Bret Marx

Bret Marx 1 week, 6 days ago on Paula Salky: Anthem deserves respect

I hear Syria is a great place to visit now! Or maybe Iran, Iraq, Palestine, heck West Africa. America might not be perfect but people in boats are still risking there lives daily to get over here for what we got. I haven't heard of too many people leaving this country for a better life in.....North Korea.


Bret Marx 1 week, 6 days ago on Pay raises for city employees draw scrutiny at Steamboat City Council budget hearing

I'm confused if Jerry thinks the benefits at these jobs are good or not. I for one am not sure what the benefits all entail but I hope they are well appreciated and enjoyed by the employees who recieve them. Unfortunately, mortgages and rent, groceries, clothing, heat, water, electricity, home owners/renters insurance, gasoline, car insurance, phone bills, child care, garbage pick up etc., all still require payment in good old fashion green backs. Money, dough, scratch, scrilla, that's what YVEA likes to see. I have never tried to pay a phone bill with some leftover vision care money but i'm pretty sure Verizon won't except that.


Bret Marx 1 week, 6 days ago on Empty 7-Eleven building in west Steamboat will become new barbecue joint

I think what Joey is trying to say is congrats on the new business and he wishes the Ganders and Subrs much luck and prosperity in there new venture! Meet me there sometime Joey and i'll buy you a beer. Nice to see people starting new businesses on there own.


Bret Marx 2 weeks ago on Pay raises for city employees draw scrutiny at Steamboat City Council budget hearing

“I value them, but I don't think they all deserve a raise,” Magill said about city employees.

I wonder which city employees Mr. Magill thinks deserve a raise. Are the the Parks and Rec. workers who maintain the parks and baseball fields his kids play in deserving of a raise? Or the ski area employees who operate the ski lifts and make snow and work ski patrol at the city owned ski area he and his family frequent worth a raise? Do the police officers he hopes responding to his calls, or tourists, during a time in need deserve a raise? I wonder if the firefighters he hopes respond to 911 calls deserve a raise? Do the water treatment plant workers who make sure we have clean water to drink and bathe in and keep our beautifully manicured lawns looking so pristine deserve a raise? How about the waste water employees who make sure all that icky stuff that gets flushed away, never to been seen again, do they deserve a raise? All the city employees who keep the streets plowed free of snow (7 months out of the year!) and scoria all the slippery corners and stop signs so we can travel to our jobs and schools and places to play safely, are they worth a raise? What about the streets dept. workers who patch all the asphalt and potholes and fix street signs around town that are broken or need replaced so again, we get to our destination safely, should they get a raise? What about the mechanics who make sure the police cars, plow trucks, heavy equipment, fire trucks and free buses are running well and maintained so there operators can do there jobs safely and efficiently, do they deserve a raise? How about the city staff working on all the storm water drainage issues so the town doesn't flood, do they deserve a raise? I know I don't take these things for granted and I sure appreciate all the hard work the city employees do for me! Maybe Mr. Magill thinks all these city employees aren't worth keeping around and there loyalty shouldn't be rewarded. Maybe safety, peace of mind and being able to enjoy everything else Steamboat Springs has to offer because our city employees are working hard for us, aren't that big of a deal to city council.


Bret Marx 1 month, 1 week ago on Terri Williamson: The impact of words

Unfriendly Town, U.S.A.! Most of the time when I say, "on your left" the people I am saying it to move left and I have to swerve around them anyway. On the slopes or on the trail. It's got to be all the liquor licenses being handed out like candy around here that is making all these young punks grumpy! Hahaha, give me break. Cattle drive road race, I love it!


Bret Marx 3 months, 1 week ago on Peggy Weaver: Regulate fireworks

Hater Town U.S.A.! How dare people have fun with fireworks one day out of 365! Inconsiderate, no job or family having patriots! Ha ha ha


Bret Marx 5 months, 2 weeks ago on Our View: That's not how we roll

Anybody else notice the guy riding his bike, ON THE SIDEWALK, behind Justin and his dog? I love it! No skateboarding or biking on the sidewalk and this picture makes the front page of the news paper!!! Hahaha.