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Celebrating 50 years of the Wilderness Act

A photographer, scholar and journalist strike out to capture, share a passion for wilderness to honor the 50th anniversary of the 1964 Wilderness Act

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Tom Ross: Linda Long talks about 6 generations of ranching in Routt County

Before the railroad came to Yampa, Doc Marshall and another man drove most of the cattle in South Routt to Salida where there was a railhead that passed them on to Texas.

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Unrelenting rain ratchets up pressure on farmers, ranchers

City dwellers are saying “Enough already!” But the real pain is being felt by farmers and ranchers who depend upon the valley’s grass hay crop to make their world go around.

Yampa River sets record for Aug. 27

Wednesday's Yampa River flows measured 408 cubic feet per second in Steamboat, setting an all-time record for Aug. 27

El Nino is not a big thing for Steamboat this winter

Steamboat Springs-based meteorologist Mike Weissbluth said Steamboat’s relationship with El Nino is complex and varies with the longitudinal ocation of a ridge of high pressure that typically sets up in the eastern Pacific during El Nino years.

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State energy director praises local mineral rights advocacy group

Hayden’s Jody Camilletti among those seeking seat on Hickenlooper’s new oil and gas task force

Camilletti said her motivations for seeking a spot on the energy task force are tied to economic health of Colorado farms and ranches

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Rain, snow mix could give peaks in Zirkel a taste of autumn Saturday night

A weather change arrives Saturday night when a fall-like storm will bring dropping temperatures and heavy rain, possibly mixed with snow at high elevation as the main front moves through the area.

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Tom Ross: 25 years of technology

The natural tendency is to look at a quarter-century of Steamboat Today with the archival evidence — news stories and photographs. But the first 25 years of the daily newspaper also can be viewed through the lens of the changing technology we have used to publish the newspaper.

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Kick up your boot heels at historic North Routt School

Trenia Sanford’s efforts to reinvigorate Moonhill Schoolhouse dovetail with the upcoming Talking Green program where speakers will talk about how the adaptive reuse of historic buildings protects them.

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Dream Island pedestrian crossing taking shape

The concrete median itself isn’t flashy, but three electronic signs that are soon to be installed will change that.

Search for top building official for county, city resumes

The top four candidates all had substantive comments to make in phone interviews, and County Manager Tom Sullivan expects to bring top candidates to town for personal interviews Sept. 4 and 5.

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Alex Camilletti's grand champion steer stands out from the black Angus crowd

Hayden seventh-grader Alex Camilletti takes home the big prize from the 100th Routt County Fair.

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Yampa teen dominates cow, calf classes at 100th Routt County Fair

In addition to her grand champion buckle for best breeding cow, Katie Parker claimed both first and second place (with different animals) for the bull calf class and cow calf classes.

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Locals 2014: Steve Chambers

The story of how Steve “Elkie” Chambers came to Steamboat Springs is a familiar one. He first arrived on a college ski trip, loved it, and then came back to become a horse wrangler. That’s where it veers: He left to become a roadie for the Rolling Stones, dated one of their daughters, toured with AC/DC and U2, surfed with Eddie Vedder and finally married one of Tina Turner’s dancers and settled back down in Steamboat to live happily ever after.

Tom Ross: Wilderness trekking in the Flat Tops makes one appreciate of a piece of cake and a hot shower

Wilderness will do that to you — strip away your worldly cares and allow you to become absorbed with the play of light across meadows and distant peaks.

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Ravenous insects threaten hay crop, vegetable gardens

Carol Iverson’s work for the USDA Animal and Plant Inspection Service takes her all over Northwest Colorado where she tallies the numbers of grasshoppers per square yard.

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Outskirts of Steamboat see more than 1.5 inches of rain in less than 24 hours

Weather forecaster Chris Cuoco confirmed that the official rainfall total for the 24 hours preceding 7 a.m. Wednesday was 0.98 inches, well short of the record of 1.29 inches set in July 1996.

