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"Comrades on the Colca" — Q. and A. with Steamboat Springs author Eugene Buchanan

A Q. and A. with Steamboat Springs author Eugene Buchanan about his fourth book, "Comrades on the Colca."

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City seeks experienced ski area operators to come to the rescue of Howelsen Hill

Historic ski area's finances point downhill

The city of Steamboat Springs is testing the interest of third-party ski area operators for putting Howelsen Hill on better financial footing.

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Routt County honors employees who exemplify core values

Routt County employees who work behind the scenes were praised for exemplifying 'core values.'

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Routt National Forest plans prescribed burn on Elk River corridor

After a long summer of battling wildfire from the Wyoming border south to Lynx Pass, the U.S. Forest Servce is tentatively planning this month to fight fire with fire in a heavily visited area of the forest along the upper Elk River.

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Steamboat Springs City Manager: Community engagement top priority through 2017

“The most important process we need to face in the next 12 to 15 months is community engagement.” – Steamboat Springs City Manager Gary Suiter

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Steamboat couple hoping to establish cacao groves in Costa Rica

The Marxuachs' bigger goal is to acquire approximately 35 acres in La Tigra, Costa Rica, where they hope to engage in an “agri-forestry” project by planting cacao trees, which are very efficient at sequestering carbon dioxide.

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Candidates for House District 26 differ over public land policy

Candidates differ over public land issues

The candidates for Colorado House District 26, Republican Michael Cacioppo and Democrat Diane Mitsch Bush, differed significantly over management of federal lands in the region as they faced one another during an Oct. 4 candidates forum.

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Treasurer Brita Horn meets coal company officials in Denver

Routt County Treasurer Brita Horn and her attorney met with Peabody Energy officials in Denver to confer on overdue taxes.

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Seat belts in over-the-road buses survive city of Steamboat Springs' 2017 budget cuts

Seat belts on buses survive city of Steamboat's 2017 budget cuts

In the wake of a May bus accident, Steamboat Springs City Council has allocated $120,000 in its 2017 budget to install seat belts in buses that run between Craig and Steamboat.

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City plans to modify Nordic steeps at Howelsen

A corkscrew climb and a downhill pitch called the elevator shift on Howelsen Hill's east side can be too much for intermediate Nordic skiers to handle.

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Steamboat Springs Parks & Rec group would forgive tax on food for 12.5 mills of property tax, $3 million in new taxes

Parks plan to swap new property tax for food tax

The members of the alternative funding group don’t presume that City Council will embrace their proposed distribution of funds that could result from a new 12.5 property tax to support parks and recreation.

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One of three owners at Hayden power plant appeals state's valuation for local property taxes

Hayden power plant owner challenges state's property tax valuation

Routt County Assessor: $10.5 million in assessed valuation at risk in Salt River Project's challenge to state's property tax appraisal of of its assets at Hayden Generating Station

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One Book Steamboat devoted to Stegner novel, "Angle of Repose"

One Book Steamboat author Wallace Stegner is widely recognized as one of the mid Twentieth Century’s most influential writers about the American West.

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New area wildlife manager Kris Middledorf struck by community's devotion to conservation, wildlife

The wealth of habitat and diversity of species found close to Steamboat Springs have already made an impression on Kris MIddledorf, Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s new area manager.

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State Sen. Baumgardner: Steamboat would feel the economic effects of reduced power plants

'Loss of power plants would be felt in Steamboat'

State Sen. Randy Baumgardner cautions that if regulatory constraints on coal-fired power plants in Northwest Colorado lead to further curtailed production, or cause them to close, Steamboat Springs will feel the impact.

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Sheriff Garrett Wiggins' 2017 budget calls for new patrol deputy, investigator

As much as he values a second K9 unit, Sheriff Garrett Wiggins said his highest priorities are adding a new patrol deputy and a new criminal investigator to his staff.

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California couple seeks permit for wedding venue on Elk River Valley ranch

The owners of La Joya Dulce are seeking a county permit to establish a new wedding venue on what was once part of Three Diamond Ranch on Elk River Road.

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Colorado Water Trust praises local agencies for leadership, buys water to boost Yampa River

Water Trust acquires water to keep Yampa healthy into October

The Colorado Water Trust has joined the city of Steamboat Springs, Upper Yampa Water Conservancy District and the Catamount Metropolitan District in ongoing efforts to boost Yampa River flows deeper into autumn.

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Old fire lookouts a reflection of ranger's unique talents

Celebrating the restoration of the Hahn's Peak Lookout

The work wasn’t as romantic as it sounds, and the days when lonely lookouts guarded the timber are all but gone. But the historic buildings remain important cultural markers in the National Forest.

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Candidates discuss balancing growth and open space

Kiwanis member Bud Romberg asked candidates for Routt County commissioner their outlook on permitting a new mobile home park in the county.

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Routt County losing 2 emergency response department heads to retirement

Routt County Director of Emergency Management Bob Struble, who has been in that role since 2009, intends to retire Oct. 7.

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Snowmaking hydrants could be used to fight a larger wildfire on ski slopes in the future

Steamboat Ski area personnel and firefighting agencies have been meeting for years to ensure they have the necessary adapters to couple firefighting hoses to snowmaking hydrants so they can deliver water to suppress a larger wildfire.

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YVEA taps state grant to energy nonprofit to help usher in solar for households with modest incomes

Yampa Valley Electric Association hosts new solar array in Steamboat Springs intended for households with modest incomes.

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Crews on affordable units hope to put a roof on The Reserves before winter

Affordable apartment buildings rise on Steamboat's west side, but leasing is still months away.

