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Peter Arnold 1 day, 9 hours ago on Finn B. Gerstell: New school needed

Perhaps Yes2Schools should be looking harder for a place to build the high school near city market rather than pot shops and trash haulers.


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And their it is. Russell lives next to the proposed site. Explains the Kool Aid commentary doesn't it? It's a lousy place to build. Period.


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I like her first sentence and that was it.

For now that is all we need and really all most will want.


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Several times during the interview she challenges him by saying things like I have to get to council meeting and now you are just fishing. She acted as though she was doing him a favor sitting down to interview and in reality all she did was incriminate herself over and over again to what a bad actor she really is.


Peter Arnold 1 day, 20 hours ago on AUDIO: Segments of Hinsvark interview

22:50 of the recording she violates Officer Bantle's privacy once again discussing her scores regarding her being passed over for promotion. I wonder what is going through her simple mind. Does she really think she is immune from prosecution at this point. Every word out of her mouth continues to undermine her own credibility. There is one word that describes her precisely. Look the word up and all of its various meanings. I find this recording, the first time I have ever had to listen to this person, to be absolutely infuriating and I now see why people are shrieking at her in a professional environment. Her attitude, approach, and overall manner of being is summed up in one word.


Her closing comment when asked if Nuanes did a good job investigating.

Hinsvark "She did good work. We have a way forward."

We? You are no longer a part of the way forward because of your own negligence and by the content of this interview, lack of good judgment. You should be in another line of work that strictly limits your authority to counting beans again.


Peter Arnold 1 day, 21 hours ago on AUDIO: Segments of Hinsvark interview

Not only does she trots out of town with $80K she again puts the city at risk. What a piece of work. When does this end? When does the paper just stop quoting her, interviewing her, or acknowledging her? I guess this is real world entertainment mountain town style. Let the show go on


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This is what a high school and middle school on the center of my old hometown looks like. It is the centerpiece of a great community with one of the strongest athletic programs in the nation. Academically this community has one of the highest ranked schools in the nation as well. Regardless of where you decide to build a new high school or improve the one we already have, the performance in both the above mentioned categories is driven by it residents, the parents, and the teachers. What my old high school and middle school has is unique and special because of the tradition and heritage of excellence spanning decades. I imagine if anyone ever suggested moving the high school to an outlying area of town there would be a massive protest. This high school is the life blood of the East Grand Rapids community and its athletic events are a community gathering. Moving Steamboat Spring's high school to a place three miles from the center of its economic lifeblood, downtown, and expecting people like me to just buy in at 92 million is a joke. If keeping the character and the centerpiece of Steamboat Springs right where it is costs more in the long run I would rather see someone else than this BOE approach a new plan and go back to the drawing board with my thoughts and many others in this community in mind.


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Hinsvark: Investigator found "paramilitary" culture at Steamboat Springs Police Department

And you are now $80K richer for it and speaking about something you could have acted on as city manager possibly saving your own job as well as Officer Bantle's. I wonder how long it will take the next city council to move on Tony.


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She pointed to significant progress on a new access road into Emerald Park and the funding for a new police station as examples of successes of the administration. NEITHER HAVE COME TO FRUITION

"That's the most exciting thing about leaving . . . I have no clue what's next," Hinsvark said. "The sky is the limit." WITH A SACK FULL OF MONEY I BET!

She said she was interrupted and shrieked at by some members of the council at the tense meeting. I'M SURPRISED SOMEONE DIDN'T THROW A SHOE

-Let's hope the next town that considers her for employment takes the time to read this forum and realize what a joke her attitude is towards the people of Steamboat Springs. You have made a mockery of yourself and the work you have done. Let's not beat around the bush. You really dropped the ball when you ignored Officer Bantle's statements regarding the SSPD investigation. You willingly participated in her demise and termination. You sat on your hands passing out donuts the day after the Kleiber letter was delivered to the council with Joel Rae in the ready room. Explain how you can walk away with twice my annual salary and look back and smile at your negligence while being critical of a council you ignored. Your performance was a joke. You accomplished nothing short of destroying one woman's career when you failed to act on her behalf. Your attitude is offensive and your acceptance of any responsibility for the mess you were an integral part in creating is disgusting. Suitcase managers are just that. When things go bad they pack up and move on to the next unsuspecting town. Shame on you and shame on your attitude.