Richard Bear

Richard Bear 1 year, 3 months ago on Some see lack of transparency, broken campaign promises after Steamboat Springs City Council vote

A "just move on" statement is so condescending i can hardly imagine how an elected official would think that is satisfactory. This has turned, and will get even more ugly. If one campaigns on a transparency platform, then back up your campaign promises with appropriate actions in the way you represent your electorate. This is why so many Americans have no faith in today's government officials. Let's be a shining example of how it SHOULD be, Steamboat City Council. Reconsider the no vote and release the information, even if in a redacted form. That is how we "just move on" - with confidence that we have done the right thing.


Richard Bear 1 year, 3 months ago on New police chief talks priorities, staffing shortage with city council

Here's something to consider, council, maybe we don't really NEED that many personnel on the police force. Just because we had that many before doesn't justify their replacement. Overstaffing is still overstaffing.


Richard Bear 1 year, 3 months ago on After council vote, public likely won't see any more findings from internal police investigation

Rob, I have read your remarks in the paper over the years and must say this is the very best of them all. Well written, to the point and thought provoking. I agree with you entirely. It is indeed too bad the council and paper can't do the right thing this time. Maybe a re-read of their Ethics 101 textbook would help. What if Woodward and Bernstien had just said "this Watergate thing is too scary! It will put the Washington Post and others in a libelous situation. We better not investigate." What a sad day for my town.