Richard Bear

Richard Bear 2 weeks, 5 days ago on Terri Williamson: The impact of words

Well now, this is the second time I've noticed a concern such as this in the past week in our paper. Seems our good ol' "friendly town" vibe is continuing to be undermined by a few a-holes with some sense of false entitlement. I too have noticed this "right-of-way" mentality as well, as I drive on the county roads where lots of bikes love to ride. While most riders show common sense and stay in a safer single-file, three and four abreast is not that uncommon, even on the far side of a blind curving hill. Slamming on my brakes to avoid collision, and to allow the riders to retain a single-file formation, often yields dirty looks at best and some universal sign language at worse. I've even witnessed riders continue forward, at speed, through a moving cattle drive, causing all kinds of chaos. Hopefully, if our well-staffed law enforcement branches will start patrolling these county roads more often, and ticketing the offenders, we'd have less letters like the one here. I send personal apologies to our new residents and visitors alike.


Richard Bear 3 months ago on Steamboat City Council won't entertain police station ballot question

Maybe Erie, Colorado has a more realistic assessment of the REAL needs for their cop shop. Do we REALLY need to build a private gym (workout area) and an indoor shooting range? Can't the Police folks go to Health and Rec to buff up, or to the existing RCRC shooting range to practice their deadly aim?


Richard Bear 1 year, 1 month ago on New street-crossing rule impacting farmers market in Steamboat Springs

People, c'mon. A thirty dollar can of white paint, done up in Abbey Road stripes, makes it a legal crosswalk. The law says, STOP for pedestrians in a crosswalk. Problem solved. Duhhhhh,