Horse-training couple wins county approval to add land to Marabou

The HOA and one of Marabou’s homeowners were seeking the change to resolve an awkward legal situation for the HOA, and to allow one of the homeowners to create an apartment in a private barn.

Real-deal cowboy artist with ties to Routt and Moffat wins award posthumously

Earl Bascom overcame his on-again, off-again education to became a highly collected Western artist, as well as a legendary rodeo cowboy whose designs for early bucking chutes and the one-handed bareback bronc saddle changed the sport forever.

Houston flight attracts 1,123 passengers June 26 through July 22

Only three of the flights through July 22 were booked to capacity with 50 passengers, but a total of 15 were scheduled to carry 40 or more passengers.

Resort official: Flights leaving for Houston carry more passengers than the flights arriving from Texas

A flight on the 50-passenger Embraer RJ145 leaving Houston for Hayden/Steamboat Aug. 7 and returning Aug. 12 confirmed that the majority of the seats are sold. United quoted a low fare of $575 for the round-trip flight operated by Expressjet.

County expected to spend $155,000 on new roof for detention center

County facilities director Tim Winter said that a lightning-arrest system, resembling a low barbed wire fence around the perimeter of the jail's roof, was installed in 1994. It includes ground wires that run into a liquid-filled container buried in the ground.

Routt County Riders seeks county permission to place picnic table, toilet at rural crossroads

In addition to the table and toilet, Routt County Riders seeks the option to install informational signs describing nearby geology, area attractions or possibly nearby coal-mining activity.

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Tom Ross: Remember when it was legal to drive 60 mph up Eagleridge Drive?

The sports car races helped to establish Steamboat as a summer tourism destination that could rely on volunteer labor to pull off complicated events.

Steamboat airline program still pursuing service from cities like Phoenix, Charlotte, Detroit

Steamboat Ski Corp. Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Rob Perlman said ski corp. executives have had discussions with Southwest Airlines, which has a rapidly growing presence at Denver International Airport, but is not a hub airline.

Yellowjacket Pass due to be lowered

When work on Routt County Road 14 resumes in 2015, seventh-10ths of a mile of road will be re-paved on the north side of Yellowjacket Pass, but not until the elevation of 600 feet of roadway is lowered to improve vehicular sight lines at the top of the pass.

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Tom Ross: Friends of Crossan’s M&A Market offer novel auction items on behalf of historic Yampa building

Friends of Crossan's Market in Yampa offer historic privy at auction July 26 to help restore 1903 grocery store.

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Great-grandson of Routt pioneers member of team relying on pedal power to help bag state's 14ers

By the end of the week members of the PedAll Peaks expedition will be on their way to the Sangre de Cristos where the Crestone Needle awaits them, and then it’s on to the 14,000-foot peaks of the San Juans.

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Major U.S. 40 construction about to change Steamboat's summer at both ends of town

U.S. Highway 40 construction work will begin simultaneously July 28 on the west and east sides of Steamboat Springs, where motorists can expect that traffic will be reduced to one lane in each direction.

Preliminary runway rehab at Yampa Valley Regional Airport begins later in July

Routt County manager Tom Sullivan said Monday the work scheduled to begin later this month is off-runway and will involve excavation of a new vehicle service road. It will begin at the terminal and run all of the way around the east end of the 10,000-foot runway to the Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Building.

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Large snow drift blocks east side of Buffalo Pass

A good alternative for wilderness hikers is further north at the Three Island Lake and Slavonia trailheads which are reached via Routt County Road 64 northeast of Clark.

District court rulings lead to issuance of same-sex marriage licenses in Boulder, Denver counties

Chief Deputy County Clerk Tina Fry confirmed Routt County has issued four civil union permits since April 2013, but no same-sex couples have come in seeking a marriage permit.

Steamboat hasn't seen measurable rainfall since June 28

The last measurable precipitation here was the .27 inches that was recorded the morning of June 28.