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New Mountain Valley Bank building aims for classic Steamboat look

The style of the new Mountain Valley Bank building is intended to evoke classic Steamboat style like that seen in the historic Rehder building.

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Bar code readers replacing attendants with tablets at airport parking lot

Yampa Valley Regional Airport parking lot getting new automated barcode payment system

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Key parcel on the Yampa River above Stagecoach conserved

Conserving the landscape of Routt County

Routt County is poised to conserve almost 1,700 additional ranch acreage in South Routt including a key parcel on the Yampa River.

Conservation agencies close to acquiring key ranch parcels

When the conservation easement Glas Deffryn ranch closes, the latest transaction by YVLT it complete an unbroken 5-mile stretch of the Yampa River corridor upstream from Stagecoach Reservoir.

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Forecast for Sept. 12, 13 includes chance of snow above 10,000 feet in northern mountains

The forecast for Sept. 12 and 13 includes a chance of snow above 10,000 feet in the northern mountains.

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Memorial flags dot the lawn of local bank

This year the number of flags has grown to 5,000 to encompass the 2,100 deaths of workers and volunteers who have since died, in addition to the 2,996 who perished in the 9/11 attacks

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Local ospreys mature rapidly, prepare for long, lonely migration

Female osprey can be expected to return to the vicinity of their birth nest for the first time with a mate in tow after spending back-to-back winters in the south.

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Pleasant Valley ranching traditions undergoing evolution

County approves new bridges, new uses at historic ranch

Routt County wrestles with the question of whether a rancher needs a permit to replace bridges, build a hunting yurt, improve trout habitat and create RV parking pads.

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Rediscovered film portrays another era in Routt County agriculture

When horsepower implied horses

The audience at the Tread of Pioneers Museum watched 1960s rancher Frank Harrison branding calves in the sage brush and using draft horses to cut a new winter feeding lane through the deep snow of Strawberry Park.

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Long dormant Stagecoach Ski Area south of Steamboat under contract to sell in October

Stagecoach Ski Area under contract for sale to development group with ties Steamboat, Boulder, Vail and Telluride.

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Green Creek Ranch plans to be reviewed

Plans to create private recreational facilities including ATV trails and a manager’s home as well enhancements to trout habitat on Green Creek Ranch on the Yampa River just upstream from Lake Catamount will be reviewed by the Routt County Planning Commission Sept. 1.

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State issues Twin Enviro's Milner Landfill compliance advisory

State directs landfill to tighten procedures

Colorado Department of Health and Environment has issued a compliance order to Milner Landfill.

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Guardrail repairs cost Routt County $100K-plus annually

The slow-motion slide into a highway guardrail is an all-too-frequent mishap on the Routt County road system in winter

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Housing focus is on feasible projects

Routt County has ample buildable land for community land going north and south on transportation corridors.

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Governor taps Routt County's Cari Hermacinski for state granting advisory group

Cari Hermacinski was named to a state tax advisory committee at a time when funding available for grants may be undergoing a seismic adjustment.

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Fletcher skis fastest in summer heat of Germany

Taylor Fletcher confirms his status as one of the fastest Nordic combined skiers on the World Cup in Summer Grand Prix in Germany.

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Pioneer Campbells and McPhees took different routes to North Routt

Shaunna Watterson served her audience at the Tread of Pioneers Museum lemon ice, the way her pioneer grandmothers made it.

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Work matters: Rocky Mountain Youth Corps' model for building young adults spreading throughout Northwest Colorado

Rocky Mountain Youth Corps has begun exporting its successful organizational model to other communities in Colorado.

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Roundabouts one way to meet several goals at approach to resort base

The reaction of 14 lodging shuttle and transit drivers to the possibility of creating a new roundabout on Mount Werner Circle at the entrance to Ski Time Square led to an 'aha moment.'

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Chestnut mare falls during trail ride, goes missing in remote area of Routt County

A chestnut mare named 'River' goes missing in remote Pilot Knob area of Routt County.

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Routt County's proposed pot tax too 'high' for Hayden's liking

State law prohibits Routt County from imposing an excise tax of more than 5 percent on pot, but the Town of Hayden, which operates under a home rule charter, is not bound by that limitation.

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Public invited to open house on ski area arrival experience

The ease with which guests are able to navigate streets, bike trails and intersections contribute to a sense of arrival at the resort base at the foot of Mount Werner.

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Steamboat's 2017 airline program budget last to include .25 percent sales tax in foreseeable future

New era in airline program funding

The 2017 budget marks the last time, for the foreseeable future, that funding the airline program won’t rely in part on a .25 percent general city sales tax to help attract winter flights to the Yampa Valley.

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Dramatic Tree Haus wooden bridge gets hands-on treatment

Taking care of Routt County's wooden bridge

Strapped into a safety harness affixed to the Tree Haus Bridge, Jace Smith stood perched above the Yampa River and reached above his head to apply a coat of transparent finish to one of the heavy timbers of the bridge.

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Poultry rule the roost as Routt County Fair livestock shows begin

Chickens have personality's too

“He’s really sweet, he’s happy a lot, but sometimes he pecks me.” — Dyllan Spitzley, 13, talking about her champion rooster at the Routt County Fair.

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Routt County Commissioner District 1 challenger Bob Dapper had raised $35,055 by July 23

Dapper's campaign funding more than triple Corrigan's

As of July 28, Commissioner District I challenger Tim Corrigan has raised $35,055 in campaign funds compared to $9,569 for incumbent Tim Corrigan.