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5-car accident slows morning rush hour

A multiple-car accident bogged down rush-hour traffic Wednesday morning on U.S. 40 near Shield Drive when one car rear-ended another, causing a domino effect involving three other vehicles.

Teachers workshop focuses on literacy

A handful of local educators attended a four-day workshop in Grand Junction recently that focused on new techniques for integrating literacy into the classroom.

100-mph drive down CR 129 leads to arrest

The driver of a red Dodge Durango that flew down County Road 129 going 100 mph Monday evening spent part of the night in jail after being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, reckless driving and speeding. His wife, who was the passenger in the vehicle, also spent a portion of Monday night in protective custody before the two were released Tuesday morning around 1.

Fisherman lost in Fish Creek area finds his own way home

Routt County Search and Rescue members spent much of their weekend searching for a fisherman in the Fish Creek drainage who ended up finding his own way home.

Irate patient destroys $5,000 worth of hospital equipment

A Hayden man who was taken from a party to the hospital emergency room caused an estimated $5,000 in damages to ER equipment after tearing objects from the walls and throwing them, and fighting to get loose from leather restraints attached to a hospital bed.

Pennsylvania teen-agers aid Habitat for Humanity effort

Five Hillside Village apartments are receiving a facelift from a volunteer group of children and adults who traveled from Allen-town, Pa., to rip out carpets, paint walls and make other repairs needed to improve the residences for low-income people.

Broadway actors advise P-M students

A group of young aspiring actors at Perry-Mansfield gathered in the Louis Horst Studio recently to absorb the advice given by Broadway actors Andrea Burns and Peter Flynn.

Fires in national forest brought under control

The Hinman Fire and the nearby South Fork Fire were declared under control Thursday after they burned 10 acres of blown-down trees and vegetation in the Routt National Forest about 20 miles north of Steamboat Springs.

Crews battle 2 blazes in Blowdown

While small, fires in Blowdown area have dangerous amount of dry fuel

A fire in the Routt Divide Blowdown burned eight acres before it was contained Wednesday night, while a second smaller fire continued to burn about a mile away.

Man injured on Willow Creek Pass recovering

A Front Range man who was critically injured when his car rolled over near Willow Creek Pass in June has returned home in remarkably good shape.

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