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Steamboat City Council not satisfied with effectiveness of recent community surveys

As they were deciding whether to launch a new community survey, council members declared Steamboat is in a "survey slump."

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Meet Nina Lowe, the only person allowed to live at Fish Creek Falls

Every night, Lowe cracks open a window in her trailer at the start of the falls trailhead and is the only person in Steamboat who can fall asleep to the thundering roar of the water cascading down 283 feet.

Steamboat City Council orders public recycling bins for Yampa Street

Some council members wanted to have the city add recycling bins beyond just Yampa Street.

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Group seeks more trash and recycling containers on busy Yampa Street

In a letter to the City Council and city management, Routt County's Litter Solutions Committee called the need for additional trash and recycling cans on Yampa Street as "dire."

Marijuana complaint at Howelsen Hill leads to arrest of man in possession of stolen motorcycle

In addition to being ticketed for consuming the marijuana in public, police arrested Loren Christopher Osborn, 28, on suspicion of felony theft for possessing the stolen Kawasaki motorcycle.

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New downtown parking study underway in Steamboat Springs

The city's parking consultant has launched a public opinion survey to get a gauge of what people think of downtown parking.

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Colorado's teen pregnancy rate plummets as Routt County maintains 1 of lowest rates in state

Colorado improved from having the 29th-lowest teenage birth rate in 2008 to having the 19th-lowest in 2012, according to the governor's office.

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Aggressive cow elk relocated to Flat Tops as search continues for her calf

"We're going to continue to monitor out there and hopefully capture it," Area Wildlife Manager Jim Haskins said.

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New round of Rita Valentine Park planning set to start in the fall

With no budget for any sort of improvements, Steamboat's Parks and Recreation Commission decided Wednesday night it would be best to wait until the fall to resume talks about Rita Valentine.

Howelsen Hill survey open to public after slow response rate

The survey asks community members how they would like to see the park funded and to identify anything that prevents them from using the park (lack of ADA access, lack of money, etc.).

Steamboat Parks and Rec Commission resolved to learn more about recreation taxing districts

Commissioners said they want to move beyond maintaining the "status quo."

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More trails closed after aggressive cow elk returns

This time, the city has closed all of the trails that run along the M & H property adjacent to Rita Valentine Park.

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Marijuana sales tax data hard to come by in Steamboat Springs

The general answer, according to city officials, is that marijuana sales so far have accounted for a very small portion of Steamboat's bigger revenue picture. But the exact dollar figures never may be known publicly.

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Yampa Valley Medical Center gives patients new way to access medical records

Physicians at Yampa Valley Medical Center no longer are surprised to see a patient pull out an iPad containing their detailed medical history.

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Rise of Yampa Street: Living at the Workman house

Meghan Lutterman said living in the 100-year-old house at the confluence of Butcherknife Creek and the Yampa River had many perks. But living for a few years in one of the last residences on a street that is becoming more and more popular had its drawbacks.

Rise of Yampa Street: Safety improvements underway this summer

It started with the installation of several speed bumps to slow traffic down and continues with other infrastructure improvements.

Rise of Yampa Street: Meet the committee members

Meet the committee members looking for ways to spend hundreds of thousands of lodging tax dollars on Yampa Street revitalization efforts.

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Rise of Yampa Street: How a quiet dirt road turned into a funky downtown attraction

Yampa’s transformation into a popular commercial area owes its roots to business pioneers in the 1980s and 1990s. Now, with $900,000 in lodging tax dollars and a Steamboat Springs City Council that has made it clear that it has grown impatient with the slow progress of the vision for Yampa Street, the downtown roadway now stands the greatest chance of finally transforming into a more vibrant playground.

Steamboat City Council hits the brakes on recreation taxing district discussion

Without a clear understanding of what problem a district would be formed to solve, the council on Tuesday night made it clear they're not going to start looking into forming one right now.

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Steamboat City Council won't entertain police station ballot question

The council had a short discussion Tuesday night about that possibility of putting the police station question on a ballot at the request of council member Scott Ford.

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Steamboat City Council takes step toward adding riverside park on Yampa Street

By a vote of 4-3, the Steamboat City Council directed city staff to start negotiating a purchase price for 603 Yampa St., a lot that currently houses a yellow single-family home.

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Rita Valentine Park trails closed because of aggressive cow elk

Colorado Parks and Wildlife Area Wildlife Manager Jim Haskins said the elk, which gave birth to calves in the park Sunday night, has charged at unsuspecting people and dogs who have gotten too close to the animal and her young.

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Steamboat City Council to consider Yampa Street improvements, home loan extension

The council will hear two separate updates on Yampa Street improvements when it meets Tuesday night.

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City of Steamboat Springs projecting 4 percent sales tax gain in 2015

Last year was the first time the city had budgeted for a sales tax gain since the recession.

Steamboat Springs man injured Sunday in car crash on U.S. Highway 40

Police say Octavio Ortiz-Hilario, 47, was driving west on U.S. Highway 40 around 4:39 p.m. Sunday when he crossed a double-yellow centerline and sideswiped the pickup and the attached camper. He was listed in fair condition at Yampa Valley Medical Center Monday morning.

The Record for Sunday, June 29, 2014

12:40 a.m. Officers were called to a report of a bear getting into coolers at a campground in the 3600 block of Lincoln Avenue.