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Routt County groups putting out signage to remind cyclists to ride single file

People traveling a handful of Routt County Roads this summer could find themselves momentarily fooled into thinking Burma Shave Signs are making a comeback.

Routt County ponies up for a new snowplow truck at $126,000

Routt County Purchasing Agent Marti Hamilton received four bids for less expensive trucks, but they did not offer the specified 15 liter engine.

Historic North Routt guest ranch seeks to build lodge, boost number of group events

The owners of the Elk River Guest Ranch on Seedhouse Road are seeking Routt County's permission to build a new lodge including an event space, and cabins, that would result in a net addition of 4,688 square feet of building space.

City staff expects to have downtown urban renewal plan ready for council vote this year

The expectation is that the public improvements would convey a confidence in Steamboat’s core shopping, restaurant and entertainment district, triggering more private investment.

Tom Ross: Locks were meant to keep bears out of dumpsters, not keep them in

In the past, we’ve had a large bear actually bend the steel supports in the dumpster lid, so I have great respect for their physical strength.

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Southeast Kansas team drives off into the night with $4,000 Ranch Rodeo prize

The challenge immediately in front of the Lone Pine cowboys was the wild cow-milking contest. And Jess Coirier’s job, as the anchor man, was to get a firm grip on the tail of 1,500 pounds of truly irritated cow.

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Steamboat's commercial tubing operators close to launching the fleet Friday or Saturday

One of the dangers of the Fourth of July tubers might not have anticipated is how cold the river is - 57 degrees - and how quickly that can put a swimmer in jeopardy.

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Legal fireworks and campfires are good to go for Routt County's Independence Day weekend

Lynn Barclay, of the Northwest Fire Management Unit in Craig, issued a cautionary note Tuesday afternoon that fuel conditions in our part of the state are changing for the worse.

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Outgoing Chamber exec saved 4th of July with a 'little help from his friends'

Kern also took an active role in restoring and broadening summer airline service here. And recently, played a leadership role in acquiring a new piece of telecommunications infrastructure that some say has the potential to give Steamboat more bandwidth at a lower cost.

Sole candidate to run Routt County Regional Building Department turns job down

Routt County Commission Chairman Tim Corrigan remained optimistic Monday that a strong candidate to run the building department will still be identified — one who will take the job.

Trout Creek dam moving through federal process

The newest study deems it likely that trout and other species of fish travel up Trout Creek from the Yampa River to spawn.

June precip is less than one-third of average in Steamboat Springs, but relief is in the forecast

The official weather observer for Steamboat Springs reports just a half-inch of rain in June compared to the average for the entire month of 1.77 inches.

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Doak Walker exec Lee Dickey plans to practice what she preached for 24 years in Steamboat

During almost a quarter of a century in elder care in Steamboat Springs, Lee Dickey had much opportunity to reflect on the aging process in modern American culture and the expectations society places on the elderly.

McConnell sweeps past Moloney in Republican state House primary with 60 percent of vote in Routt, Eagle counties

McConnell said Tuesday night he looks forward to debating state Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush on gun control issues and educational standards initiatives like Common Core.

Routt County manager expects to hear this week if he's landed a new building department chief

Routt County Commission chairman Tim Corrigan agreed that County Manager Tom Sullivan had identified a strong candidate for the job that became vacant March 5, when former longtime building department official Carl Dunham retired.

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Saddleback Ranch achieves happy blend of yearling steers, tourism and 1,000 hungry goats

Upon arriving at Saddleback Ranch west of Steamboat Springs, it’s difficult to overlook the large herds of little white and brown animals dotting the hillsides. They are goats, hard at work on consuming noxious weeds.

Routt County Clerk's and Recorder's Office open to voters Saturday

Thanks to a new state law, voters from outside Steamboat Springs may drop off completed primary ballots through the end of the business day Tuesday at the Oak Creek, Yampa and Hayden town halls as well as at the Clark Store in North Routt.