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Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association: Spit it out for good

Being free to enjoy life without the urge to dip is a good reason to quit chewing.

Monday Medical: Volunteering at YVMC is a win-win

The wide variety of volunteer opportunities at YVMC offers something for everyone interested in giving back to the hospital.

Monday Medical: Holidays a good time to gather family health history

Holidays often are a chance to catch up with family members and relatives we don’t see often. Conversations around the dinner table or fireplace can be good occasions to learn about our family’s health history and our disease risk.

Monday Medical: A healthy, plant-based holiday is possible

Fresh, healthier recipes that highlight the taste and nutrients of plant-based holiday dishes were the focus of the “Real Food” presentation at Yampa Valley Medical Center on Dec. 4.

Monday Medical: Know your knees

Skier Grant Juschka was enjoying a classic powder day in February when he stopped on a steep pitch to wait for skiers ahead to find a lost ski. When the line was clear, he pushed off a cornice, eager to meet his buddies at the bottom of the hill. Chilled and in a poor position, he awkwardly turned and faltered, tearing the anterior cruciate ligament in his knee.

Monday Medical: Know the signs of gastroesophageal reflux disease

There are many things to look forward to on Thanksgiving. Heartburn isn’t one of them. Occasional heartburn is normal, but frequent or severe heartburn can affect your daily life and result in serious complications if not treated.

Monday Medical: Prevent foot problems from diabetes

Our feet take a beating, but what can be uncomfortable and inconvenient foot problems for some people are a serious health concern for individuals who have diabetes.

Monday Medical: Prepare for a wildfire emergency

It’s a hot, dry July afternoon. You are enjoying peace and quiet at your rural mountain home, when you notice a large plume of smoke coming from a nearby ridge.

Monday Medical: Be aware of tobacco advertising tactics

It shouldn’t take a heart attack or lung cancer to shock a person into recognizing the reality of tobacco use.

Monday Medical: Vaccine helps protect against meningitis

Adolescence is marked by big steps and changes. While most changes are exciting, some, such as the transition into college, can increase teens’ risk for meningitis, a very dangerous illness.

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