Bret Marx

Bret Marx 3 days, 13 hours ago on Laura Case: Shame on dog owner

I witnessed the whole scenario play out myself while waiting in line to eat at The Shack. I even watched the owner lock the car and walk away with his family, at least 3 kids(the youngest screaming and crying his head off), after a bowl of water was poured for the dog. Yes Laura, there was a bowl of water in the car for the dog but you probably didn't notice that or have connvieintly forgotten to mention that as to shame the owner even more. It was quite a fiasco, no doubt. Probably 7 ppl at one time surrounding the car, irritating the dog so much it was constantly barking, tryng to break into its owners vehicle. All the whole, it was just trying to protect its owners car. Let me guess, your son was the one with the red shirt and camouflage hat that was unsuccessful at unlocking the door, with a coat hanger, with the window down right? You're right Laura, this guy, Colorado license plates, will not do that again in Steamboat as, he'll never come back! With his family or friends and he'll tell everyone about the circus that ensued over his/her car and his property. Im not condonig the dog owners actions by any means but I think the boneheads biggest mistake was parking on Lincoln. I thought animal control handlesd the situation pretty well considering the circumstances but apparently Laura knows their job and the responding police officers better than they do. Thankfully Laura wasn't around the gorilla pit.


Bret Marx 3 days, 19 hours ago on Suicidal man charged with arson

And I wonder if that 700,000 inmate diff between the US and China is because China got tired of housing those inmates and executed them? Not just let the inmates sit out the rest of there lives with three hits and a cot. Just sayin'. Wouldn't you rather have a death sentence here in the good ol U.S. of A than China David?


Bret Marx 4 weeks, 1 day ago on Jim Haskins bids farewell after rewarding career

Yes, Eric is right! I'd love to hear all the riveting stories of the 37 year career dish washer or hair dresser. I'm sure they have some real nail biters! Sheesh, light up man. So much doom and gloom in your life Eric. Let the man retire in peace.


Bret Marx 1 month, 1 week ago on Pipe problems: Despite changing habits, Steamboat's half-pipe will return in the fall

I don't know if the "pipe dragon" is outdated or not but I know the ppl involved in cutting the pipe take great pride in the job they do and this year the pipe was awesome! Kudos to all the pipe and park staff for a great job this year with maintenance. Now Ski Corp really needs to move everything back to Bashor Bowl. The pocket parks are great but the dispersion of them really makes Bashor look underutilized. Put all the rails and features back in one central location and I'm sure Ski Corp will see the half pipe get used much more.

Sincerely, A guy who loves riding park and pipe and hasn't taught any instructors, EVER!