Richard Bear

Richard Bear 2 months, 4 weeks ago on Moffat County law enforcement leaders tout shared public safety facility

Sharing space makes a lot of sense to me too! The egos speak of not knowing if the two departments can cohabitate is a weak argument for not doing it. These men and women are supposed to be professionals, not school kids on a playground arguing about turf wars. Bury you egos folks, you work for the public and the public demands you act like professionals and get along for the betterment of our society.


Richard Bear 3 months, 2 weeks ago on Jim Clark: Why do we have to call it 'Mud Season'?

Oh, Jeezus, oh, jezuss... When have I seen such a soft, slow, high-arched softball come at me when I'm at bat! But wait... I'm on vacation (need a break from mud season, ya know) and the rest of the blogging phalanx covered this doofus' comment so well Welcome to Steamboat Springs, Jim. Time to become a local, if you can. Good luck with that one.


Richard Bear 3 months, 3 weeks ago on Coogan out, new police investigator named

Thank you Tony (Connell) for stepping up and stating what many of us found extremely "obvious" regarding the potential conflicts with Coogan. Now about Ms. Hinsvark. Are you suggesting she can amend the report that she receives from the new investigator prior to Council's review of the findings? I hope I'm not reading this correctly. I think her "personal judgement" has been called into question several times during her short tenure already. Finally, Council, grow a pair! You are representing the rest of us. Our City's national reputation is at stake. Are you listening to the feedback?


Richard Bear 4 months ago on Investigator's career was not free of controversy

Let me see if I got this right... City Manager hires an investigator to check up on some pretty serious allegations like sexual harassment and racism allegedly on the part of the Chief and his 2nd in command. Now we find out that this investigator comes as a recommendation from the insurance company the city uses to cover their a$$es. Likely, the insurance company will cover the cost of this investigator since they're trying to appear "caring". Then we find out her previous cop job as Chief in Littleton was found to involve similar alleged management styles that left her department in a state of low morale due to a "harsh environment created by former police chief Coogan". Yet we're supposed to believe she's still a good fit for this job? Methinks something smells rotten in Steamboat! May be time to get the Justice Department involved.


Richard Bear 4 months ago on Steamboat police chief, deputy chief put on paid administrative leave

The city still needs to address the potential conflict of interest issues from within this investigation. With the City's insurance company recommending the investigator there cannot really be, in fact or in the public's perception, an impartial investigation. City Council, STEP UP! Your job is to direct the City Manager's actions. She works for YOU! Your credibility is truly in jeopardy.