Bret Marx

Bret Marx 2 weeks ago on Steamboat Springs School District drafts policy on medical marijuana use by students

Yes Harvey, I'll believe the AMA and FDA know what's best for my kids because they are so honest and trustworthy. I'll keep pumping my children full of big pharma drugs approved by the federal government because they work so well on my child's symptoms. None of the said organizations are funded by the federal government and big pharma so no one is out to make ridiculous amounts of money and there are no side effects that can cause temporary blindness, bleeding from gawd knows where or dizziness, nausea etc. Yeah, pharmaceuticals are the answer! You should really be thankful your children are healthy and happy and weren't born with or have developed any diseases that require constant medicine Harvey. And I'm just assuming that, no offense to your children. Just keep walking your cat on a leash, packing heat Harvey.


Bret Marx 2 weeks, 4 days ago on Gunshots from helicopters spook South Routt County residents

Actually Dan S. I was calling out Peter, David and Dan K. as well. This internet p! $$ ing match is ridiculous! Thus S.O.A.D. seemed most appropriate. They are all so blinded by the size of......well, if you listened to the song, you got it. Their behavior is absurd.


Bret Marx 3 weeks, 2 days ago on Gunshots from helicopters spook South Routt County residents

Trolling Dan? I've made 2 comments on this subject. One was just to let you know you completely missed my point with the song so trolling.........?