Peter Arnold

Peter Arnold 2 days, 13 hours ago on Breaking the silence: Steamboat Springs is not immune to national health crisis

Tom, the simple truth of the matter is that the war on drugs has failed to do what it set out to accomplish. I'm sure you've read the studies that go something like this. For every $1 spent on education, prevention, and treatment of those suffering from the disease of addiction, $6 is saved from being spent on fighting the 'war' on drugs. So in a sense you are right here Tom. Perhaps there will come a day when our 'leaders' will become attuned to the failed policies of the war on drugs and start treating the disease and not the cause. Its history is a little older than our most recent campaign in the Middle East by the way.


Peter Arnold 6 days, 2 hours ago on Breaking the silence: Access to addiction treatment is a challenge in Northwest Colorado

This is long overdue awareness being paid to a problem that has been here for some time. What are the SSPD and RCSO policies on someone who seeks help coming to them? They have little choice but to lock them up because of the lack of resources in this area. In fact, correct me if I am wrong though, Colorado ranks 50 out 50 in funding directed towards addiction treatment and rehabilitation.

We can hope that this is the turning of the tide and compassion can rule the day as we turn our attention to treating those suffering from the 'disease' of addiction.


Peter Arnold 6 days, 7 hours ago on New winter tire legislation clears initial hurdle

I-70 shut down in both directions yesterday around 230PM when the snow started to fall. Several 'incidents' East and West bound left thousands sitting in their cars idling and relieving themselves on the side of the road while folks with summer tires, yes, summer tires were stuck in multiple lanes from Dillon to the summit including a commercial bus! There is no fine steep enough for a CMV pulling this on the pass. As for the average Joe trying to beat the weather, well, four of you shut down the highway going East yesterday and made life pretty miserable for a few thousand. $500 is a cheap fine in my book. A cheap set of cable like chains from NAPA are less than a $100 for a front wheel drive nimrod who thinks he can make it up the hill in a white out. At the least he can get his Honda accord to the shoulder and wait it out. This legislation should have been enacted a long time ago.

I was one of the lucky few who had the pleasure of witnessing the carnage last night. My blizzaks got me home though over white outs on Berthoud and Rabbit Ears. 2ns season on a $600 set of Blizzak tires that will last three or four if you don't drive them on hot pavement. Colorado driver's licenses should be issued with explicit lessons on winter driving with a required video to watch showing the results of not having proper traction in conditions like yesterday. Zipperheads on the pass yesterday. Every last one of them including a commercial bus driver who put numerous passengers at risk when he started losing all traction a quarter of a mile from the summit.


Peter Arnold 1 week, 1 day ago on City, county threatened with Bantle lawsuit

Damian, it sounds like you have found a position in Joe Arpaio's unit. Have you shot any illegals crossing the Rio Grande yet? In case you missed the other headlines several excessive force lawsuits have been brought against the SSPD under Joel Rae. He has since resigned along with his deputy chief. A city manager has been paid off to leave quietly and the city attorney has retired after failing to protect the two people who have exposed what you defend. I guess you left because you needed to find or more corrupt and hostile place to work. Thanks for contributing and thanks for leaving.


Peter Arnold 1 week, 2 days ago on Three homicide cases proceed through courts

Rob, after witnessing firsthand the wasting of the resources of the district attorney's office, I have legitimate concerns about Mr. Barkey's competency to lead any prosecution. He has shown poor judgment in prosecuting an innocent person.

In two of these cases I think we can rest assured that convictions will come quickly if not plea deals which will put two murderers away for life without the possibility of parole.

As for this individual who has won two appeals, I have concern about whether or not we should allow such a compromised attorney to be in front of any case. Mr. Barkey has failed the public in a grotesquely negligent manner.

Would you care to argue this point?


Peter Arnold 1 week, 4 days ago on School Board gives OK for 17-member steering committee

Scott, you bring up many points that are very valid and worthy of consideration. You also bring up points that may or may not come to fruition. Suggesting that the education model may move to more online programs is a very monumental shift. This debate could go on for years perhaps even decades but until the basic issues of housing and health care affordability are addressed I don't see how our numbers will go up anytime soon. Thankfully we did not go down the 92 Million Dollar Parkway and learn a very painful and costly lesson. Thank you to all the committee members who have so willingly offered their time and commitment to such a worthy endeavor.


Peter Arnold 1 week, 5 days ago on Do you think the planned, multi-million-dollar revamp of Yampa Street is worth the monetary expense and inconvenience required for the two-year construction?

Suggesting the Pro Cycling Challenge be moved off Main would be the equivalent of heresy! However, I would suggest every business on Main compare historical sales data with that of this year's event and present that to Main Street, Yampa Cheerleaders, and City Council. Just a simple poll told me all I needed to hear. It killed sales in every restaurant up and down the downtown area. Most locals avoided the scene and not too many attendees stuck around long enough to sit down and dine or spend anything in the retail shops. But all in the name of progress and blight removal the Yampa Street project will likely go on at the expense of local business.


Peter Arnold 2 weeks, 6 days ago on Our view: Council, police department turn corner

The first step in correcting a problem is fearlessly facing the fact that it exists, and with the summary’s release, the council and the department have done exactly that.

And they did so only when their constituents demanded action. Once again you are conveniently forgetting the fact they started with a 4-3 vote to just sweep it under the rug or did you forget that?


Peter Arnold 3 weeks ago on Steamboat officials approve contract for summer air service from Dallas on American

Have you been in Texas in the summer? It's hot. My understanding is the attraction to Steamboat is the Western heritage and cooler temperatures are what draw them here in the summer for a little break from the heat.