Blazing trails: Meet Steamboat's trails committee members

The members of Steamboat Springs' trails committee are Chairman Scott Marr, David High, Jon Wade, Pete Wither, Dan Bonner, Harry Martin and Gavin Malia.

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Blazing trails: Singletrack trail-building machine passes test

When Bureau of Land management officials first saw Routt County Riders’ new trail building machine way up on Emerald Mountain, they pulled out their cameras and immediately started snapping photos of it. “That’s really nice,” BLM civil engineering technician Gordon Gardunio said as he looked at the path the machine had left behind.

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Blazing trails: Steamboat starts using lodging tax to give residents, visitors more places to explore

When Pete Wither first rode his six-speed, shock-less Fuji mountain bike up on Rabbit Ears Pass and Emerald Mountain in the early 1980s, it was easy for him to get lost. Fast forward 34 years, and trail blazers like Wither are embarking on an ambitious new push to give hikers, cyclists and horseback riders new places to explore in and around Steamboat.

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Blazing trails: A look at the 1st round of projects

The Steamboat Springs City Council has signed off on the first round of trail projects and improvements that will be funded by the lodging tax. Here’s a quick look at what’s coming so far.

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Coming Sunday: Steamboat Springs on the verge of a trail rush

Armed with millions of dollars in lodging tax dollars generated from tourist stays for the next decade, a seven-member volunteer committee hasn't wasted any time coming up with recommendations for how to spend the money.

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Some Steamboat Springs parks and recreation commission members want to consider new rec district

The commissioners were envious at times as they spent an hour listening to Steve Russell talk about what his taxing parks and recreation district has been able to accomplish nearby in western Eagle County.

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Adventure of the week: Backpack the Great Sand Dunes

Backpacking through Colorado's Great Sand Dunes is tough, and every ounce you carry makes it tougher.

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City of Steamboat Springs will create new environmental sustainability committee

In the coming months, city staff also is gathering all the data it can on the city's air quality, waste stream, water quality and energy use to establish baselines that will help guide future sustainability policies and operating decisions.

Former Steamboat city manager asks city for 3rd extension on home loan

Alan Lanning recently listed his home for sale and is asking the city for another two years to repay the loan he got here in 2006.

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Early season hiking options aplenty in Routt County

If you're tired of getting stopped by traffic on the Yampa River Core Trail or if you're just looking for a change of scenery during your afternoon workout, Diane White-Crane has some good news for you.

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Winter Sports Club tells Steamboat City Council that Howelsen continues to be home

The new training venue planned for the club at Steamboat Ski Area had some council members wondering about the club's future at Howelsen Hill.

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City of Steamboat using community survey to help guide future of Howelsen Hill

The wide-ranging survey recently was sent out to a random sampling of more than 400 city residents.

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Chairman of Steamboat's Parks and Recreation Commission resigns

Jack Trautman said the many differences between the fast-paced corporate world that he worked in for 35 years at a major technology company and the slower public process on the commission here led him to step down.

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Parks and recreation taxing district to be discussed at work session next week

The city has invited Steve Russell, executive director of the Western Eagle County Metropolitan Recreation District, to talk to the Steamboat Springs Parks and Recreation Commission Wednesday night about his district and how it works at a public work session.

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Steamboat City Council approves $50,000 for Yampa Street safety, parking improvements

The vote came after the council narrowly rejected a proposal to take away 30 to 40 parking spaces from Yampa Street to make the road more pedestrian friendly.

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Steamboat City Council picks top 3 building locations for new police station

The Steamboat Springs City Council still is nearly split over how urgently the city needs the new station.

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Several Yampa Street business owners oppose removal of parking spaces

The Steamboat City Council on Tuesday night will vote on a proposal from member Kenny Reisman to remove 30 to 40 parking spots on the riverside portion of Yampa where it runs from Sixth to Ninth streets.

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Report: Routt County is least affordable place in state for couples to raise preschool-aged children

With Routt County again earning a troubling ranking in child care affordability, there is some new movement on the part of county officials and business leaders here to address the issue.

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City of Steamboat identifies top building sites for new police station

City staff and architects on Tuesday night will brief the Steamboat City Council on the sites and ask that they eliminate the ones they aren't comfortable with.

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Steamboat's Parks and Rec Commission wants to start from scratch on Rita Valentine Park planning

At the end of the night, the commission voted to recommend that the Steamboat City Council scrap the conceptual plan for the park that was tabled indefinitely in 2009 and come up with a new one with the help of the public.

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Future of Rita Valentine Park on tap at Wednesday Parks and Recreation Commission meeting

The parks lack of conservation easements and its central location in Steamboat has made it an attractive area to develop a park in the eyes of some in the community.

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Hickenlooper vetoes urban renewal authority bill

City and county officials here now expect the long statewide debate over cities' use of tax increment financing to continue.

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Steamboat Springs eye doctor reflects on teaching experience in Vietnam

Mark Helm called his trip one of the best experiences he's had in 22 years in medicine.

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Steamboat Springs ranks high in fitness challenge results

Residents here logged 485 workouts and reportedly burned 2.2 million calories in the LiveWell Colorado Get Movin' Challenge, according to results released Thursday.