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Peter Arnold 3 hours, 39 minutes ago on Richard Lowe: Conflicts raise questions

This is exactly the kind of behavior Senate and House Republicans have been perpetrating in Washington on the people of this country for the past seven years. Let's just shut down the whole organization with frivolous BS because we didn't get our way and our man or in this case woman in office. The only thing you're going to accomplish here Dick is to turn more and more people against you and people from your group. You should be ashamed of yourself. I was once very proud to call myself a conservative and a Republican until people like yourself hijacked the ideals of a once great party and have embarrassed it repeatedly with tea party antics and legal wrangling. Go away and do it quietly.


Peter Arnold 6 days, 17 hours ago on Jim Webster: Resistance to change

Yellowstone has been getting active lately. Imagine if that caldera blows. We will be done...


Peter Arnold 6 days, 18 hours ago on Moffat, Routt counties no exemption to national heroin presence text

Over the past four decades, federal and state governments have poured over $1 trillion into drug war spending and relied on taxpayers to foot the bill. Unfortunately, these tax dollars have gone to waste. In 1980, the United States had 50,000 people behind bars for drug law violations – now we have more than half a million. The U.S. is now the world’s largest jailer, drugs remain widely available and treatment resources are scarce. Not only have billions of tax dollars been wasted, but drug war spending has also resulted in the defunding of other important services. Money funneled into drug enforcement has meant less funding for more serious crime and has left essential education, health, social service and public safety programs struggling to operate on meager funding. The Drug Policy Alliance is working to shift funding away from the same old failed policies and toward effective drug treatment and education programs. We are leading the movement to end prohibition’s drain on our economy and to protect your tax dollars from wasteful drug war spending.


Peter Arnold 1 week ago on Jim Webster: Resistance to change

Has anyone checked in with Jim Webster to see if he has found those blueberries yet?

Did you know Jim when Mt. St. Helens erupted it spewed more SO2 into the air than all the coal fired power plants spew in a year, combined! I won't engage a debate regarding global warming but I do wish we could do more to pollute less. It would be good for all of us. I also once learned, correct me if I am wrong though, that the Vikings pretty much conquered most of the world at one point in time and navigated every known waterway in Europe and surrounding lands. If it were not for a couple of decade long 'ice ages' which nearly wiped them out, we would all be under Thor's hand. Again, I am talking out my you know what, but it strikes me as arrogant to think that humans are going to destroy the environment all by themselves and at the same time think they can fix it as well. When the rogue asteroid stirs up enough dirt to block out the sun, we'll be back in a few million years, perhaps. Until then, buy a Tesla, stop flying commercial, grow more of your own food, and shop local.

Sorry, just had to stir the pot a little...and cue the trolls


Peter Arnold 1 week ago on Steamboat Springs School Board selects new leaders, committee assignments

No recording no accountability to those who can not make the meetings.

No transparency and from what Scott has just informed me of here, there is still a big road block sitting on that board and that is not a Good thing is it? Perhaps that is why he is no longer COB.

Perhaps that is why we are no longer seeing commentary here in this forum from another former member.

I guess the democratic process is working and the talking heads are being silenced.

Perhaps Joey could just take these suggestions and do something with them like RECORD THE MEETINGS AND POST THEM ONLINE FOR US TO REVIEW!!!

If you want the public to get behind your plans, inform them!


Peter Arnold 1 week ago on Police department looking forward with new chief

Choose to make that is. City council I sincerely hope you choose wisely to stand up and make a difference in your tenures. This city deserves to be represented by you in a professional, ethical, and proactive manner. Please make a choice to defend Kristin Bantle and Dave Kleiber from any further slander or abuse. It's time to make the citizens of Steamboat Springs proud of their leaders and their new police leadership. Give Cory the confidence to do what is right with your direction and support.


Peter Arnold 1 week, 1 day ago on Police department looking forward with new chief

Jury selection begins December 1st for the frivolous trial of whistleblower Kristin Bantle on an obvious misapplication of the law. By confirming the allegations in the Dave Kleiber letter to the previous city council, she has had her reputation, career, and future ability to earn a living in law enforcement put in jeopardy by the current Sheriff Garrett Wiggins and DA Brett Barkey. Garrett was quoted as saying, "I didn't want to ruin this gal's life." Well, buddy, you have done just that in the short term but in the end this waste of taxpayer money and time tying up the resources of Judge Shelly Hill's courtroom, countless citizens who will be in the jury pool, and several DA staff will be all for nothing. You will be sitting in the chair for a civil trial when it's all said and done. So, Brett, go ahead and make another offer to settle with Kristin because you will be wasting your time as well. You will also be sitting in the chair answering for your actions if the county commissioners have not already begun to ask what the hell you are doing.

Thank you Rob for putting the obvious on record here in this forum once again for the citizens of Steamboat Springs who will never read this nor reply to this nor do much of anything about it. This is how whistleblowers get run out of town. This is how whistleblowers get run out by the good old boy network many of whom still sit in their chairs at SSPD.

In the end we can only hope the Pilot grows a pair and starts to hit hard as I have said in the past and stops dancing around the obvious in an effort to salvage their ad sales of which the city is one of their biggest customers. It's a pathetic waste of ink and paper with each passing week in failure to report in a professional manner. But hey, this is Steamboat, it's all good. We just want everything to be nice and go back to the way it used to be. No worries man. Let's go make some turns. No friends on a powder day.

I've lived here 13 years and am amazed at how things have changed for the worse in so many ways but also for the better in small ways. I sincerely hope that Corey has the mettle to lead this department in the direction people like Rob Douglas and myself would like to see. I have zero law enforcement experience. Rob Douglas on the other hand can speak from a more informed position than myself. I thank him for going on record here again today.

I will withhold judgment on the current city council and wait and see just what action they chose to take collectively or individually on the matter but rest assured many are watching.


Peter Arnold 1 week, 3 days ago on The state of Soroco: Utilizing infrastructure

Perhaps if they stopped allowing coal to be burned in town the air quality would improve just a bit. Don't mean to ruffle anyone's feathers but for that reason alone I have not looked at Oak Creek even though there are some great little houses on the market there and cool neighborhoods with wonderful trees. I officiate ice hockey at the outdoor rink and on a saturday morning when the coal starts burning in town it gets a little hard to take.


Peter Arnold 1 week, 3 days ago on The state of Soroco: Shrinking schools

A unified district with ample public transportation to bring both workers and students in would be a tough sell but worth exploring none the less.