Peter Arnold

Peter Arnold 3 weeks, 4 days ago on Steamboat Briefs: Readers sought to serve on newspaper’s editorial board

I just came to read the commentary.

The status quo will never change with the addition of new Editorial Board members.


It would be too controversial to actually publish statements that challenge what everyone learns about in the commentary. When the public actually becomes so enraged with the way it goes day to day, week to week, and year to year, someone will collect enough signatures to put it to a vote in this city to do away with the leadership structure in place and try something new.

Joining the editorial board would old perpetuate the mundane topics they weigh in on.

That is my 2 cents and it's all I got left to put in after paying rent for the month. On a brighter note it's always nice to see some informative commentary still being allowed by the Pilot here. I will continue to scroll the NEWS and look for stories with comments. That is where the news is and the blotter is such great entertainment.


Peter Arnold 3 weeks, 5 days ago on Steamboat Briefs: Readers sought to serve on newspaper’s editorial board

Agreed Scott. Anyone can argue that living where we do is pretty amazing but expensive. We work multiple jobs to be able to ski a handful of days every winter or enjoy a paddle or float anytime we want without having to book a room and stay a few nights. In fact, in a matter of a few years we have created more mountain biking trail than one can ride in a year!

Free concerts for this full time resident is the last of my concerns. I have yet to make it a point to attend one because of this artist or that. You hit the nail on the head though with my willingness to pay a fee to see a band more noteworthy. Am I asking to bring back string cheese? Not exactly but I sure hear some amazing stuff on NPR out of Fort Collins. Up and coming groups that really would bring that front range dollar.

Why are we so fixated on free this and free that? Are we that afraid to pay a little more? We are already paying over the top rents if we don't own and if we own we are lucky to get more than 1000 sq feet for less than $250,000. Steamboat is changing and has been for decades. It is growing every year. It's likely a matter of time before our "leadership" starts to initiate real change in this valley and makes building housing that is attainable for more working folks a priority. Again, free concerts are the least of this resident's concerns. When Tom Petty is on the summer series for $10 or even $20, I will be there.


Peter Arnold 2 months ago on From bus service cuts to a new police station, take a look back at the Steamboat City Council's biggest decisions of 2014

Food for thought, my 8 month pregnant wife waited 40 minutes for a bus at Central Park the other day in sub zero temps. This topic is a tough one to comment on without really wanting to throw the laptop at the wall...just sayin'


Peter Arnold 2 months ago on Future of Iron Horse Inn back on Steamboat City Council's agenda

Plow it under, build a bridge, divert the traffic, turn downtown back into a quiet little place to stroll, dine, and enjoy again...just kidding...let the games begin again.


Peter Arnold 5 months, 2 weeks ago on Steamboat briefs: 7.8K visitors expected to be in Steamboat on Saturday

I have to agree that our newspaper does not often challenge the status quo in a more open, honest, and let's say 'in your face' kind of way. On rare occasions when they do the direction of public sentiment is often stirred up and driven by the Two Scotts. I freely admit I scroll the news and look for the stories that have comments. I read the commentary and then decide whether to read what the paper has presented. The truth often comes out after the 'lies' ;-)


Peter Arnold 5 months, 3 weeks ago on Our View: Oak Creek needs to stay the course

A friend of mine recently commented on social media that 20% of Soroco's school budget is from Peabody. Was that incorrect? With the growing grow industry spreading like a weed, pun intended, in Colorado, I wonder if we will soon be laughing all the way to the bank with the 'money tree' this industry is.