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Even well-intentioned art is unnatural

Walking the plank

I love art and nature, in their infinite combinations. In Ireland, I once made a long detour to visit the site where David Lean filmed the epic "Ryan's Daughter" on the lavish Western coast on a high bluff overlooking the Blasket Islands. As a child I admired the giant orange Caldor that graced the downtown square of my hometown of Grand Rapids. I made regular visits to the Metropolitan Museum, among others, when I worked in New York. I studied with a watercolorist at Dartmouth. And for years I tried to make a living selling reproductions of my favorite paintings. But I was always able to choose the works I wanted to spend time with. That to me is the essence of art. It's all in the eye of the beholder at his, or her, time and place of choosing.

Economic Summit: A night of challenges

For the 177 participants in the opening session of Economic Summit 2000 Thursday, it was a night of challenges.