gain as a result of their election to council?

The former council members deserve respect, credit, and the attention of the town.


Bullpen 10 years, 2 months ago on Brenner gives up ski pass

This isn't a waste of time. Ken cannot have the appearance of having a conflict of interest, especially one that is not disclosed. This is the very basis for trust in our elected officials, though it might be "just a ski pass" the influence that it potentially weilds is inappropriate. The Council has made this clear over the years, and this is just another chapter in the same old story.

Ken seems to have acted on his own behalf for a good portion of his term in office. I hope that term ends as soon as possible.

Thanks for bringing this up Bob!!